Sing a song:The untold story !

Rangmunch.TV is back with its sing a song segment, where we bring to you the most apt numbers on the track that is presently running in your favourite shows:

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Star Plus): Nafrat Paas Aane Na De, Mohabbat Door Jaane Na De. Arnav Singh Raizada does not want to believe that Khushi has slowly but steadily made her way into his heart like no one before. In his state of denial, Arnav has left pyaari Khushi confused. She is still unable to fathom what prompted Arnav to decide marriage with Lavanya. His sudden decision to bond with La for life left Khushi speechless while tears rolled down her eyes. She was immensely hurt. She wanted an answer from Arnav to ease her restless soul, but he left her with more heartache. Finally, Shyaam’s evil intentions succeeded with Khushi agreeing to marry him. Last, time Arnav’s heart freezed on hearing about Khushi’s marriage, will that be the case this time too? Here's a song from the movie I Hate Love Storys which beautifully describes the emotional turmoil of Khushi and Arnav.

Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai
Lagne lagi, ab zindagi khaali
Hai meri, lagne lagi har saans bhi khaali
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi (Star One): Lucky, Preeto, Dev and Nandini continues their Tu Tu Mein Mein. They have turned Maaneet’s “Love- Nest” upside down with their Mad-ness! Amidst all this drama, Geet suddenly finds her being followed by an unknown Stalker who terrifies her by sending gift, letter and eventually reaches her bedroom and writes on her mirror. The pre-cap showed Geet following the stalker and entering his house where she sees her photograph on the wall and gets startled (the mesmerizing Kurbaa Hua picture **sigh**). I so want to tell the Stalker “tuney SHER ke mooh mein haath dala hai.” No one messes with MAAN ki GEET. As soon as our Sher Singh Khurana returns, he will beat him Black and Blue. Geet do not fear when your MAAN is near. We felt this song from the movie Betaabi aptly describes the Stalker's Obsession.

Tum mere ho
Bas mere hi mere ho
Tum mere ho
Bas mere hi mere hi ho

Pooch lo hawaon se

Surmaye ghataon se
Barisho ke pani se 
Poocho nadiya deewani se
Tum mere ho
Bas mere hi mere ho
Tum mere ho
Bas mere hi mere ho

Balika Vadhu (Colors): The sudden disappearance of Anandi and Shravan at the same time has raised many eyebrows in the village. The villagers who always thought so highly about Anandi have now started questioning her character. Even though her in-laws always supported Anandi and showed immense faith and confidence in their “daughter” but somehow they too are unable to explain to themselves as well as the others as to why Anandi was no where to be found. But when the whole world raised their finger at Anandi and questioned her integrity, Jagiya came forward to stand by her. He had full faith and confidence in Anandi and assured his family that he would find her and get to the truth of this incident. Will this incident once again bring Jagiya close to Anandi? Let’s wait and watch. Meanwhile we thought these beautiful lines from Late Jagjit Singh's album Marasim were apt to describe Jagiya and Anandi's current status quo.

haath chhute bhi to, rishtey nahi chhoda karte

waqt ki shaakh se, lamhe nahin toda karte
haath chhute bhi to, rishtey nahi chhoda karte

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (Sony): Dr. Nidhi has finally seen the real Dr. Ashutosh and realized that he is not ‘khadoos.’ For the first time Ashutosh opened his wounds before Nidhi and told her how his Baba abandoned him one fine day. Will Nidhi get to know the real identity of Ashutosh’s Baba? While Nidhi is slowly falling for Dr. Ashutosh who is 18 years older than her, will Mallika be able to make her place in his heart? The precap showed Nidhi deciding to join back the hospital. Does she really need to beware of Dr. Mallika as suggested by Anji? It would be interesting to see how Dr. Ashutosh deals with both these women and balance them in his life. These lyrics from the movie Prem Geet are just perfect to describe this unique couple.

Na umar ki simaa ho
Na janam kaa Ho bandhan
Jab pyaar kare koi
Toh dekhe keval man
Nai reet chalaakar tum
Yeh reet amar kar do

Navya (Star Plus): Friends are people we choose to include in our lives and hence they are very special. The friendship that Anant and Navya share with Appy, Ritz and Ranveer is extremely heartwarming. They have stood by each other through think and thin. Friday's episode left us all with a heavy heart as they all Bid Adieu to their college life. They made us nostalgic and reminded us of our last day in college. Life from here on will never be the same again for any of them but we hope their Friendship continues to grow thicker and stronger in the days to come.This song of friendship sung by KK is dedicated to this bunch of friends!!

Teri har ek buraai pe daante woh dost
Gam ki ho dhoop toh saaya bane tera woh dost
Naache bhi woh teri khushi main

Arey Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindagi hai
Koi to ho raazdaar
Begaraj tera ho yaar
Koi to ho raazdaar

We at Rangmunch.TV hope that you like and relate to these situational songs that we felt were very apt and described the emotions involved in the ongoing track.

Swati Ghosh


  1. Love u Maaneet..
    We r Very Excited For this Track..Love u Maaneet..
    We r Very Excited For this Track..

  2. Thanks Swati!!

    LOVE the article..quirky and fun!

    IPK and GHSP songs are both supercool!

    Well, this guy isn't the only stalker geet used to have..haha

    and about Arnav- well, he'll definitely be heart-broken
    also teri meri really suits

    "ek dooje se hue juda,
    jab ek dooje se nahi mile"


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