Sukirti Kandpal Shoots despite illness!

All of us love our favorite characters on screen and cant do without them even for a day. The actors also on their part do their bit, in bringing us the best they can. When we fall ill, we obviously rest. But the Actors in the TV land have a different story to tell. The compelling tracks and the constant presence of the leads forces actors to shoot round the clock.

The latest victim of the same being, Sukirti Kandpal, who plays the role of Pia in Pyar ki yeh ek Kahani on StarOne. Sukirti, has been detected with a kidney stone, and is in acute pain, but she continues to shoot. When we got to know of the news we sent our best wishes to Sukirti to which she promptly responded "Thank you for the wishes, the pain is unbearable, and I will take an off if things get worse." For now she is being a strong girl.

We at Rangmunch wish Sukirti a speedy recovery and hope she gets time to rest and recuperate!  After all we don't want pain troubling this bubbly girl for too long!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


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