Rangmunch's awww and hawww moments the week ...!!!

For all those of you that watched shows this week and went through certain emotions ... Rangmunch.TV brings in a segment where we give you a quick re-cap of the same ..

Water Crisis....

Ek Hazaro main meri behena hai this week has been all about cute moments and celebrations with Viren and Jeevika getting engaged, the families coming close, and with Manvi also accepting Viren as her Jeeju to be all seems hunky dory. A midst the Karvachauth celebrations, you finally see a twist in the tale! Viren is the one who ends up giving Manvi that life safer gulp of water!sigh! So says the promo! will it happen that way? Or wont it .. lets wait and watch ...

This comes out as the Haww moment of the week !!!

Silver lining in a Soap Packet...

While, Payal teases Khushi and asks her if she will ever find a man who will fulfill her stupid fantasies, you see later in the episode how Arnav silently slips two silver coins into a detergent packet, after Khushi buys 20 packs of Miss.Chamko Powder hoping to win a silver coin in one of them !!! 

It was endearing to see Mr. Broody, melt, and finally turn Mr. Cheesy only for the sake of his lady love on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

This surely makes it the awwww moment of the week on Rangmunch!!

Sukir-Tee ya Tee...

After seeing Sukirti don a double role in Pyar ki yeh ek kahani on StarOne, as both Pia and Maithilee, this week we get to see the return of Maithilee in a new avtar ! For all those that thought, Maithlee and Tee are dead, this was a shock, considering, Tee reveals her self as Maithilee and also narrates the entire Abhayendra-Maithilee love story !!! 

While Rangmunch went hawww after the moment, I am sure, most others did too ...!!!

Chatt pe Romance...

Telepathy, is their favorite mode of communication! Maan and Geet on Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi have proved it again! Since their entire family is at loggerheads, Maan and Geet barely get any time to spend with one another these days.. However, the lovers did manage to steal a few moments together on the terrace of their house, away from prying eyes where the two married lovers romance away under the dark sky adorned with stars !!!

Awwww... need we say more?

Cow!!! But how ????

After learning, she is married to a Halwai (sweet-shop owner), Sandhya looks at a cow, and realizes she is no different ... as she compares the sindoor to the tilak, her bangles to the anklets on the cow, and her mangalsutra to the cows neck piece she tries to set it free, but the cow doesn't budge and that reminds her of a conversation with her mother and feels bad at her fate! She so didn't ask for all this, we at Rangmunch dont disagree... 

Hawww at Sandhya's imagination !!!!!

Damad ho toh aisa ...

Priya and Ram cant stop fighting and are constantly reminding one another they have been tied together by force. But this week, while Priya fasts for Ram during Karwa Chauth, in turn actually saving his life, Ram does his bit by standing up for Priya and her father by letting him know he will exercise all rights over him as a son-in-law who is like a son..!!

We say awwww for one last time before closing for this week!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this Sunday piece! Rangmunch will be back next week with more such moments !!! Have a great Sunday !

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Thanks for the Diya and Baati part of the article.

  2. maneet scene was outstanding they looks super cute

  3. Thanks for the article... indeed an innovative way to touch the week's high points of the popular telly shows!!! very creative! Well Done! :))

  4. I am just enjoying IPKKND...sorry, don't have time for other shows on the list ;-)

  5. Maaneet and ArShi scenes were both rocking


  7. MaanEet all the way.... Such Pure/Magical Romance:) Love GurTi.x

  8. Ram and Priya (Raya) both have excellent chemistry..they both luk gud...The Karwacuth Episode was assowem like the Harwala epi when priya exposes the Culprit (Niharika ka beta)

  9. Diya aur Batti is also gud my top 5 Fav shows r:
    1) PKYEK
    2) BALH
    3) UTTRAN
    4) GEET

    i dnt miss them and even if i miss them i make sure i luk at the reecap or written update :)

  10. We love maaneet, sizzling jodi. there is magic in their emotions. heavenly made jodi luv you

  11. thanx for the geet part..... <3 <3 <3 <3 geet

  12. Aww...luv u soo much maaneet...
    ya srsly chat scncs was superbb....dey r choo cutee n adorable couplee..GHSP ROCKZ....

  13. Loving the updates, girls - missed reading sunopses.
    Rangmunch rocks on!

  14. Thank u Rangmimch tv for up dateing.
    maaneet scence was our standing.

  15. maneet roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. thanks for the IPKKND part :D loving it!!

  17. thanks for the article, loved the Aww and Haww moments for IPKKND, BALH, DABH :)

  18. Absolutely fantastic Post Humsafar Novel Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! Thank you for another great article.


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