Festivals add Colour to our otherwise routine lives. Festivities are moments of Togetherness and Joy that we share with our loved ones. Alike us, our favourite Actors of the Television World are also enthusiastic about their festivals and eagerly wait all year round to celebrate it in the best possible way irrespective of their busy schedule and hectic life style.

On the Eve of Eid, Rangmunch.TV brings to you the celebration mood of some  of the well known faces on Imagine TV.

Aasiya Kazi aka Kastur of Dharampatni: Bakri Eid for me is a family festival. This day has a great significance in my life. I remember being with my cousins and friends the entire day. Eid reminds me of my lavish meals and loads of shopping. On this day I will be shooting but I look forward to spending a part of my day with family. I wish all my fans a very Happy Eid.”

Juhi Aslam aka Bharati of Baba Aiso Var Dhoondo: “I have always spent my Eids with my family. This time is no different. On this day, we do not make any goat sacrifices; instead, we donate grains and clothes to the orphans. I remember carrying on this ritual as a kid. I will be spending my Eid with my family. I wish all my viewers a very Happy Eid

Nausheen Ali Sardar aka Santosh of Beend Banoongaa Ghodi Chadhunga: “My Eids are always about friends and family. On Bakri Eid I invite my entire family, close friends for a nice non-vegetarian meal, and have a great time. When I was in school I remember getting Eidi even on Bakri Eid. My first expensive watch was from this Eidi and it is one of my priciest possession till date. I wish all my fans and viewers a very Happy Eid.”

Jannat Zubair Rahmani aka Isha of Haar Jeet: I love Bakri Eid as there is a feast at my home where my mother makes yummy home cooked Biryani. We also have a lot of relatives who come home to wish us on this day. I love celebrating Eid as I get to do loads of shopping. I hope there is no shoot on Eid so that I can enjoy this day to the fullest.”

Rangmunch.TV too, wishes all its Readers EID MUBARAK!

Edited by:
Swati Ghosh


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