SUNDEEP SHARMA! – The Man who packs a punch in the Show and off it!

In an industry where diplomacy is considered a virtue and sugar-coating becomes a necessity, Sundeep Sharma comes out to call a spade, just that – A SPADE!!

In an Industry where actors reign supreme and glamour is all we get to see, the Ace Director of Insanely Popular Star One show, Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, forces you to do a rethink and acknowledge the grim reality behind the making of some of our favourite shows.

Sundeep speaks about his experience of being in front of the Camera as an Actor as well as behind the camera as a Director. His honest and straightforward response not only grips our attention but also gives an insight into him as a person. He is a Man who speaks from his heart, which is quite evident from his ‘no-holds-barred’ responses to our queries. Read on....

Rangmunch: You have been an Actor and now are a Director. What is more challenging to you?

Sundeep Sharma: Both are challenging in their own ways. On camera, it’s your face that works and one should not end up looking fake. The challenge is to show the feelings in the most realistic manner through your expressions. Behind the camera, it is the co-ordination of the Director and the crew of 40 people working with him. My concern then ranges from a Spot boy to an Actor. If both are not happy with the way things go then it is my job to make them comfortable. If any scene requires changes, I don’t instantly change it. I consult my DOP( Director of Photography) and get another feedback. I work towards making my scenes easier and comfortable for my actors to perform.

Rangmunch: Do you enjoy direction more?

Sundeep Sharma: Well, it not that. If you seen how an actor is treated, then you would know the importance. He gets a spot boy attending to him the minute he gets off his car. He is given a make up room, ready-made lines to say and best dresses. If some thing falls on to your outfit at home, no one will bother but here you will have 4 people running to get things right for you. You have the best given to you. Your job entails delivering a good shot with honesty. So acting is not difficult if you know your job.

Direction is tougher where each frame has to be worked on, be it a close up or a wide shot. His co-ordination with 40 people is very important. You may have a personal problem but director has to put that away because har haal mein episode toh jaana hi hai .

Rangmunch: What is the first that comes to your mind when you get up in the morning and the last thing on your mind when you go to bed?

Sundeep Sharma: Frankly speaking, as a Director, when I get up in the morning I  can only think of how much work has to be done on that particular day. The last thing I think of is how it is all finally done, how it could have been better and then I think of ways to make it even better the next day. Sometimes you plan something else but due to unavailability of an artist or other such problems, things are executed differently. We still try to do our best under such circumstances.

Rangmunch: How do you deal with a situation wherein a certain scene is planned and all the groundwork is laid, but for some reason things don’t work out?

Sundeep Sharma: We alter the framework according to the situation and make the required changes. We then speak to the writers and work on the new track.

Rangmunch: You were initially associated with Geet and then you left. Did you watch the show during that time and since you have come back, did you get the necessary briefing about the show?

Sundeep Sharma: I don’t like to watch much of Television when I am at home. I just shuffle Channels here and there. And yes, I was given a briefing about the show. I believe the characters have to be right, story keeps changing every now and then in a daily soap. For me, what you are shooting today matters. If the content is right and the final product is good, then achieving your goal becomes easier.

Rangmunch: There are times when in absence of the leads you have to make do with the body doubles and other characters in the show. Being a Director how do you cope with such pressure?

Sundeep Sharma: For me, there is no pressure when it comes to shooting the scene. It doesn’t make a difference if the leads are present or not. An Episode has to be shot with co-actors and the story has to go on. Only when it comes to the body doubles, it gets slightly tricky as I feel it takes away the essence of a scene. We have to maintain that mood very effectively through shots since we don’t have much variety to show as you would with the actors. We have to make do with angles and back shots.

Rangmunch: You were associated with the good part of Geet initially but now there is a lot of criticism that Geet is going nowhere and that there is no story left? Do you feel that the show can still be redeemed?

Sundeep Sharma: Honestly speaking, No! For me the story finished when Geet got married to Maan and much before that the drama got over when Geet comes to Delhi and her connection with Maan started. Dev came in as a good twist and the whole drama re-started which was good. But then it had to drag after that phase, kyuki story mein kuch bachaa he nahi tha. Uss mudde ko agar waha tak rakhtey, toh bohot interesting hota par ab toh hit and run waali cheez hai .

