A Voice that Touched our Soul is now no More: Bhupen Hazarika a Tribute!

We often talk about the soul, but how many of us have actually felt it? Well, there are some voices, that make you feel the presence of your soul, only because, they touch that invisible person inside you!  Bhupen Hazarika's is one such voice!

Back in college, when my close friend from Assam with whom I would share my love and interest for Music, would often talk of him since she was distantly related to him, I unknowingly, had moved from being a stranger who liked his voice to a person, who I knew, through a person I knew! Music, is that powerful medium that unites and binds so many people world over.
He was not only known in the North-East for his music in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, but he also composed music for Hindi films like Rudali that won him critical acclaim. He started his career as a singer as early as when he was 12.
Today, as we hear of the demise of this Musical Genius with a voice that will continue to vibrate in our hearts for years to come, we cant help but shed a few tears remembering, he will now never return.

We leave you with this song, Ganga Behti Ho Kyun... that is almost like the voice of the nation.

Rangmunch.TV pays a tribute to Bhupen Hazarika and prays his soul rests in peace.

Niharika Vidya Sagar


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