Does true love really need cupid?

Arnav and Khushi have it all planned out mentally. That they have had enough! and would not want to see each other again and then they come back to square one. Post the entire fiasco of facing humiliation from Arnav Singh Raizada and him apologizing to her indirectly as well, there is a reason for ArHi lovers to heave a sigh of relief!

Fate, puts the two in an inseparable situation once more after they realise their respective siblings are in love with one another! Now what would both of them do? In normal circumstances you wouldnt expect Arnav out of all the people to support love! But surprisingly this time he does, for the sake of his brother's happiness. He knows, he may not do it in his own life, but he would do it for another if it were to make someone dear to him happy! Hasnt this man always been that way? Right from gifting Mami the necklace she wanted just because she bailed him out when in need, to being overly protective about his sister, its comes as no surprise that he wishes for Akash's well being as well. 

So, Arnav and Khushi plan to make Payal realise the importance of Akshay in her life and play a prank on her, and guess what they succeed as well, in getting the right reaction out of Payal!

Now the question arises, does true love really need a cupid? And in this case, who is playing cupid to whom? Akash and Payal love one another. This is fact number one. But fact number two is more important in this case. Arnav and Khushi love each other too. But  the hindrance is they would never admit to it.

Love has knocked their door step with various dimensions and definitions, but the two fail to still give their relationship a name. Let me elaborate. When Khushi started grooming La, she was doing it for their love. When she decided to move out of his life, it was because she realized she was in love. But she came back once more to unite the man she loves with another woman in the most sacred acknowledgment of love-Marriage!

By the looks of it, nothing seems to make the two love struck babies budge! We at our end only hope, this fun filled track with loads of light-hearted moments between the leads, and the other two lovers eventually does break the much needed ice and make them come together!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. nice one..pls do post articles on NAVYA also

  2. Niharika your assesment is nothing new to the fans however in future please get your facts straight the gentlemen in love with Payal is Akaash not Akshay. The second thing that you failed to mention is Khushi challenged Arnav when he walked away from that infamous kiss scene telling her that this whole thing does not mean anything to him and he said it again when he droped her off at her house that night on her front porch that he does not care about her and what happened between them. Arnav needs to acknowledge his feelings for her first to move this story in the right direction. I expect a little more details from you than what you provided.

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  4. being a huge GHSP fan, was excited when i got to know the same guys are bringing a new show on SP..then came the fab promos of IPK..even more exciting ...and then came the show...big disappointment! sanaya is great but thats abt it! 4 lions and NP have failed to deliver anything fresh in this show...its an almost exact copy of u have la instead of sasha, shyam for brij, nani for daadi, payal intead of adi sir, and khush -arnav for geet and maan..all the relevant sequences like the rain, dhabba (where she also wipes his mouth) dargah, diwali, red saree, trousseau shopping and even the recent tea scene are copies of whats already been shown in geet....only diff being GHSP has a sizzling lead pair who act better, look better, emote better and dance better! not impressed!


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