Rangmunch: The show only had Nayantara as a negative character but after she left there is nothing negative now. Do you think having a negative character is essential as it challenges the leads?

Sundeep Sharma: Story has to move on. If you pick a novel or a book, you have a start and a finish to it. But in daily soaps what is shown in the first episode gets over by the 10th episode. Some other track is shown next. There is no story in that. Then the debate of many creative meetings, production house meetings start taking place with TRPs  being the main concern. The story by then is diluted and what was meant to show is lost somewhere. Negative and positive character just becomes a ploy to move the story forward. Its show business at the end of the day. The face sells, even if the acting is zilch. I have personally seen this and faced this.

Rangmunch: How do you cope with a situation where you are not convinced with the script you have in hand?

Sundeep Sharma: Normally in an ideal scenario, one would discuss this with the writers, but in a daily soap the Director doesn’t get a chance to interact with the writers or other members of the show. We only interact with the Creatives. If a scene is workable and changes can be made then good or else I work with whatever is given to me. You can’t stop a scene because you don’t like it, since something has to go on air for that particular day.

Rangmunch: As a Director, when do you think is a good time to wind up a show? 

Sundeep Sharma: Its like if there is a seed, try to extract the juice as much as you can, as long as you can. But the day there is nothing to do and one loses interest, either quit or shut the show if you have the power to do so. Take MJHT, what the initial story was 3 years back was not there at all during the end. 5 days of shooting used to bring comic relief as it was good in the beginning. But when the story telling got over then it became a slow unenjoyable process. 

Rangmunch: How do you deal with a situation where you see an actor throwing tantrums, and co-actors around him as well as the scene getting affected by it?

Sundeep Sharma: From the time a person comes onto a set, one needs to be professional. When you are called for a shot, it is your duty to come and take your position but the problem arises when that does not happen. Coming from the make up room, sau cheezein hongi (There are hundreds of issues). You end up cracking jokes with your friends, your phones never stop ringing, then you end up getting distracted. Actors today think that with a little popularity they can manage things around them. Thoda dhyaan bat jaata hai (attention is divided). 

I have been an actor too, and I realize that the discipline back then was immense. No one from the Production House ever dared to say anything to an actor, but now the lowest guy from the unit can come and say anything about an actor. Today with little recognition and popularity that the actors have, and success going to their head it does get problematic at times. That’s why though I am a director I explain what I think from their point of view as I have been there too. If he or she understands, well and good, otherwise “jitney din ke chandni hai, utne din he jagmagao gey” (You would shine as long as there is light)

In the 90’s, when Vinod Mehra ji was working with Mahesh Bhatt, I was then working with them in the show Imtihaan. I was told “Sandeep any one can be an actor, but if that person is disciplined, controlled and good with his craft, he will work for life.” Vinod Mehra ji was a good actor and worked till his last breath. The same is spoken for Avtaar Gill. Mahesh Bhatt ki koi bhi film ho, Avtaar Gill rahega he rahega.

I would also say that phone ek badkismati hai, ki logon ke paas ab waqt he nahi hai apne kaam ke liye. They don’t have anything to say to Directors other than technique. There is so much more involved in a shot. There is no personal interaction with the actors. Sab kuch ek saath hota tha. Ab who cheez nahi hai. Whatever you have learnt you have to impart that too. That is life.” jo paaya hai , woh aapko dena bhi hai”. I do keep a good relation with my assistants and do what was taught to me back then. I am a friend to all my colleagues on the set.

Rangmunch: Have you ever become so involved in your work that you have not been able to differentiate between real and reel life? How do you then break away from it?

Sundeep Sharma: Yes, it has happened with me loads of time as both an actor as well as a Director. Its not that I get so carried away that it becomes impossible to snap out, but yes for few minutes reel life does become real. Some times when a scene touches you so deeply, it becomes difficult to disconnect. It is at times like these that some good music while driving back home or just staring out of the window and observing different stuff helps you disengage. 

