Nostalgia: The Pee Loon Moment!

Today Colors Channel aired the Global Indian Music Academy (GIMA) Awards 2011, which felicitates Music Fraternity for all kinds of music, Films as well as Non-Films.

During the award function, Irshad Kamil was announced the Best Lyricist for his song Pee Loon” from the movie Once Upon A Time in Mumbai.

As they played the song, my heart skipped a beat and mind was no longer interested in watching the GIMA awards. Pee Loon is probably just a melodious song for many, but for Maaneet Fans, its more than a song…it’s a MOMENT,” that evokes thousands of emotions that are beyond words. Today I experienced the “MOMENT” all over again.

Infact, I did not like this song for the simple reason that I could never take a liking towards Imran Hashmi and nor did I find the song extraordinary. But then as they always say, Expect the Unexpected.

Friday 10th of September 2010, the Promos of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi that ran repeatedly throughout that week suggested that it was going to be the REVELATION time for Geet. She was no longer willing to hide the truth about her pregnancy from Maan. That afternoon Saas Bahu aur Saazish on Star News also played the Sone Pe Suhaaga role by airing the “Making of Pee Loon.” That whole evening I waited with bated breaths. It seemed as though the clock was moving at snail’s pace. The Geet FB wall had also become much tensed; every one including myself, hoped that the episode would not end at a cliffhanger making it the longest weekend ever. It was no less than a National Emergency on the Geet Forum.

The episode started at its usual time 9.30pm IST. With every passing second, my heartbeat increased. Then came the most awaited and breath-taking “Pee Loon Moment.” It felt like I was hearing and watching that song for the very first time on screen. I experienced a pool of emotions as Drashti and Gurmeet brought Maaneet alive in every frame of that song. They were sensuous but not sleazy. As much as I could feel Maan’s Love and Passion, I could relate to Geet’s pain and turmoil too. I actually had tears in my eyes and was praying to God to let them live the MOMENT before all hell breaks loose.

Finally, the heart breaking Revelation left me speechless and restless just like Maan. I don’t think I ever cried over two fictional characters, but that night I did and I am sure many others did too.

Today on behalf of Rangmunch.TV, I would like to thank Irshad Kamil for writing the lyrics of Pee Loon, the MAKERS of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi for giving us the beautiful and mesmerising “Pee Loon Moment” and “Maaneet” for making us Live and Re-Live this moment over and over again, even today.    

Pee loon mein dhere dhere jalne ka yeh gham pee loon, 
in gore gore haathon se hum dum pee loon, hai pee ne ka mausum…..
Tere sang ishq tari hai, tere sang ek ghumari hai, 
tere sang chain bhi mujhko, tere sang bekarari hai…..

Swati Ghosh


  1. I loveeee that sequence too!!
    Maneet song sequences are the best whether its kurbaan hua,pee loon or jab koi baat bigar jaye!
    Every song played on them are in my favourite list!

    Gurti/maneet rocksss!!

  2. sab kuchh yaad dila diya, yes we were so tenced, but that eve n songs gurti express in best way havnot seen originalsong till date for me thissong is picturise on maneet.

  3. whichever songs video is made on them that song becomes my favourite.

  4. each and every song including peeloon picturised on maneet have become as favourites!!!!such is their chemistry that every song looks perfect on them!!!!!!!natural performers!!!!!!!!!!both perfectionists!!!!!!!!!drashti and gurmeet!!!!!!!!!!!kudos to them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pee Loon, Kurban Hua, Maula mera, All these songs and many, many more all mean something to Maaneet fans. We no longer see the Bollywoood stars they were originally picturised for, we only see Maan and his Geet when we hear these songs!! This is the total Jadu of Geet GHSP. Swati thanks for reminding us all of that Pee Loon moment when we thought his Naashili ankhee ne Geet ko totally Pee liya ;)))

  6. me too we love love the song sequence sizzler yar love it so sensuous
    fan rukhsana

  7. i so agree with you Swati .... i too have not cottoned on with Imran Hashmi .. while the song seemed good it was not extraordinary ... while all credit goes to the leads of Geet for being such exemplary actors ... one must take a moment to commend the director & whole creative team of Geet ... they have the best song selection ever ... & Nissar must surely direct songs for some gr8 directors ... his interpretation of songs is simply mind blowing .... o Saathi re & bekara have seriously been rediscovered by us ... & the dabang team must see his version of "Tere mast mast do Nain" & equate it with the mockery they made in their magnum opus ....

    Congrats !!!!! hope to see more such moments on Geet

  8. wowowowoow i love the way u express all maneetains emotion i still remember that was chand raat n next day will be eid ul fitar n i was continuously thinking abt maneet n i watch it repaet on afternoon at that time they repeat whole week epi on sat afternoon n on eid day i was watching the whole week epi n my family said u r crazy lol but i love my craziness

  9. wow.....great post.hope one day B'town people will see their own songs picturised on Maneet.....sure they will b their fans...

  10. Nice artical sab kuchh yaad dila diya, i like the way u express all maaneetains emotion. thank u

  11. I loved this song sequnce of Maaneet very much It is very beautiful loved it very very much love u Maaneet very much

  12. I watched pee loon,kurbaan hua hundred of times.. and still whenever get time i prefer to watch those old episodes ..
    each song picturised on maaneet are now became my personal fav.. they create such magic that even ordinary songs also become more melodious...

  13. true...
    same iz wid me...
    evrytym i listen 2 d song...maaneet r alwyz dere in my mind..

  14. Swati.........awesome writeup and tribute.........every song picturized on maan and geet would no longer exist outside of them..........aaah of the days when I cried for maan and geet.........I was heart broken beyond repair for their helplessness.......probably that day I hated dev the most..........but then probably that day also began the love affair with the character MSK..........I never looked back until this moment where inspite of every single bad situation this love has been constant.....the day also was the beginning of the dream called MSK......somewhere from that day he was going to become un-fathomable for all of us.....from that no man was good enough.....thank u for bringing back my memories and my love for msk

  15. wowww loved ur writing... it took me back to that day... I was not a FB person then... I used to be in orkut n I remember that day I did not go on line cz I did not want to know any thing before d epi... n I was biting my lips in tension n then pee loo seq started n MAANEET romance took over my heart n mind ... I felt d same .. let them have their moment n let Geet feel Maan's love for once at least ... n at d end I was sad but happy at least Maan came to know every thing form Geet n none else
    ... Sayanee Gupta

  16. Swati..
    what a wonderful ...heart touching write -up.
    U brought tears in my eyes.
    I know exactly what you are talking about...Just the other day I had the shock of my life(not a very pleasant one)when I saw this wonderful song in TV...the original EH version.Could not digest's so difficult to visualize any one else in this song.
    Somehow I did not have any idea whose song it was once I saw it in GHSP on 10th Sep 2010.Did not even want to find out..
    Actually..the original actors of all the songs that have been used on Maaneet have been super imposed in our hearts by GC and DD forever and ever.
    Those were the days...when each and every day Maaneet made us laugh..cry..and dream with them....
    It would have been so great if that dream could have continued for an that the dream is over ..I guess...we just have these bittersweet Nostalgic memories to hold on to.

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