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With Diwali celebrations finally ending, Rangmunch.TV brings to you a quick recap of your favourite shows during the week.

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi (Star One): Love can make you win Life’s greatest battles and Geet is one fortunate girl who is blessed with a husband like Maan who not only makes life so blissful but also gives her the strength to face life’s hurdles. However, Maan goes to London for a business deal, leaving behind his Geet with an unsaid promise that he would soon return to be back in her arms. As the new promo suggests the coming of the unknown, we only hope that Maaneet’s love once again withstands this test of time.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai (Sony): Ram unknowingly has started to make way into Priya’s heart with his humble nature and kind gestures. But where there is Ram, Ravan cannot be too far away. So this week we saw a new addition to the Ravan Association, Priya’s ex-boyfriend Ashwin. Whether Siddharth succeeds in using Ashwin to create a rift between Ram and Priya to settle his scores with Priya is something that viewers need to wait and watch!!

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Star Plus): While Khushi’s heart continues to say “Dhak Dhak Go” in Arnav’s presence, Arnav’s heart freezed the moment he heard about Khushi’s marriage. Anjali accidentally gifting Khushi the red colour saree for Diwali only goes to show that Destiny is playing its cards well to bond these two lovebirds. What’s needed is Khushi and Arnav realizing that the magnetic force that pulls them to each other is nothing but “Love” and give us audience the most awaited Eureka Moment! The pre-cap might be yet another hit and miss case between Shyaam and Khushi or the writers may pleasantly surprise us. So fingers crossed!

Phulwa (Colors): Never read the book by its cover. Phulwa is deceived by the only Man she dared to trust and love. Least did she know that Shatrugan whom she considered to be her confidante was none other than ACP Abhay and the son of her greatest enemy. Phulwa and her entire gang are devastated by this shocking revelation. However, Phulwa’s lawyer Roshni, has now come in as a “ray of hope.” Will she succeed in restoring Phulwa’s faith in humanity and get her justice is a later story, but for now, it is evident that Roshni is no longer going to allow ACP Abhay to manipulate Phulwa. It was nice to see Rakshanda Khan back on small screen essaying the role of Roshni.

Choti Bahu (Zee): God always makes one pay for his/her sins. While Barkha thinks that, she has eventually cracked the Radhika puzzle and has found out her real identity, least does she know that she is digging her own grave from where there would be no return. It’s really interesting the way “GOD” who is disguised as Radhika, ruins every move of Barkha and instigates her further to react.

Navya (Star Plus): Love ke liye saala kuch bhi karega! Yes this is Anant’s motto in life these days. Anant knowing the financial condition of Navya’s father decides to help him without his knowledge. So he cooks up a plan with Navya wherein he tries to portray irresponsible behaviour before his family and gives them the impression that he probably needs more time to understand the seriousness of marriage and indirectly compel them to postpone their wedding. While Anant and Navya have succeeded in their plans to a large extent, but the Friday’s episode ended at a cliffhanger where the audiences are still guessing if the marriage will happen as planned or will the Vajpayee family fall prey to Anant and Navya’s plan and unknowingly ease the pressure off Navya’s father who has also lost his job.
Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (Sony): While the rain unmasked Dr. Ashutosh, Nidhi was amazed to catch a glimpse of the real Man behind the mask. At that point in time he was no different from her. He too enjoyed the rains, his heart also craved for “adrak wali chai” after getting drenched. Nidhi realized that Dr. Ashutosh is not the man he portrays to be. She informs Dr. Ashutosh about her holiday trip abroad with her father for a month. Is Mr. Sukhani, her father’s partner, scheming against Nidhi’s father by taking his signatures on blank cheques? The pre-cap showed Dr. Ranganath informing Nidhi about Dr. Ashutosh’s illness. Will Nidhi’s heart permit her to leave without meeting Dr. Ashutosh? We hope Dr. Ashutosh reads Nidhi’s “Nainon ki Bhasha” way before Dr. Mallika does.

Hawan (Colors):  To keep the fire burning, one needs to add loads of ghee to it. In Hawan this week, we saw the entry of a new character called Keerat. Keerat is now doing the job of the much-required ghee, trying to create complication in Atharva and Aastha’s life. With the Badi Bahu already trying to mess things up, we now have a fauji who has already started to sow seeds of doubt in Atharva’s mind. The authority with which he announces his arrival leaves all baffled. The coming week will see the unveiling of Keerat’s true colours. Will Atharva manage to save his lady in distress without maligning Baapji’s name? Viewers will just have to wait patiently for Monday to come.

Swati Ghosh


  1. Twist comes in Maneet life but they Face it vvvvvvvvvvvv Well with the Power of thier LUV which is the Biggest Power in the World.........


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