Rangmunch: What problems do you face as a Director when a character grows bigger than the story?
Sundeep Sharma: It is good when a character grows bigger than the story. But the problem arises when instead of the character; an actor becomes bigger than everything else.
In epics such as Ramayan and Mahabharat, the characters were shown as larger than life. In recent remakes of Ramayan and Mahabharat the impact is not as much as the original epics. When you think of Ram, only Arun Govil comes to mind. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, if you venture into the interiors of any city, you would see pictures of Arun and Deepika as Ram and Sita. So basically, actors should take care of their limitations and thinking.
Take GEET for instance. The character is in the name itself. Now, when an actor starts acting high and mighty and begins to deviate from the character, then it becomes difficult to place them accordingly in the frame. There would be no problem if the actor performs the character.

Rangmunch: Why is it that a show is known through the main leads and less importance is given to people who work behind the camera and equally contribute towards its success?

Sundeep Sharma: (Smiles) “Yeh toh dhoop chao waala khel hai. Dhoop aati hai, toh sab chamakne lagta hai, aur jaise he chao aati hai wohi cheeez dull ho jaati hai”. Actors are known for their length and popularity. You cannot have another Tulsi, because that show ran the longest. But sorry to say Geet ko saal bhar ke baad bhi koi zyaada yaad nahi karega. If 8 shows run daily for 6 days, we will have 48 shows altogether. How many will you remember? If you see them daily, you will remember them but now a days practically everyday you have new shows coming up on various channels, so it becomes difficult. That way I have immense respect for Farah khan as she gives her crew the desired place on the screen every time. Hats off to her!! The difference between a movie and serial is if you do one good movie, you will be remembered for good, but in serials, it is a long process. Out of sight out of mind waali cheez hai.

Rangmunch: How do you react to harsh comments from your colleagues with respect to your work?

Sundeep Sharma: Positively. If any criticism comes from an outsider or a stranger, it is always taken in good spirit. But, if criticism comes from the Production House in relation to a scene, then that is definitely debatable. At the end of the day, footage of a scene matters from the Production House’s perspective.

Rangmunch: Would you correct a person who makes the same mistake you did during your formative years in this industry?

Sundeep Sharma: I would 100% correct them. I will go and ask that person not to make that mistake.

Rangmunch: If you get a chance to act again, will you take it up?

Sundeep Sharma: I do get offers even now, but I don’t want to do it mostly due to the age factor. I was offered a role in “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”. But now, I don’t feel I’m in the game of acting anymore. 

Rangmunch: You have been in this industry for a very long time now. What has this industry taught you?

Sundeep Sharma: My learning is that God has made all of us the same so learn to give and get. Don’t expect that if you get respect, then only you would reciprocate. That is wrong. Always give before receiving.

On behalf of Rangmunch.TV, we would like to thank Sundeep for patiently responding to our questionnaires and obliging us with this wonderful interview. 

Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Edited by: 
Navyanka Varma
Neeraja Unni


  1. What a honest interview! Well done Rangmunch Swati and Niha for bringing us this.

    But I have to say to Mr Sharma, some of us will remember Geet forever for the friendship and love and the immense pleasure the show has given us! Long Live GEET!

  2. very different kind of interview! but is it possible to work for so long hours if u dont believe in it? i thought entertainment ppl r passionate abt their work (may be not all of them). bt what i have seen of sandeep, he has been a welcome relief to geet. with all this disenchantment with d soaps he's able to make it good, if he passionately enjoyed, how excellent it wd be! if only....

  3. good interview though he does sound like he is totally disenchanted with geet show which is sad may be he needs to not do this job on this show if he doesn't believe in it and let some one else who does take the reins then it might go back to its former glory. personally believe that everyone on the show is working hard but they have made it to much of a comedy which it wasn't instead of the show it was meant to be so bring back noel or rahul at least they have the conviction and may be writers can interact more with the directors. as for this show it has cheered up many lives and sent out a posative message to people never to give up which is proven by drashti and gurmeets hard work you cant buy chemistry like this between 2 actors it's either there or it isn't. so hope the show carries on and wish it every success in the future as i wish sandeep sharma the same. and if it ends then i hope we get to see drashti and gurmeet on star one in a new show even if it's not geet season 2 as long as charecters are posative.

