Sing a song:The untold story

Rangmunch.TV is back with its sing a song segment, where we think of the most apt numbers on lesser talked about Jodi's on Television:

A marriage you never wanted, a husband who you cant relate to and a family where you are stuck with no option. Your heart melts when you see Sandhya of Diya aur Baati Hum's state. When she stood up for her co-sister in law last night, you also realize how much of a mis-fit she is in this family! While we know the two hearts will eventually meet,  and Suraj and Sandhya may become an example to quote the song that aptly describes Sandhya right now reads...

      Chan se jo toote koi sapna
Jag Soona soona lagey
 Koi rahey na jab apna ...
 Jag Jag soona laagey re....

Akash and Payal of Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon, are a sweet couple, and the lesser talked about ones on the show. However, their love story is also soon taking shape and their romance where Payal is in denial only because Akash's mother constantly reminds her of her social status. The beautifully shot falling in love scenes between Akash and Payal, take you back to the late nineties and remind you of the Vidhu Vinod Chopra Film Kareeb and the song we think of when we think of this couple is ...

Palke Jhuki,Palke Uthi
Kya Keh diya Kya suna...
Chori Chori jab nazre mili
Chori Chori fir neende udi
Chori Chori dil ne kaha...
Chori main bhi hai maza....

Young and innocent love always appeals to the eyes. It makes an instant place in your heart. Thats perhaps why, when you see Ganga and Saranga, and their love story, you automatically ignore the other harsh realities involved and just want the two to live in their dream world. Set in a pretty dark backdrop, their love story is a recent addition to the star plus show Mann ki Awaaz Pratigya. This story is sure to catch your attention and your heart feels for the lover, and you do silently pray for their well being!
                                                                        Mil Jaye Naina ek do baras door rehna
                                                                        Kuch ho gaya toh phir na kehna
                                                                       Parbat se ghanghor ghataye takraaye toh kya ho?
                                                                       Barsat ho
                                                                      Tere Dil se mera dil jaaye toh kya ho?
                                                                      Baraat ho
                                                                      Jaane Kab Barsaat Ho
                                                                     Jaane Kab Baraat Ho ...
                                                                    Main Sola Baras ki
                                                                  Tu Satra Baras ka....

When you think of Gaurav and Vidya in Maryada-Lekin Kab tak the first thing that comes to your mind is the pain that love brings in with it. The pain of non-reciprocating love. It shows you the state of helplessness of two souls bound together in marriage, unable to break and unable to take things forward. Things however seem to be changing for the couple lately with the fans of Gaurav and Vidya hoping that a miracle may change Gaurav's feelings towards Vidya. So is that miracle going to ever happen?

wafadaari ki woh rasme
nibhaayenge hum tum kasme
ek bhi saas zindagi ki
 jab tak ho apne bas main

 jab koi baat bigad jaaye
 jab koi mushkil padh jaaye
tum dena saath mera oh humnava
na koi hai na koi tha ...
zindagi main tumhare siva ...
tum dena sath mera oh humnava....

We at Rangmunch.TV start our day on that note! Every sub-plot adds up to the main plot, influencing the main story as a whole. The same is the case with all the above couples that have their own story to tell! Do let us know what you thought of this segment! Have a nice day!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


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