The Bond of Friendship!

Friends are people we choose in our lives and hence they are extremely special. A Friend is someone you can trust completely, someone who always wants the best for you, someone who finds time to meet you despite of the busy schedule and at the same time gives you space when required. A friend accepts you for who you are and loves you inspite of the differences and imperfections.

Today, Rangmunch.TV brings to you the stories of friends and friendship that is currently being shown in your favourite shows.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai (Sony): Logically speaking, along with Ashwin, Shruti was equally responsible for breaking Priya’s heart. If Ashwin loved Priya then, Shruti too was Priya’s Best Friend. But when they both decided to tie the knot, neither Ashwin nor Shruti felt the need to inform Priya about their decision. Currently, Ashwin has been using Priya and Shruti’s friendship as bait to get close with Priya. Even though Priya is oblivious to Ashwin's plans, do you agree to what she is doing now in the name of friendship? To what extent would you go to help a friend like Shruti in real life? Do you think Priya has always been biased towards Shruti?

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (Sony): Probably for the first time we are witnessing a difference of opinion between Nidhi and Angi. While Nidhi does not find anything wrong in loving Dr. Ashutosh irrespective of the huge age gap that prevails between them, Angi thinks otherwise. Being childhood friends, Angi feels that it’s her moral responsibility to protect Nidhi, her best friend, from any kind of undesirable situation that may lead to trouble and result in heartache. According to Angi, Dr. Ashutosh is not the right match for Nidhi, but she is unable to make Nidhi realize that. Angi is extremely hurt because probably for the first time Nidhi over ruled her opinion and decided to follow her heart. Do you think Angi’s anger and frustration towards Nidhi is justified? Do you think Angi is right in advising Nidhi to stay away from Dr. Ashutosh? What would you do if you were in Angi’s shoes?

Navya (Star Plus): We have always admired the love and friendship that Navya and Ananat shared with Appy, Ritz and Ranveer. However, with the end of college life, Anant and Navya have now headed towards a new beginning. Both of them have decided to focus on their career and become responsible individuals. While Anant is joining his Dad’s business, Navya has a new job. But amidst all this action, Navya forgot to inform Appy and Ritz about her new found happiness, her job which obviously disappointed her friends. Probably this was the first time when Navya forgot to share the good news with her best friends. Even though Navya did not do it intentionally, but she did land up hurting Appy and Ritz. On the last day of college, may be this is what Appy meant when she said that only she will be left alone as Ritz has Ranveer and Navya has Anant to share the highs and lows of their lives. Have any of you faced a similar situation where your best friend simply forgot to share a good news with you? Did you feel ignored at that point in time and how did you deal with it?

Rangmunch.TV would love to know which of the above Friend and situation do you relate to the most? How would you react and resolve such situations in real life?

Swati Ghosh


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