Decoding Arnav Singh Raizada: Loading Error

Yeh Zindagi aapki Hi Aamanat Rahegi
Dil main Sada aapki hi Mohabbat Rahegi
In saanson ko aapki hi zaroorat Rahegi...
Iss Dill Ki Naadaaniyan Maaf Ho ....

With the Maha Episode in store, where Arnav learns of the fact  that Khushi is engaged to someone else, one might end up seeing Arnav deciding to get engaged to Lavanya in rage! However there are a few unanswered questions that both Khushi and Arnav need to address.. 

Their relationship by itself has always faced the dilemma of "to be or not to be". As I looked back to reflect over the show and the story, there was one thing, that I realised. Arnav and Khushi have not moved an inch from where they were a few months ago! Well, if you talk about the number of scenes they have together and the moments they have around one another, to me they dont count, since Arnav loves brushing them away as nothing in a blink! It could be a problem of not wanting to acknowledge, but my curiosity always gets the better of me when i think of Arnav and Khushi ...

What is that they actually share?
Is it love? Is it attachment? Is it understanding? Is it affinity? Or is it just a challenge of riding against a tide? The stark contrast between the two obviously makes their story appealing. But today with both of them almost on the brink of moving away into zones of leading their own prospective lives, what is it that will bring them together? A hard core romantic who reads MB's would say Arnav is a typical angry young man who wears the mask of a monster, only to conceal the helpless child behind it, and Khushi the other pole causing an inevitable attraction between the two! But that is in books and other shows... I have always thought and felt despite some of the cliches the makers put in to ensure their steady numbers, they have always loved playing risky with ASR ! That man is unyielding! To go back to the point I made at the start .. These two haven't progressed one bit...

What is it that made this man hold a falling girl in his arms the very first time and not gaze away for a couple of seconds? What is it that made him hate her so much that he ended rouging her up? What gave him the liberty? Because five months down the line, I have never seen this man behave that way with any other woman. Not even the woman he is supposedly is in a relationship with! I don't see Arnav making attempts to show any form of affection towards his prospective fiance.

Do we have answers to why, he wants to always save her but denounces being her knight in shining Armour? 

How does he sense her presence in a room even before she arrives, and ditto with her?
I am still ready to make a concession towards Khushi since she is experiencing certain emotions that she is ready to face and deal with. But what makes Arnav think he can ask her to get out when he doesn't want to see her, and then in the next moment also thinks he has the right to know why she hid the fact that she is engaged!

Why does he think he can get carried away by his emotions when he is around her, yet also tell her it didnt mean a thing to him and later chooses to explain the same to her! He wants her to be happy, but he causes her pain, he wipes her tears and then he hurts her, He loves the feeling of sensing her but he says he doesn't want to see her!

While it has been very hard to decode this file named Arnav Singh Raizada, its interesting how fans all over have their interpretations and understanding of this character and go on to discuss him and his next move at lengths. He has caused sleepless nights to women of all ages as he poses as a challenge that needs to be met and over come!

This will go on, but we at Rangmunch.TV would like to know what you think of the same. Do share your views on the same!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. for once.........we don't want see ASR-LA engagement :P

    loved ur article, its definitely difficult to decode this guy......but thats the thing that keeps us hooked to this show....otherwise i don't watch any other hindi serial with so much dedication.........

    this show has been different because of the awesome character sketch, and their ability to stay true to real nature, in all the situations....

    also the team is awesome....right from the actors to the directors to the camera team....the bg scores ......everything is simply awesome

  2. Niharika, I totally and utterly disagree.

    The couple have moved on immensely- from being two strangers who hated each other and fought tooth and nail, we now have two people who have a connection between them that is so strong that, try as they might, they can't get away from it.

    ASR HATES that he is in thrall to this girl, and I truly believe that the way the character has been written, he actually DOESN'T understand what it is that he is feeling- after all, I don't get the impression that ASR is a new-age man in touch with his feelings. He doesn't want to know whats going on, he just wants it to STOP, to go back to the comfortable place he was in, where La was there to provide the facade of normalcy whilst allowing his to stay inside his emotional fortress.

    KKG on the other hand is written as being in the same position on one hand (experiencing emotions she's never felt before, in thrall to a man she shouldn't be able to stand) and on the opposite side of the fence on the other- she WANTS to know whats going on, she wants to understand so that she can make it STOP, so that she doesn't have to have this odd guilt that she is upset whenever she sees La and ASR together.

    They KNOW each other now, though ASR will deny it- they know the inner them, they have fallen for the people that only they can see.

