The Man Who Sailed Alone With His Pain!

"It is by chance that we met, by choice that we became friends, but it is fate which will turn us into soul mates”

Finally, Ashutosh bared his soul to Dr. Nidhi. He not only spoke his heart out, but unknowingly he opened the door a little bit, for Nidhi to step in. Ashutosh in yesterday’s episode revealed to Dr. Nidhi all the pain and sorrow he feels for not having his Baba around. The man of few words spoke volumes. The way he reminisced about his Baba and the home he still misses and craves for has moved me with an undefined emotion .

“Baba mere naam sab kuch kar gaye sivaye uss ghar ke, aur mujhe, kuch nahi chahiya tha sivaye uss ghar ke”. 

This line described his love for that house so beautifully that it just swept me away. Dr. Nidhi for the very first time got a real glimpse at the person Ashutosh is. If Ashutosh’s words impacted Nidhi, then it was Nidhi’s silent understanding eyes which expressed a lot. This definitely is the turning point in their relationship.

When you let someone in, into your personal space, you are unknowingly giving that person a certain edge and a certain right in a very quiet but subtle manner. That is what happened when Dr. Ashutosh opened up to that one person who he doesn’t know,  but is indirectly  responsible for all the heartache he is going through. If pain and hatred drives them apart, it will be that very pain which will reunite them.

Navyanka Varma


  1. yesterday's episode was jst sooooo heart touching...ashu's dialogues n nidhi's expressive eyes aaye haye...n also d rose line "kya ye phul v sochta hogaki jiske paas jaa raha hai uski umra kya hai" i was like sweet
    luving this show n this magical couple....
    Ashni rocks :)

  2. Was a superb episode...KTLK is really taking story telling to new heights!! The dialogues off late have been awesome and very symbolic and impactful..!!

    Thanks for the article.. :)

  3. i think the best show on telly. i love how dr.ashutosh expressed his feeling and also the chemistry betn the two. awesome show.


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