A Note of Thanks from The Rangmunch Bunch!!!

As Rangmunch.TV has crossed over One Lac page views in a span of three months, we would like to THANK everyone who has been a part of our journey and has made this possible. We also felt that now is the time to introduce you to the TEAM of Rangmunch.TV who have contributed in achieving this milestone.

With this you can now put a face to the writers whose work you read on Rangmunch.TV!

Niharika Vidya Sagar: I still remember it was a Sunday afternoon, Navya, Swati, Niti and I were on a conference call !!!  Amidst loads of other things we talked of, all of us were stuck on one thing, we all passionately felt about TV shows in general ! This is when we decided we wanted to bring to you that side of Television and Entertainment, one hasn’t perhaps seen before. We don’t know how far we have succeeded in the same, but we are glad, we have made our attempt and beginning.  The whole behind-the-scenes story is such a fascination to me; I drove the other three crazy, and forced them to like it too!!! And hey guess what? They don’t just like it now, they love it !!!  And then, Neeru came on board, an International Show fan-we made our baby wear those clothes as well, and she looked like an angel in them !! I take the liberty to speak for all, and can vouch for the fact that we have only learnt every single day!!  At times I feel, my dear friends out here get sick of the amount I talk, since there is so much to share … And as we learn, we want to share the same with all of you.. “Wo kya hai hai .. ladki hoon, pet main koi baat bachti nahi… “ Thank You so much for giving us the page views you did! Keep viewing us more and we will add more colors to Rangmunch in the days to come. Loads of love and hugs.

Navyanka Varma: "Serendipity" is what comes to mind when i think of Rangmunch and  the friends I made on this blog. Niha, who has been there in my life for forever now, Swati whom I  have a fun filled connection with, Neeru who is like the fog horn , guiding us to the new pathways and Niti, who's intense writing I fell in love with . All  have touched my life  every way possible. Rangmunch has become very dear to my heart. The conception of this blog from start to finish  has been very memorable.The equation I share with  my team is amazing ,TOUCH WOOD for that! All I can say is that its been “A walk to remember." I wish Rangmunch all the best and thank you all for making it what it is today .

Swati Ghosh: 17th July 2011, When we started Rangmunch.TV, I had my own share of apprehensions but a BIG THANKS to all you wonderful Readers out there who stood by us and gave us One Lac page views in a span of 3 months. As much as I am elated to see Rangmunch.TV achieve its first milestone, I also  realise that our efforts would not have got paid off without your love, support, and best wishes. Your comments and words of appreciation is what motivates and inspires each one of us to put our best foot forward with regards to generating ideas and formulating articles. Thank you for following the Rangmunch Blog on a regular basis and patiently reading our write-ups. Its my humble request to each and every one of you, please continue to extend your love and support to Rangmunch team so that we can continue to bring forth Fascinating  news and facts from the World of Entertainment to the best of our ability.

Last but not the least, Thank you Niharika, Navya, Niti and Neeru for always being there as a Friend, Philosopher and Guide. This journey would not have been so exciting and fulfilling without all you guys help and support. "Together we  can and we will."  With lots of Love and Best Wishes.

Niti Vaidya: They say girls just love to talk and discuss. We could have done that over a cup of coffee. But , we thought otherwise. Together we walked coming from different paths towards a common dream - television, making our passion, our profession. Though I still haven't have had a chance to actively be a part of Rangmunch but my inner connect with it is as strong.  Dreamer, that I am , it gives me a huge high to see my friends working hard and achieving huge success in a short span. Rangmunch to me is a token of love for the unbreakable bond I share with  each of my friends here. Cheers!! Good luck to us for many more such milestone moments.

Neeraja Unni: I have been associated with Rangmunch for over a month now, and it has been a pleasure interacting and working alongside Swati, Niharika, and Navya, who believe in honest hard work and also believe that it can be achieved while having loads of fun. Scripting the brand new International Segment is interesting, keeps me on my toes, and gives me an opportunity to write to my heart’s content about shows that I love watching. It’s a win-win situation for me. 

