Dil Toh Baccha Hai Jee!!

The fondest memories we have generally are those of childhood and the years spent in blissful oblivion, innocence and loads of hope in your eyes of growing up into an adult in order to fulfill all those dreams and turn them into a reality ! However as time progresses life changes and what you wish for, and what you do may not always concur. When they do you are happy, but  when it doesn't, you do tend to look back and reminisce those years of your life and wonder at times ... "I wish I were still a child"

Today is Children's Day, and is definitely not a holiday anymore since we have grown into adults and have passed out of school. However, no matter how old we grow, all of us like to believe, the child in us remains intact and there are some instances and moments when the same comes to the fore front! 

Our favorite shows greatly contribute to the same since we watch these stories day in and day out and observe and imbibe mannerisms that are so childlike hence adorable! Over to the TV Lok Junta and the child like qualities we like about them ...

Suhana (Sasural Genda Phool): Today she is still working towards becoming that perfect wife to Ishaan, and struggling her way through in Mumbai, but Suhana is a child at heart. That is what makes her lovable. She loves Ishaan with all her heart, but she at times says and does the cutest things in the world out of utter ignorance. Here is the tale of a rich spoilt child ready to learn from her mistakes, not because she was ever wrong, but because she had the heart to accept there can be two ways of looking at the same thing and both being right.

Gopi (Saath Nibhaana Saathiya): Though many people swear by her utter stupidity at times, what stands out in the case of Gopi Bahu is her childlike belief and faith in people and things around her. Not once does she ever doubt any one's intentions, neither does she waste time in forgiving a wrong doer. Amidst all this, she also loves her husband with all her heart selflessly. Where do we find people like that for real? Are you still wondering why the show has managed to stay on Top all through the year?

Archana (Pavitra Rishta): At a time when education is the most important part of growing up years, Archana wins your hearts straight away because she gave up her education for the sake of her other sisters and family. She is an epitome of virtues and has the brains. She proves education is not everything, though she does take it up later on in life. One looks at Archana, pauses for a moment, and feels for her since they wish she had a better life and things have for sure been unfair to her.

Geet (Geet Hui Sabse Parayi): At 18 when you are married off and abandoned, and you are also carrying the child of a man who you will perhaps never meet, life forces you to grow up sooner than you would want to. But Geet Handa forces you to re-think since she doesnt give up on life. She is filled with so much positivity that she even manages to melt a stern hearted man like Maan Singh Khurana. She later not only fights for her justice, but also is magnanimous enough to forgive the man who ruined her life, just for the sake of her love! Now that she is happily married, her husband Maan Singh Khurana ensures his dear wife gets to have the childhood she never had and supports her all along!

Sarika and Sandhya (Beend Banoonga Ghodi Chadoonga and Diya aur Baati Hum): Sarika reminds you of one of those girls in school who have a strong ambition yet know the need to balance family with profession. Sandhya on the other hand is someone who is so driven by ambition, that she knows no other world. Both these women have a similar situation, where they had to compromise their own personal dreams for the sake of a family set up they haven't been comfortable around. They still try and emerge victorious in whatever little ways they can. These girls force you to sit back and think, should I have also believed in my dreams and let them take shape?

Khushi Kumari Gupta (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon): Our dear Jalebi Bai, is a total nut case. Why? She sulks and makes Jalebis to get rid of the same. A staunch believer of Devi Maiyya and listen to your heart slogan, Khushi appeals to most people who watch her for her strong contrast in behavior as the need arises. For a minute she is bubbly and happy, the very next she is glum and serious when the need arises. In an episode very recently when she is engaged off to Shyam against her wishes and her sister checks on her, the sweet spirited girl responds,  "Humara Naam hi Khushi Hai, hum khush kyun nahi honge?" Sanka Devi as she is called by her Bua is a child at heart, and is hence loved by all equally including Khadoos Arnav Singh Raizada who cant ignore her even if he chooses to.

Never let the child in you die! No matter what goes wrong, what course life takes and the lessons it teaches, never stop to smile and fulfill those child like urges for your own sake! Time adds years to you, but never forget the person rising inside is the same you!

Niharika Vidya Sagar



  2. Are you still wondering why the show has managed to stay on Top all through the year?

    LOL , the best part of the article!!! I question this every time I try to watch this utter nonsense and cant manage even 5 minutes and the TRP shows just the opposite what I feel, may be I am Gopi Vahu to understand the mystry of it !! LOL


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