Navya: Twist in Tale!

Finally, Navya and Anant succeed in postponing their marriage and Navya’s family breathe a sigh of relief. But their happiness proves to be short lived and their smiles soon fade seeing the Divorce notice sent to their daughter Renu by her husband. As Navya and her Parents get a shock of their lives, Renu is shattered at this heartbreaking turn of events. This put an end to her marriage with Gautam.

While Navya’s family is devastated at the state of their daughter, I somehow feel it is a new beginning for Renu. I have come to believe that when GOD takes away something from us, he is only emptying our hands to receive something better.

As a viewer, I wish to see a mature  track of love and understanding between Renu (Navya’s elder sister) and Mohan (Anant’s elder brother). Every time I see Mohan and Renu, my heart aches for them. Two wonderful souls trapped in marital relationships that were never meant for them with partners who did not value them. In our society, Marriage is a Sacred Institution, but nothing can be worse than putting up with a bad marriage. 

It is unfortunate that Mohan has a manipulative and vindictive wife like Rama who is selfish and fails to understand his emotions. It is equally sad to see that Renu’s husband Gautam, even after cheating on her, had the nerve to convince Renu’s family that their daughter was unnecessarily suspecting him over nothing.

Even though Renu and Mohan never looked for someone outside their marriage, the recent twist and turns only goes to suggest that Mohan calling Renu for an interview is not merely a coincidence. It looks like Destiny is creating circumstances for these two to meet and eventually bond. It would also be interesting to see a submissive Mohan eventually stand up for himself and his happiness.

Though it is too early to talk about this track, do let us know if you would like to see Renu and Mohan make a new start or would you want them to continue being in a loveless marriage?

Swati Ghosh


  1. i was thinking the same. and ya i would love to see them together.

  2. Cool...m looking frwrd..

  3. would love to see them together,but wouldn't like them to have an extra-marital affair!i would want them first to divorce their partners!


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