...And thats why it is Khushi and not La !!

A girl-friend is:

a partner
a trophy
a status symbol in society
a relationship bound by uncertainty..

A life partner is:

a companion
a priceless possession
a an answer to all ur problems against all odds
a relationship that sticks on despite uncertainty!

Kudos to the makers once more for such a brilliant episode!!! The Episodic Story started with Nani accepting and letting the Arnav know she is now ready to get him married to La! But Arnav is not happy. Why? He never wanted to marry La in the first place and was very clear about the same ... But today the issue was not about not wanting to marry her! The question was why he was sure he didn't want to? Things have changed for Arnav over the past few months! Khushi has taken over his senses completely! So when he opposed Nani today, unlike the last time around, he had a valid reason, and the makers very smartly established that minutes before the family arrived, by showing how Khushi stated the sentiment attached to the Payal in her life!

As if his preserving her souvenir was not enough testimony to what was brewing in his heart, he wasted no time in pondering over, returning it since it was so dear to her !Thus, establishing the fact that her happiness, her feelings, her emotions are of utmost importance to this man ! A man who was devoid of all the above, and a man who never acknowledged the same until a while ago!!! So the pain you saw in his face, was not that of indifference and not getting the space he wanted in his own house, but it was the pain of wanting to give someone else the space of a life partner that the family seemed to unknowingly now be wanting to give away to someone else!!!

Love is a two way connection-and here, Khushi right fully complimented him in every way, by suddenly withdrawing at the mention of ASR getting married to La finally! What is that they shared that, it troubled her so much? Why was giving him away to someone who rightly deserved him so painful? What is it that bound the two? Khushi didn't know? Or she knew now ...

A perfect moment to cement the purity of their feelings for one another-a scene of Shyam is aptly inserted, where he is cribbing about, how much more he will have to give up for the sake of his love! Havent we been taught of the unconditional nature of love from time immemorial ? As much as Shyam pleads his love for Khushi is true, he miserably fails by hiding behind a mask! By cheating his family, hurting his loved ones and most importantly counting his actions and gestures! This is where ASR stands out once more! You love his silent yet subtle gestures towards Khushi. He doesnt say it, but you know his heart beats just for her....

An apt selection of song: Unconventional like all others under this Banner have been ..The makers turn your visualization into totally something you would not expect! If the original was all about lust and the physical need to be together, this picturisation according to me did more justice to the lyrics by exactly showing Khushi's state of mind! Those eyes, that were constantly on her, amidst a crowd... !! She could feel his presence around her all along. He had La by his arm and was making no verbal conversation with her, but his heart beats were audible to Khushi! And thats the reason why she kept moving away from him, since her heart was strongly signaling her that their relationship was finally going to have a defining moment!

What one got to see after that left most I am sure speechless, with symbolism at its peak! On not finding her around, he went looking for her!

Bheed main bhi thi Tanhayi
Yaad har pal teri aayi
roke koi mujhe zara
bhar na aaye yeh dil mera...

and then he found her by the pool lighting diyas ... And the moment she saw him she lost control over herself .. her emotions, everything...

behke behke mere kadam hai
aise main tu sambhaal toh zara ...

... and he did sambhalo(hold) her !He caught her... tried to mend her twisted leg-signifying pain! When was the last time we saw this vulnerable side to this man? May be never?

The soft-hearted man, who couldnt take his eyes off, who forewarned her softly" thoda dard hoga" as though to say, my heart with also ache along, but dont worry, I am with you! I am here to ease your pain! He softly places her feet on his thigh giving her support and comfort!

By this act, he has already allowed her to stamp on him unofficially-exposing his vulnerable side to her and has told her, I am allowing you this, because I want it that way! She tightly clasps his shoulder, as though seeking support! When he lightly moved the saree to mend her leg, she had to feel a certain sense of comfort and ease around him to allow him to do that! Or may she was too mesmerized by the moment herself!

After having done his bit, this man, touched my heart the best when he subtly yet impact fully expressed his love for her by still holding onto her foot delicately yet firm- as though to say I don't want to let go of you ever! and then, over the pain that he gave her and mending it later, the man also adorned what he had hurt with what she always wanted!!! A fairy-tale ending or should I call it a beginning?

The pre-cap is another story so I shall save it for another day!! Have a good day! happy viewing!!!

Pictures Credit and Thanks to: lllyria

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. thanks for the lovely write-up!

  2. beautiful written. looking forward for todays epi.

  3. what a pathetic show and what cheap scenes yuck !!!

  4. fabulously written...loved it! :) eagerly waiting for today's episode! :D

  5. Fantastic, love the write up!

  6. Oh u portrayed the scenes perfectly !!
    I got tears in my eyes ariving at the " thoda dard hoga " part ! :')

    It's such a beautiful lovestory ... but with many twists :/

    Well ... i guess these scenes showed us how arnav cant bear khushi getting hurt , and when she'll get hurt ... he already let her know that he'll always be there , no matter what !

    We just have to wait and see what this seperation does to them .... I already cannot bear it . :/

    Thanks for the lovely post ! xX

  7. nobody cud hav xplaind d subtle nuances of d story betr than u did.. a lvly read..

  8. very well written. its like reading a danielle steele romantic novel. it has made the episode even more awesome.

  9. Love the way u put the scenes in words...the best ever...awesome !!!

  10. Superb! please do write on Nov. 3 episode. Eagerly waiting.

  11. I am also waiting for today's episode. You are fantabulous!

  12. you are amazing. i don't think anyone could do a better job.

  13. Excellent write up!

  14. I think you missed the sexual suggestiveness of the scene -- in fact most of their encounters have this element. When Arnav removed the diwali light, it was a not-so-subtle undressing and it is no different this time.

    When he holds her foot and tells her "it is going to hurt", it is highly sexual and when he sets her ankle, she cries out in pain and grabs his shoulder -- I am surprised how anyone can miss what is being shown here.

  15. Ya very true Isthatablog!!! it is infact sexually suggestive especially the 'removal of ankle sprain' wherein you can actually feel 'cramps in stomach' the effect of that scene and the way he holds his leg lit more tightly... you can feel the harmones rising to its peek. I experienced that!!! :)

    1. Even i too felt like butterflies are flying in my stomach.. I watched it 20 times to feel it...


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