Terra Nova – Trick or Treat! (Airs Saturdays, 9pm on Star World India)

The brand new Sci-fi drama series, Terra Nova, at the outset, steps into the familiar territory of survival in the dinosaur era, a throwback to Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park of the 90’s. What sets it apart is its focus on familial ties, relationships, and the fact that dinosaurs are not the only dangers the people of Terra Nova face in their bid to survive.

Terra Nova is a first human settlement in an alternative timeline 85 million years in the past when dinosaurs walked the earth. The scientists discovered a rift in the time-space that allows people to travel back in time thereby giving them an opportunity to save humanity by going back to live on questionably a safer earth.

Star World India aired the first episode of Terra Nova on 8th October 2011. For those who have missed it, here is a synopsis:

The Plot so far: The show starts by introducing the Shannon family – Jim & Elisabeth, the parents, and their three children Josh, Maddy, and Zoe - and the world they inhabit in the year 2149, which is on the brink of extinction brought on by dwindling air quality and over population. 

When the law enforcers threaten to take away the youngest one, Zoe from the family (the law being 2 children per couple), Jim assaults a cop and lands up in jail. Few years later with Jim still in the prison, Elisabeth Shannon, a trauma surgeon is invited to live in Terra Nova, along with Maddy and Josh. When she realizes that she would not be allowed to take Jim and Zoe with her, she decides to help Jim escape from the prison.

Jim breaks prison, and gets Zoe too just in time to make it through the portal that lands the Shannon family in Terra Nova. Josh, the 17-year-old son, leaves behind more than the world he lives in, he reluctantly leaves his love behind. They enter a new world as part of the tenth pilgrimage.

Col Nathanial Taylor (Avatar’s Stephan Lang), the first one to inhabit Terra Nova seven years ago, is also responsible for setting up the colony. He runs a tight ship commandeering an army of law-enforcers, doctors, and researchers, to ensure the well-being of the settlers.

While we see the family settling into their new home, we are introduced to carnivorous dinosaurs and the sixers (a faction that opposes the gated community of Terra Nova since the sixth settlement) who threaten their existence on Terra Nova.

Steven Spielberg is one of the many executive producers of Terra Nova. It is one of the most ambitious and expensive projects of Fox network. The series is being filmed in the Scenic Australian Jungles.

Will Terra Nova prove to be treat for the fans with depth in the plot or will it just remain a trick with dinosaurs, familial drama, explorers, mysteries creatures, and time travel thrown in, is yet to be seen. Let us hope it delivers on the promises that a gripping first episode made.

Neeraja Unni



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