  4. Great interview---Sundeep’s answers were realistic and candid. I just feel that he is wrong about Geet------GHSP is one serial that will be remembered by its fans for days to come --nowhere have I seen such devotion and madness than in the hearts of Geet fans.The lead pair have become the icons of romance and all that is romantic------lets hope the writers, CVs and director can regain their conviction to push it forward to suit the high expectations of the fans and audience.

  5. Sundeep bhai, what i like best about you is your nature to PAY IT FORWARD - every kindness you do that is not visible or talked about here - like how you and your cricketing boys helped the yesteryear actor AK HANGAL saab. Kudos to you for that my friend. In an industry where kindness is just a game, you live up to its name.

  6. thanks a lot for the interview. geet will be remembered ad DDLJ of television .

  7. Thanks Mr. Sharma for the interview, your answers were realistic. I agree that sum actors with little popularity become bigheaded.
    Although GHSP track is ?????????nowhere but we will remember Maaneet. Drashti and Gurmeet. you can't buy same chemistry in telly/bolly wood.

    Once again Thanks

  8. Extremely Honest Interview and Great Questions by Swati and Niharika. There are very few ppl who can say what they have in mind and really appreciate Sundeep being himself.

  9. boy mr. sharma seems totally fristrated with ghsp. and gc dd. but whatever he said ,u really need to have guts to say it so openly. hat off to him for that. ghsp in is need of season 2 because this storyline just cannot attract required amount of trp. and leads need to be more committed to the show.

  10. Sandeep sir, u are wrong in one place... GEET will be remembered for ever because of the MAANEET love story n GURTI chemistry for ever, such love story n such chemistry is rare in tv world.. like we never forgot KUTUMB n REMIX GHSP will come at the 1st list of 'cant be forgotten love shows

  11. Mr. Sandeep I guess u have some prob with DD... she is the one who give life to her character... u guys have spoiled Geet's character n with ur stupid story line n now blaming DD?? huh what did u mean by "Take GEET for instance. The character is in the name itself. Now, when an actor starts acting high and mighty and begins to deviate from the character, then it becomes difficult to place them accordingly in the frame. There would be no problem if the actor performs the character."...... its a insult to her... she is the one who is carrying the show in her solder along with d male lead from the 1st u have left d show n joined it again after a long time how can u insult her... and dont forget we are watching the show for them only warna u creatives have left nothing in it

  12. The interview reeks of Jealousy!!! Such a weird interview!!!!!
    If the basic story of every show gets over by 10th episode we would not have Mega serials running successfully for years, rt?? So who was responsible in all other serials for getting it going?? The creatives!!!!! Shows like KZK and BV had great stories even better stories later on...

    But in the case of Geet, its running only because of the strength of leads... Who is at fault here!!!

    Mr Sundeep, Dont hide the non-creativity of so called CVs behind uncalled accusations of your leads!!

  13. Sooo insensitively he said people will forget Geet!!!!! Does he even know for which show he is working or he is giving the interview?????

    Have some respect for your craft!!

  14. Its ironic the guy who is responsible for creating Geet says that people will forget it ... gr8 u think ur work is forgettable .... sir its time for introspection ... u need to do a better job so that ur work is remembered by people .... ur interview is not at all brave ... it reeks of a person with a low self esteem .... actors throwing tantrums .... puhleez gimme a break is this a new phenomena .. it exists from time immemorial ... its sad that the fans of Geet can give at least 20 plots which can turn the story around & make it interesting & u the captain of the ship thinks that the serial is well past its sell by date ... pretty pathetic .... seriously then Balika Vadhu should have closed down long back ... since the "Vadhu" is no more a Ballika ... I also feel if the man responsible for the show comes out & makes asinine remarks against his own show then it talks of unprofessionalism in him not of bravery ... Mr Sharma as an avid watcher of Geet ,,,, i have till date liked & admired ur work ... sad to say ur comments have not put me off the Leads but off u.

    My last suggestion to you will be to grow up & stop crying mummy....

