I, ME, MYSELF: Pratyusha Banerjee!!

She is a simple girl who hails from Jamshedpur. Moving to Kolkata for a year she knew deep down her destiny lies in the City of Mumbai. On reaching  city of talents and without struggling much , she hit the jackpot by bagging the dream role of Anandi of Balika Vadhu on Colors Channel . And as they say, REST IS HISTORY. Introducing Pratyusha Banerjee aka Anandi in a open chat with Rangmunch.TV.
Rangmunch: Were you always keen on 
Pratyusha: No, I was not keen per say, but I loved the glamour world. I used to  do small modeling assignments in Kolkata but coming down to Mumbai, I got the break in a very  short span of time. Thank  God, I didn’t have to struggle much and now it’s been over an  year and I’m very much here.
Rangmunch: Who are you close to on the set of Balika Vadhu?
Pratyusha: I’m the youngest of all on the set. Neha Marda aka Gehna is just 2-3 years older to me so I connect very well with her. I also call my onscreen Sasu Ma, Smita di and she and I also get along well. We all 3 go out and have fun. However other cast members are all my seniors and I have immense respect for them .
Rangmunch: Since you come from Jamshedpur and now  currently in Mumbai, what do you love about this city and what do you miss about your home town?
Pratyusha: Yeh shayad bura lagey ga, but I don’t miss my home town. Since I have been here I feel very much connected to this place. Initially it was tough and when I used to see girls wearing hot pants and going out with guys, I was like s*** what is all this (since my thoughts were of a small town girl). But now I also wear hot shorts and go out. Its been 2 years now so I have adapted to it. I  already have become a bombayite and don’t miss my home town.
Rangmunch: Have you got offers for films from Kolkata or from Bollywood?
Pratyusha: I would love to do Bengali films but haven’t got any offers though. I have got offers for art films from here  but right now I want to concentrate on Balika Vadhu only.
Rangmunch: Is there something about Pratyusha that people don’t know yet?
Pratyusha: I am not sure. Everyone has read everything about me. I’m quite an open book and all know me. One thing people may not know is that I love the feeling of being in love. I would love to live my fairy tale someday.
Rangmunch: What is your perception of love then (back home) and now since you have been here for 2 years. Has it changed?
Pratyusha: The perception hasn’t changed much but I have learnt a lot after coming to Mumbai. My perception was first marriage and then love. But  coming here I saw what dating was all about and everything that goes with it. I have also learnt that be it any relationship, good or bad, you learn something out of it.
Rangmunch: One thing you miss doing here that you used to do back in Jamshedpur?
Pratyusha: Dance!! I love dancing but here I don’t get time to even breathe, let alone dancing. I really miss that.
Rangmunch: Would you like to do dance reality show like “JHALAK DIKHLAJA  OR ZARA NACH KE DIKHA?"
Pratyusha: Why not?? I would love to do it but its not possible as I shoot for the 30 days straight. I don’t get a break, but maybe later when the show is over and I get time. 

Rangmunch: What do you need to change about yourself?
Pratyusha: I think I’m too emotional. I need to be a little more practical and  more strong.
Rangmunch: Do you love taking risks?
Pratyusha: No. not really, but if need be I would.
Rangmunch: Do you judge others?
Pratyusha: No, I don’t.
Rangmunch: What is your biggest fear?
Pratyusha: I’m scared of heights.
Rangmunch: One thing you are grateful for in life?
Pratyusha: To my Director for making me an Actor.
Rangmunch: Do you thank people enough?
Pratyusha: Yes, I do.
Rangmunch: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
Pratyusha: I am not sure if everything happens for a reason, but I believe that everything happens for good.
Rangmunch: What is the craziest thing you want to do?
Pratyusha: I am crazy enough as it is, but if there is one thing I want to do it is River Rafting.

Rangmunch: Do you procrastinate?
Pratyusha: Yes I do. I keep postponing meetings.
Rangmunch: Do you listen to your heart?
Pratyusha: Yes, I do.
Rangmunch: Do you read enough?
Pratyusha: Not really, but at times I do read but its mainly fiction.
Rangmunch: Do you let other people’s negativity affect you?
Pratyusha: No, I don’t. I try and keep my calm and not get hyper.
Rangmunch: Are you addicted to anything ?
Pratyusha: I’m addicted to BBM.
Rangmunch: Who has had the greatest impact on your life?
Pratyusha: My Mamma.
Rangmunch: Do you care about what others think of you?
Pratyusha: I care about what my parents, my close friends and the person I will love think about me. Other than that what the world thinks, I don’t really care.
Rangmunch: What are you proud of in life?
Pratyusha: I’m proud of everything I have in life. There are people around me who make me feel very special and I’m proud of those people.
Rangmunch: Do you smile more than you frown?
Pratyusha: Ya, I do. I smile a lot, rather I laugh more.
Rangmunch: Do you forgive yourself easily?
Pratyusha: No. I don’t. I take a lot of time.
Rangmunch: Are you superstitious?
Pratyusha: No superstitious belief for me.
That was Pratyusha for you, a  simple girl next door who rose to fame with her innocence and charm.
Interviewed by
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh
Edited by:
Navya Varma


  1. My family love the serial specialy you

  2. well she seems to have come a long way in a very short time, but I guess thats part of the industry where she belongs!


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