Shailaja And Eshwar : Do Second Chances Work ?

Should Shailaja give her long gone husband a second chance ? Should she give him the way to her heart and her family ?


Shailaja holds the family together with all the right values, great ideals, and correct thinking. She is the bond and the connect that all the memebers look up to.Her essence and presence is the founder of the Kashyap family.But now all seems to be looking up to her for different reasons.

Recently Eshwar's entry has created a havoc in the Kashyap household.His coming home has stired unexplainable emotions in Shailaja.At times we see her melting and at times we see her withdrawn from Eshwar. As a wife she wants her husband to be there with her and as a woman , a grave wrong and injustice  has been done . She is a bag of mixed feelings which is not getting an opening. Eshwar's mother feels Shelja's pain and understands her from a woman's point of view. But is all this enough to forgive Eshwar?Today we see for the first time Shailaja questioning Eshwar as to why he left their family and was the life he lead in US more fulfilling than the one he left here ?Eshwar without mincing  words apologises from his heart and accepts his faults and wants another chance.Knowing the soft, calm and the large heart Shailaja has , will she find it in her to give Eshwar a second chance ? Will she have a complete family again? All we can do is wait and watch .Do tune to Sasural Genda Phool on Star Plus at 7.30pm



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