  15. whilst his heart might be in the right place and i do agree with him that GHSP should have ended with geet getting married to maan- this wasnt the appropriate time to air these views....also, i am questioning why hes directing geet. why would you do a job you dont believe in? if u think, there isnt anything redeemable in GHSP, why direct it? if it is for the moolah, then arent you prostituting the ideals and convictions uve talked about in this article? why then blame the times and the state of the industry today? and yes, one thing is for sure, the leads of Geet and GHSP itself will be remembered by fans for long times to come as rarely has a show created such hysteria amoungst the youth before....and this is the generation of tmrw- i was young when world this week used to air but still remember it..why wont Geet fans?? i wonder what GC and DD would have to say to sundeep after reading this interview..even if he hasnt spoken about them, a lot of ppl might think hes talking abt them ( who knows) and think poorly of them...which is not fairm as they are the ONLY ones who have shown their consistent commitment to GHSP along with Barry Dhillon....not the CVs whove come and gone, the channel and PHs whove lost interest or the various directors and writers of the show..most ppl have treated GHSP as a steeping stone to things bigger and more popular! i hope GHSP ends soon and on a positive note and GC and DD get better opportunities on bigger channels to showcase their talent.

  16. sir ji aap kahana kya chahthe ho mujhe samjh nahi aaya, bas ek saath kaam karthe hai toh set par hansi majak, kisi ka ruthana sab chaltha hai, geet ki story track par lana writer ka kaam hai, balika vadhu jaise serial itane dino se chal rahe hai jabki joh story start ki thi woh toh kabhi ki khatam ho gayi, jindagi ke bahut pahlu hothe hai, story me add kar sakthe ho, aur hume sirf geet maan ko dekhana accha lagtha hai, aur gc aur dd ki acting bahut acchi hai, please apane hi logo ki burai karana shobha nahi deta

  17. Sandeep Sir mujhe nai pata tha aapko GHSP seriel k lead GC nd DD se itni prblm khaskrk DD se..leads main toh abhi b bht talent hai lekin CVS ka dosh aap leads main na hi daale toh acha hai..intrvw saaf bata raha hai aap kitne frustrated nd jealous ho ish seriel aur iske lead Gurti se..aap keh raheo ki 1 saal baad GHSP ko koi yaad b nai karega main ye bata dun GHSP wo seriel jo hamesa hamare zindagi ka part tha hai aur seriel ki kahani kabki khatam ho gayi useless cvs ki wajah se hum fans dekh rahen hai toh srf Gurmeet nd Drashti ki wajah se..srf unka pyar aur respect hai jisne hame seriel se aaj b ish stage pe bandha hua hai..aap ushi ko insult kar rahe ho..set pe kaam krte hain toh hasi mazak krna gunaah hai..

  18. GHSP nd leads Gurti ne history create ki hai kyunki aaj b iske 2 lakh plus active fans hai GHSP k official pg pe jo aaj T.v k kisi b show k nahi hai..GC nd DD k tantrums ki baat agar unhone dikha na hota toh bht pehle hi dikha dete aur show shut down ho gaya toh unka baddapann hai ki unke character ko sideline krne,no good clothes , look , make up ink baad b woh continue kr rahen hain srf apne fans k liye jbki ushi seriel k baaki characters ko llead se b jyada ahmiyat di jati hai..let me clear sir T.v k koi b actors sunday ko regular shoot nai krte jbki Gurti krte hain..bimaar hote hye b set pe kaam krte hai..jis show aur lead ki wajah se aapk dubara ish show ko direct kr rahen hai uski izzat yun uchalna shobha nahi deta aap jaise seniors ko..abhi b time hai grow up sir..

  19. thank you sandeep sir but it's very sad to know that you have no interest to the show it's all becoz you & some other creatives left the show no know agree with you that Drashti & Gurmeet are blame for all this they always did completely justice to their characters they always give their 100% we never felt any lack in their acting but yes sometimes i feel there were lack of place like Maan is a rich person but his room design & color keeps changing ,lack of good costume lack we demand so many times to change Geet dressing style which Creative give her in Amritsaar track finally u guys changed her dressing style which is very good now we have problem with these amritsaar tack characters they aren't needed you guys are not warping up there characters you guys have made it more of comedy what can DD or GC do with it sir......they new track looks awesome & everyone is excited so plzzzz sir try to improve it in a better way not destroy it

