India Hit by Kolavari Di Storm!!

How does one expect someone heart broken to react? Stereo type says by writing sad bewafa poetry, getting drunk and drowning your self in sorrow. But what if, one does all of that, while making the world around them laugh? You laugh and the world laughs with you, you cry and you cry alone! While the news channels made headlines about Sharad Pawar being slapped, a cousin of mine reacted... "I finally know how to describe Why this Kolaveri Di to people" and heaved a sigh of relief!

Basically, Kolaveri Di means a murderous rage, and how a boy, who has just been dumped by a girl would react to the situation, by reliving how much he loved her and how she cold-heartedly dumped him. He wants to literally slap her for what she has done to him, but he cant!

Composed by youngster Anirudh who is all of 21, this song has been sung and composed by Dhanush and produced and Directed by Aishwarya his wife. Aishwarya happens to be South Super Star Rajni Kanth's daughter.

If you are wondering, why this song has become such a rage, here are a few reasons. 

1. The words are catchy, and one cant miss the accent, which borders on Tamil and Telugu. Telugus think its Tamil and vice versa, while for the rest of the country, its just a funny song they don't understand but just love humming.
2. The lyrics are simple. We are all suckers for pain. This I care a damn attitude towards a break-up is something most youngsters perhaps relate to.
3. The fact that no one understands what Soup Song and Kolavari Di, have turned the cat even more curious!!!

If you havent heard this song as yet, go hear it today! With over 3971966 clicks over the past two weeks, this song is here to stay and be played at parties, events and on all occasions. Whether you are at work, or are travelling to someplace, you couldn't have possibly missed Kolavari Di!

Hand la Glass-u,Glass lo Scotch-u
Eyes full of tearu! empty life-u
Girl Come-u, Life Reverse Gear-u!

Lovvu Lovvu Oh My Lovvu
You Showed me Bovvu!
Cow-vu Cowvu Holy Cow-vu
I want You here Now-u
 God I am dying Now-a
She is happy now-a
this is song for soup boys-u
We dont have choice-u!

Why this Kolavari Kolavari Di!

On that note! Hope You have a nice weekend!!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. wooowooo ... whatever dhanush does is a rage .. straight from acting to comedy to singing to his lyrics ...
    Simply superb song, apparently can be comprehend by telugu and tamil ppl .. Bollywood can nver be soo creative compared to regional films ...
    funny song, enjy kolaveri diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Niharika its not only in India, its all over USA by now. Music is so peppy and katchy. its nice to the ears.

    Good article. Can we have article on the karara thappad to congressmen LOL pawarjee ko congress ka symbol yaad dila diya.

  3. Nice post..
    18 million views on YouTube is not a joke...


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