    Its a subtle development, and if one looks only at the surface, there has been no development; but I would ask you- would the ASR who first met KKG have cared about her engagement, would he have bothered for a moment. Of course not.

    Would the KKG who THREW her resignation letter in ASR's face have bothered to turn around and ask "Aap theek to hain na?" Of course not.

    I urge you all, look deeper, look at the subtle way in which this relationship has been developed by the CVs

    I can't help but feel the CVs have learnt from their last mistake-- Geet and MSK FELL so quickly in love without explanation, without knowing each other= the story was rushed, leaving the CVs with nothing left after the initial heat had burned out.

    Here the CVs are playing the long game; they're pacing themselves, so that when they reached their 400th episode, there is still some story to tell.

    I know many people feel there is dragging and that we are going round in circles- I am not one of them. I agree that perhaps we could move a teensy weensy bit faster, but I am truly enjoying the ride- enjoying all the side characters, enjoying the way that actors holidays don't become a crisis for the storyline.

    Enjoy it, that's all I'd ask- don't push the CVs down roads they are trying to avoid.

    Best wishes
    Fida Khurana

  3. [b]I agree they have moved from where they were! And when i say they havent progressed, I specified its not the things that have happened around them, but the fact that they seem to tell one another they dont effect each other when the fact is far from that....[/b]

    [b]I agree with this bit, about his character![/b]

    [b]This dichotomy between that exists for real and what they show the world is what forms the crux of their relationship!!![/b]

    [b] the fact of the matter being, the ASR who first met her surprised himself by exhibiting certain mannerisms and actions which were not the normal him!!! if you look at the number of things he has done, it is only the natural progression of story, which is true to life, if i were in love with a guy and he didnt respond to me for months, the situation would be the same, but my surroundings would change, i may meet other new people, i may now feel differently, but the fact of the matter remains that the guy who ddint love me sixx months back doesnt love me today as well.. and i spoke purely from that context[/b]

    [b]in my understanding she would do it even then, only things didnt happen in a manner for her to show that side .. khushi has worn her sweet nature up her sleeve and flaunted it, since it comes naturally to her arnav anyone who does that, is going it to either gain something or under pretense ... this very Khushi would not hesitate to once more throw the letter on his face if things lead up to that.. its only another matter that she would come home and cry, cos she wouldnt know why she is so effected, which was the case earlier as well.. this time she is sure, but the pain is still the same![/b]

    [b] there has surely been a progression in general my dear, why take wad i said literally ... anyway, i am now repeating myself [/b]

    [b] agree 100% and thats the way a story should be a well.. there is no point hurrying into the love story... you show a few moments and then its all over... this is also one of the reasons why i enjoy n engage more in IPK...[/b]

    [b] they will always have a story to tell, but while they do that, the crux of the story, which will not move an inch would be how ... nafrat paas aane na de, mohabbat door jaane na de... iss pyaar ko kyaa naam doon... will be their situation...come what may !!! the bottom is, loads will happen, but the dilemmas in various scenarios will always be the same ... the way you handle it will vary ...[/b]

    [b] i am sorry if my writing, in any manner gave you an impression that i am in a hurry to see their confession, or that I am not likin the pace, i love it ... i am a self confessed masochist, so i would definitely enjoy this pained phasse more than the hunky dory mushy goey romance phase... i[/b]

    [b] darling, i was only pushing you guys as viewers to react, which you did... my jobs done ... i am totally enjoying the show, its pace, its story and the graphing of the characters ...thanks for writing in and taking so much interest... [/b]


    Best wishes
    Fida Khurana

  4. interesting analysis... arnav's character has enough layers to warrant a thesis...
    short comment on the post is that arnav and khushi's relationship has progressed in the last two months and i for one didnt expect them to declare their love to each other so soon... maybe i have different expectations from the show

  5. I am 100 % with Fida on this.. How do you say that nothing has happened.. Would the OLD ARNIE follow KKG to temple to take care of the wound?? He went all mushy like it hurt him notice his first "tumhey..."
    In order to have a love story the CVs need to bring a change in his nature.. which they are bringing about very subtly.. like there was a time when he would grab her and push her away.. but during the "almost Kiss" episode.. the guy actually stepped back rather than pushing her..
    The old arnie wouldnt have bothered to share his insecurities with a mere employee .. but, this ASR needs to be assured .. and who better than Khushi Kumari Gupta..
    They have already forged a bond where.. she knows some of his follies and accepts them.. Like the fact that he forgets everything when angry.. this story is not just about love.. this is about a seriously flawed character who is on the road of recovery..
    He has always stressed on the fact that "AGAR MUJHEY AISI LADAKI MILI TO MEIN US LADAKI SE DUR RAHUNGA".. and that is exactly what he is trying to do.. What is so difficult to understand ? this is his defense mechanism.. he is not going to drop it just like that..
    this relationship has made enough progress to NEVER come back to square one.. Square one would be him dropping her down the office window... this is step two where he can take out his restlessness with her still in his arms and not even realizing it.. (the recent kitchen incident)..