    & i totally disagree with you that Geet will be forgotten after some time Geet will be always remembered in fans hearts & it will be on top of the chart in love story shows list

    you were very candid sir in Ur interview sir but i feel u give all the blames on actors
    but sir everyone feels that writer & CVs are blame for all the trp & other issue not actors i'm not saying this bcoz i love DD & GC & off course Maaneet it's the fact
    that Cvs & writer is blame for all these issues
    not actors

  20. Jeez, leave Mr. Sundeep Sharma well alone instead of attacking the man and questioning his integrity.

    Who is it that directs them and interacts with them? HIM! So he knows what problems there are on the sets and what is happening first hand while you sit here and judge him from some 100s of miles away with your blinkers on. Shake off your preachiness and stop attacking him and say sorry to Mr. Sharma who had given you such joyful scenes such as "Kurban Hua"

  21. Sandeep is being very honest and frank. I see mostly the "anonymous" are attacking him ! One can't blame a man for being truthful , he can't hide and sugarcoat it so all sounds nicey nicey !I for one realize what a tough job a director has as he is the captain of the ship. The actors should respect and cooperate with him to keep the show , the "ship", afloat. When they go in different "directions" , then the show is dead !
    I appreciate Sandeep's honesty .
    Thanks Rangmunch team for this exclusive interview .

  22. I like the man's honesty. And I can relate to what he is trying to say about the storyline. The central story of Geet was what we saw in the first few episodes in Hoshiyarpur. It was converted into a run of the mill eyelock filled office romance which was saved from mediocrity by a few stellar scenes and by the chemistry between the lead pair. I was quite the fan. I however stopped watching the serial when the character Geet suddenly turned into a loud Punjaban...and Dev turned comedian...Every good thing must be allowed to end gracefully. If it doesn't then you tend not to remember what made it special in the first place. Recently while channel surfing I happened to catch a glimpse of Geet with quivering lips and Maan touching her face with Mahi blaring in the background. All it evoked in me was a yawn.

  23. Thankyou Sandeep Sharma for your honest interview.Its very sad to hear from you that GHSP can not be redeemed and people will forget about this serial in a year then why did you come back or doing this show.Don't blame lead actors who are giving their 100% .If you want to blame then blame writer or creative team who have destroyed the story when Dev was forgiven for his crime. That was the turning point of the story. This was nothing to do with the actors, They were and are doing their jobs what ever they were & are told to do and act.You can not deny DD & GC have won SBS best actors and best Jodi award.You can see on FB, STARONE HOME PAGE posts and on IF --GHSP is the only serial people are talking about and still watch it . GHSP You may forget that you worked with GHSP but for fans this is the only serial will be remembered bcoz of DD & GC 's best chemistary on TV history.You can get ideas to redeem the story if you read fans post and BRING BACK WITH YOU ORIGINAL GHSP TEAM --SWATI,VINCENT and more who started with serial.GHSP is unique serial which we like watching when we come home from work then watching RHONA DHONA SAAS BAHU DRAMA.

  24. Previously i was being mad thinking about the conspiracy behind the falling of geet day by day. the fact that i came to know is very hurting and unbelievable,the director himself.It seems you knows nothing about the power of geet.This suits you very well,"naach na jaanne aangan tedha".Nobody knew your name till today but still because of your controversial interview on ghsp may some will be recognize you.i am in my forties and never seen those serials you named proudly but watching geet perhaps you ruined it well. the only biggest misfortune of geet is its being air on star one. if it would be on star plus with a big PH,it will surely create the history,because then the people like you will also know the importance of it who only showing off them self by taking big big names.little knowledge is a dangerous thing.first you go to net,get the informations about geet,you will find them out of your imagination,then talk.your measurement of TRPS are as fake as your knowledge.i had never seen as crazy fans like geet who enjoy the repeat telecast as well as the first and waiting desperately for the, my mom and my daughter,our three generations are mad about maan geet aka gurmeet and drashti and there are many more like us,so think before you speak.the leads had very good repo with their previous directors,everybody praised dd very much may be its your tantrums you blame them for.


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