Rookie's Review: You will either Love Rockstar or hate it!

Imtiaz Ali has always fascinated me as a Director and a Story-teller. With so many things happening during the three hours, he actually makes sure, you don't rest even for a moment as an audience. He forces you to be participative! Now this, can be a dicey proposition considering, you could easily disengage thinking its too much for one to handle.

I shall now stop beating around the bush, and tell you what I liked the most about Rockstar. Firstly the way the story was told in itself was fascinating. Like in the case of Love Aaj Kal as well the story narrative kept going back and forth. Once you are a tuned with the idea that you will have to be alert, since the tale may move into flashback mode any moment, you start to totally enjoy the story. Don't worry, I promise it doesn't end up disorienting you! You are trained to adapt to the same right from scene one.

Well, the story like all his other works, has the boy and the girl being insanely in love with one another, but not wanting to give their relationship its deserved due! This time around, Imtiaz picks on something, we all just talked about this week on Rangmunch; Pain! I for one was thrilled, since we had just talked about how most love stories thrive on Pain! 

Janardhan Jhakar aka JJ, who goes onto the become Jordan is told, the only reason why he hasn't tasted success yet is because there is no pain in his life. His friend lets him know, pain is the most essential pre-requisite in every creative man's life. Hence the first half of the movie is all about how he goes looking for pain, while the second of the movie is more an expected, cliche "how life gives you exactly not what you want, when you want it the most story".....

Very simple instances of day to day life are picked up and presented so smoothly, you pause at times and exclaim, excuse me? But then you instantly smile as well, since you enjoy what you are watching. Like for instance, when Jordan picks to go to Prague only because the love of his life Heer now resides there happily married, the regular movie buff in you presumes, she may not be married actually. But, they meet, have an itsy-bitsy affair, after which, he realizes he cannot do without her while she shuns him away! You start to see the beginning of pain. But that's just the start. You then come to know Heer has an incurable ailment which is fatal, and she hence conveniently ends her marriage after apologizing to her husband about cheating on him, comes back to India to her parents, romances the Rockstar turned Bad Boy Jordan only because they have always been in the moment people. Heer and Jordan just live for the day, love for the day! It gives you doses of urges, impulses, instincts as well as strong emotions!

The story has many lessons to teach! It shows you how in the path to success, you do end up losing many things, many relationships, but once you get there, what you leave behind is what you want the most! Jordan is never right in the eyes of the world, he is the rule breaking bad boy, but that's what makes him popular! People love him, people around him even cash in on the same but he doesn't care about it either! He simply follows his heart and is happy! Even when he is unhappy, it is only for him to know and feel!

There are a series of emotions you go through while you watch this flick, since you dread the worst on one hand, but are also taught during its course, that there is no use fretting over an eventuality! Live in the Moment! Live in the Moment! You do just that, until the very last minute!

I would surely recommend this movie to all my friends out here only and only because, this is one such flick that shows life as it is. Pick up the messages where they have been delivered, watch the smooth sailing  moments one after another and yes of course, since the movie is called Rockstar the music doesn't for sure disappoint!

I refuse to give away the entire plot or its instances, since I am sure you may go onto love something totally opposite of what I did! Every bit of this movie is worth a watch!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


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