Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon is the ‘Sholay’ of Small Screen: Utkarsha Naik!

We all know her by her "Hello Hi, Bye Bye." She is none other than Utkarsha Naik aka Manorama of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.... vibrant, vivacious in her own ishtyle and super talented. Manorama brings about comedy in a hilarious way with her signature dialect and loud attire!! Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is incomplete without the character of Manorama. But wouldn’t you like to know the real person behind this amazing personality? Read on to know what Utkarsha Naik is in real life and what makes her tick!

Rangmunch: In Iss Pyar Ko kya Naam Doon Mami and Bua are two characters who are loved and hated at the same time. As an actor how do you deal with it ?

Utkarsha Naik: Although it’s said to be negative, its not all that negative. It’s got shades to it. It’s not like all scheming, cheating or wishing evils. It has a tinge of comedy which makes the character lovable. Although she has shades of grey to her role, the greyish part hasn’t taken on a complete negative turn. She loves Arnav, Anjali and Akshay but expresses it in her own way. Even with her Sasu Ma she enjoys the little nok-jkok. Thats the reason her character is so popular as it stands out and is a bit different.

Rangmunch: Why is Manorama the way she is in regards to her dressing which is loud, her diction which has Hindi and English all mixed together resulting in outrageous and hilarious words?

Utkarsha Naik: I would like to put it in one word that is ‘inferiority complex.’ Her past has stated that she was probably a maid in this house and then got married to the son of the house. She was hired to look after the wife and after she died Manorama (who was the maid then) became close to her current husband and got married to him. Its like “ache ghar ka ladka hai, paisa hai, hamri toh life ban jayegi.” (laughs on) That is the philosophy of her life. She is not outright negative but has shades to it.

Rangmunch: Did you take any  kind of training or diction classes to get the accent you use in the show ?

Utkarsha Naik: No, actually I have played numerous characters with many accent. I have spoken in Gujrati accent, Punjabi accent even UP bhasha. My own mother- in- law is from Luckhnow. I was very well acquainted with this language at home itself and didn’t have to go for any classes. I was exposed to it around my own sorroundings.

Rangmunch: How much input do you add to the character of Manorama?

Utkarsha Naik: To begin with, when I auditioned for it, the character was pretty serious. I was to be negative as she is not being accepted by her family. It was a complete performance based role. The first scene had a absolutely different feel to it and the character took a complete turn and comedy was brought in. Everyone felt  it was for better only.

Rangmunch: As a person, how difficult or easy has it been to get into the character of Manorama?

Utkarsha Naik: To begin with it was very difficult. Rather any character you start off with becomes difficult to get into if you’re serious about it. But thanks to the daily soap, you end up eating, sleeping and living the character and hence it becomes easy. First few days of the show I was really tired, both physically and mentally. It was difficult initially. It’s unlike me and I don’t relate to this character at all (laughs) and hence have to work all the more hard on it.

Rangmunch: What is Manorama’s problem with Khushi?

Utkarsha Naik: The battle began from the very first scene when Khushi mistakes Manorama to be the maid servant. Its like Khushi has hit the bull’s eye and taken open panga with the Mami. Manorama is trying so hard to mould herself but Khushi’s presence reminds her of who she really is and therefore she gets agitated at the very sight of Khushi. Also for Manorama it is unacceptable to see these low class small town girls coming into their house every now and then. Basically she is complexed and can’t see any one getting in her way.

Rangmunch: What do you think makes Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon different from all the other shows airing currently on Television?

Utkarsha Naik: I love this project. I call it ‘Sholay’ of small screen. It has romance, comedy, drama and performances. It’s different from rest of the shows and whenever I watch it  I feel so refreshed. Whenever I switch to other channels, I see sad faces but this show has exciting and interesting tracks.

Rangmunch: Any particular fan response you got for your performance in this show?

Utkarsha Naik: Where ever I go , I get an overwhelming response. Most of the times people don’t believe it’s me who’s played all the varied characters on small screen. One of them walked up and said “Koi guru mil gaya hai kya? Utkarsha kya ho gaya hai tum ko?”(laughs a hearty laugh). Another woman from my society just saw me from the corner of her eye and then walked up to me and said, “I love what you are doing. Its so unlike you and that shows you have great potential.”
The punches we have in the show are quite unreal but if they are put forth in front of the viewers with conviction, then they are a success. So I decided to play it out with full conviction and determination and that’s why it is so popular among all groups ranging from 3 years to 70 years of age. People  all the time walk up to me and say “you are the Hello Hi  Bye Bye!!” (having a fit of laughter)

Rangmunch: One message for your fans.

Utkarsha Naik: Off late I was playing serious characters which are completely negative and I was little fed up. So I thought I should try my hand in comedy. It was a fleeting thought and a wish, and it happened. Just believed in it strongly. Hence I would like to tell my audience that what ever you wish for, at what ever stage of your life, it will come true if your faith and desire is strong. I myself  have experienced that whatever I have wished for, be it a month, a year or even ten years later, it has come true. So always be positive.

We at Rangmunch.TV would like to thank Utkarsha Naik who potrays the role of Manorama Mami so effectively, for the most entertaining and fun filled interview. We wish her All the Best and hope that she continues to rock the show!!

Interviewed by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Edited by:
Navyanka Varma 


  1. I LOVE your character the most in the show. It has that freshness that brings smile to your face when you listen the dialogue. and not to discount only you could play it so well and i like it coz you made it such a wonderful character.

  2. Hello! Hi! Bye bye. - big fan in Albania


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