Rangmunch is a bridge (to connect the fans to the television industry and vice versa) that is being meticulously built with lots of love and care. We are putting in our best efforts to also bring to you, shows that you will carry with you forever as memories. 
An achievement of One-lakh page views in a short span of three months is just the beginning. We are just getting warmed up and we have many more milestones to achieve, examples to set. This cannot be done without your constant support and encouragement. 
A heartfelt gratitude to all those wonderful people from the industry and the fans (you guys are the best!) who have regularly found time to not only read our articles but have also been kind enough to give us your valuable feedback in the form of comments, requests, and criticism. Your guidance is most precious to us. Bow to thee!

We would also like to thank everyone from the Television Industry who have not only encouraged us with their kind words and best wishes, but  have also blessed us. We hope to continue to do our best and act as a platform between the fans and those faces that give them their favourite shows!

Swati Pandey:(Screen play Writer)

Awesome News. Wishing you and team all the best. Looking forward to an interesting blend of happenings of our TV world.

Daljeet Banoth: (Actor)

Congratulations & All the best! My support is there with you guys for sure!

Lalit Mohan: (Director)

I give my best wishes to team Rangmunch to touch the zenith of success. God grant his serenity always.
Waseem Sabir: (Director)

Rangmunch.TV is a hppy lakhpati in the shortest span possible...Here's to the fastest growing new online destination of Indian Television. Best Wishes ~ Waseem Sabir

Nissar Parvez:(Director)

Wish u guys all the best!

Sabiha: (Director)

Wish you all good luck. Fly in all colors on the Internet Munch!

Rahul Agarwal (Director)

Congratulations on the new endeavor ! It is commendable how you guys are connecting the reel life with the real.

Arshad Khan (Director)

Congrats to the Rangmunch Team and All the very Best!

Karan Tacker (Actor)

I would like to wish Rangmunch all the best! And hope to have a long association with you guys.

Abhaas Mehta (Actor) 

Arrey kya baat hai! A hearty congratulations and all the very best to the entire team of Rangmunch for the grand launch. There are millions of TV portals for television actors that publicize their lives and characters in any particular show. But Rangmunch has gone a step ahead by not only publicising actors but also the people behind the camera who play an integral part in the creation of a show. Really looking forward to a lot of gossip along with creative discussions. All the best guys.

Gautam Hegde( Screenplay writer)

Its been a pleasure to know a bunch of enthusiastic people so fascinated by the medium of TV and connecting us with the fans. Cheers! wish you all the best.

Once again we thank ONE and ALL from the bottom of our heart and hope that our bond with our readers and the television industry only get stronger and thicker in the days to come!!

With Love and Best Wishes,

Rangmunch Team


  1. To my dear princess and the entire rangmunch team,

    This achievement is huge. You have managed to reach this landmark in less than 100 days! That in itself is a milestone.

    I wish you all from the bottom of my heart, many many more such victories! May you see new heights every day! May your love for Television never fade. May you continue to give us the behind the scenes perspective that can help us better understand how the magic we see on screen is created.

    Thank you for all the hardwork you have put into Rangmunch to share with us your passion.

    My heartiest wishes to all of you for achieving unprecedented peaks.

    Best of luck and congratulations!

    Loads of love,

  2. Niha, Navya, Niti,

    Never dreamt that the days on the DMG blog would one day lead you guys to this level! Well done, girls, you really rock! Great job! Here's hoping you go from strength to strength.

    Best of luck to you and your team,



  4. Congrats to all your team effort


  5. Congratulations.....and celebrations....!!!!!! :D

    "The price of success: dedication, hard work and unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.”...All the very best for all future endeavour..... :)

  6. Whoa - that is such an awesome thing. Am so proud of the fact that you girls made this thing and I am privy to the website. I log on everyday - but unfortunately, I don't get to connect or comment.
    Gals - there have been times when i loved the way you emote to a particular thing - and It makes me glow and my heart expand.
    So a big congrats to all of you. It's a bang up job that you've done

  7. @Dhwani, Dia, Sree, Vemuri, Remya & Amruta...Thank you so much for your love, support and best wishes. They mean a lot to us!!!


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