  6. Arnav is the best character ever i came cross. Honestly speaking, i m not a adherent daily soap watcher. Infact, till date never followed or known any daily serials. I never knew abt this serial, until one day been to my friend's place. She was watching this serial and enforced me watch. The very first scene i saw arnav holding khushi's hand tight some party scene at pool side. khushi says - "aaap honge arnav singh Raizada, aapne ghar main".
    Arnav - "ye mera hi ghar hai"..
    Totally, fall for his cult attitude, eyes and backgrnd score. Hardly, we see such hard core attitude in daily soaps. CVs tend to soften the character due course of time. Loose the fundamentals of the character. But i was wondering, how long director can keep his attitude. Thats the curiosity made me to watch this serial. I started watching serial until now.
    I liked the open ended and uncontrolled emotions beyond the strong personna of lead pair. Khushi beyond her moral values, desperate to have glance of arnav, even though knowing the fact that La loves arnav. Other hand, Arnav beyond his ruthles iron mask monster and so called statuory status, is desperate to have glimpse of his lady love. Ironically, they does everything keeping La inbetween.
    Sheer example of uncontrolled emotions. I m convinced how two diameterically opposite people can attract each other. They complete each other, none of them is perfect.Khushi needs a strong man like arnav to stand at her side. Arnav needs a fragile lady like khushi to melt down his ego.
    I think, someone is thinking alike me thats the reason Arnav is still standstill and rock solid with his contradictory feelings and trying hard to build the defense mechanism against whirlpool of emotional layer. Simply loved precap of last friday, when khushi says "i m engaged".. the backgrnd score and Arnav's expressions. He is almost dead and dumbstruck. He would be feeling the real pain of loossing someone. But i want Khushi to feel the same. Current track doesnt justify that, makes little disappointing. As if only arnav is desperate. Looks as if khushi is fine with anyone. I m just thinking, imagine A and K get married, arnav's hating Khushi down below his heart (for thinking to marry his jija ji ). And he has to see and confront her. Thats really gonna be challenging character for arnav to swing in his emotions. His head will blow with anger.

    We can decode Arnav's character, just that we dont want to accept his actions as we love khushi and arnav's rtnship. Basically, we cannt see them without each other. We want them to be together in whatever way.
    Momentarily, I feel seeing above comments, are we just decoding and digging too much about the characters? Does CVs really thought all the above? I wish CVs to read these comments. I like the prospect of the serial. I heard that Arnav gonna marry khushi to save his sister's marital life. Convincing enough for arnav to hate Khushi.
    I can think of 3 things, best thing is that we can still see magical and dramatic (cat fight) bonding between A and K, so it will remain its comic timings as usual. 2ndly, they will never be apart from each other, we neednt to think how A and K gonna see each other. 3rdly, CVs have more stuff and time to drag the serial :) for ages and test the patience of audience ;). My only request is that shape the serial to such an extent that whatever happens arnav and khushi's characters to be intact till the end. Within the premises of their characters, we want they too me made for each other, otherwise it will loose its essence.
    Last but not least, Sanaya as Khushi and Barun as Arnav, really has done complete justice to their character. Completely, submerged into their characters.

  7. arnav is indeed the most complex character ever seen in indian tv. and this man has a reason as to why he is so complex and sumtimes dark, afterall he was forced to be the way he is.... circumstances and people made him let go of all his innocence, wat he became was the mighty asr instead of the jovial arnav....
    he has it all in him... grey shades, cruel streaks(remember lettin khushi fall from his cabin), but an adorable brother, a man with a golden heart(of course hidden from everyone), passion.... experiencing tender feelings after staying numb for a long time is difficult to accept... and he is just there.... falling in love for the first time... and what makes matters tough for him he can neither be wid her nor can he stay away from her... absolute treat to watch as to how he will proceed now on
    hope they show and help unravel more layers of this iron man with the innocence of a boy still lost in his heart somewhere... hope the lost boy finds his destination soon
    finally kudos to barun for his amazing portrayal of arnav singh raizada... he has bought arnav to life!!


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