Himmat se jo koyi chale, dharti hille qadmon tale
Kya dooriyaan kya faasle, manzil lage aake gale
Tu chal yunhi ab sub-o-shaam, rukna, jhukna nahin tera kaam
Paayega jo lakshya hai tera
Lakshya toh har haal mein paana hai!!!

Last night the viewers witnessed a Spectacular Grand Finale of Just Dance where all the three finalists - Ankan Sen, Surjeet Bansal and Karan Khanna gave their finest performances and danced as if there was no tomorrow. However, it was the 17-year-old boy from Calcutta, Ankan Sen, who was declared the Winner at the end of the Finale.

Judges – Hrithik, Farah and Vaibhavi, rightly called Ankan “The Wonder Boy”
because every time he danced, he not only set the stage on fire but also
compelled the Judges and the Viewers to wonder as to how he manages to perform
every dance form with so much grace and perfection and make it all look so
effortless. Even though his forte was Contemporary, but in no time, he
established himself as the most Versatile Dancer in the show.

Whenever Ankan landed in the danger zone, his spirit never dampened; rather he bounced back with more force and determination. While all the contestants considered him the strongest contender, for Ankan, he was his ONLY Competitor. With every performance, he kept raising the bar for himself & went on to prove that nothing is impossible for him as far as DANCE is concerned.

With this well deserved Victory, he not only won his families’ confidence and faith, who did not support him then in his journey of Dance, but also made them realize that Dancing for him is nothing less than breathing, and Dance is what keeps him ALIVE.

Looking forward and winning life’s challenges is what determines the strength of an individual’s character and contributes to his or her success. Destiny is simply the strength of your desires.

Ankan’s victory established the fact that, it is not good enough to “DREAM” big unless you have the 3P’s – Passion, Patience & Perseverance.

We at Rangmunch.TV hope and wish that Ankan Sen achieves many more milestones in the days to come and continues to experience LIFE through DANCE!

Swati Ghosh


    Thank you Rangmunch, Swati, for this ‘write-up’. Indeed Ankan set my eyes on fire, every time I watched him. He had my vote all the way. I found this show superbly timed and packed to lighten our hearts, and with Hrithik, every moment was amazing.
    Bollywood always makes a presence in most such reality shows, huh! We even have a master-chef that brings the bollywood flavor in.
    Thanks for sharing Ankan and revisiting his dance enthu, through the entire episodes - from day 1 till end, in your article. I got to see Hrithik as the most compassionate man ever through this show. He is truly a people’s man.
    Cheers. Al.


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