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Saas Bina Sasuraal(SONY TV)

With Tej wanting to start his own shop, and Toasty not very approving of the same against his own family, will we see another rift in the household? Chedi agrees to the offer, and tells him he will give him a place to set up the business, but will not help him financially. Tej on the other hand is confident he will be able to make it on his own. Will he be? We will know soon.

Kuch to Log Kahenge (SONY TV)

Was Dr.Ashutosh's tie landing in Nidhi's hands a stroke of destiny? Is this a hint that their lives are now intertwined with one another. It would be interesting to watch how their paths cross yet again. Unknowingly something has sparked the flame off between Nidhi and Ashutosh, and we know Nidhi has to eventually come back. How else is her heart going to echo Saiyan Naino ki Bhasha Samjhey na yet again...

Is Pyar Ko... Kya Naam Doon? (Star Plus)

With Shyam trying to kill Shashi, since he now knows the former is married, the story has taken an interesting turn. Unknown to Shyam, his threat is more from his own brother-in-law, who has slowly started feeling something for Khushi.In the week that went by, we saw how both these men, proved they can go to any lengths for the woman they love! The pre-cap has promised a hug between Arnav and Khushi. We only hope it doesn't turn out to be a dream and we also pray Babuji shows Shyam's true face to the world!

Navya (Star Plus)

Anant and Navya are now engaged, and they find themselves in a totally new awkward world. They are the same, but the circumstances around them might change. With Navya fasting for Anant, she has already started following the duties of a wife to be. With the marriage process expedited, will all be well in Anant and Navy√°'s world?

While we are at it, we would like to wish Soumya Seth aka Navya a very Happy Birthday from Rangmunch !

Humse Hai Liife (Channel V)

With the revelation that Sia indeed is the she boxer that Raghav has been wanting to know of, all these days, and a lot tension building up post the mobile phone stealing fiasco, this indeed is an interesting week ahead for Humse Hai Liife. Coach, is brutal, and Sia doesn't get to know why, and the rest of the students around her don't help either. How will Sia cope with the Elite's this week?

Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein (Star One)

StarOne's Dhoond Legi Manzil Hume wrapped up last friday, with Chander returning leaving Alka elated. The show started off as the journey of Alka from not wanting to embrace politics to becoming a leader eventually. Her lover Chander, whom she presumes to be dead until the last episode, also is instrumental in her journey, in making her who she is. With the story wrapping up, we would like to congratulate the entire team for making an effort in attempting something that was totally of a different genre.

Compiled by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. iss pyar is same usual story, we seen so many time in hindi movies, the father comes to know but suffers heart attck , twist will be when news is exposed then the story will be more intresting.I don't know how can anjali be happy when her husband is never with her. she should send some private detective. Don't know how her whole family is normal about this. I don know how khushi can endure all those insults, in real life there is something call self respect. Just mix a bit of bollywood masala and mills and boons romance and u have iss pyar. nothing new better to watch kuch to log or doop kinare

  2. ^^ haha okay lol i am from pakistan and we alreday know full of ktlk story becoz of dhoop kinaare.. man why do these shows make copies of these?!
    for me, ipk is doing really gr8 as its a fresh take on an old concept and i am addcited to the story line.. throw in some class acting by leads and this show is in top 5 i herad? cool! back here, ppl love it too..
    thanx for the write up..
    anticipating the first ever hug..loving barun! such a hottiee ufff :P
    looking frward to this track!!

  3. Plz koi iss barun ko thoda acting and kaisa expression dena hain sikha do.He is an pathetic acto.Sometimes i fell he needs a scrub bath too.I love ktlh.Its really good.

  4. here we go again....thnks atleast u took ur precious time to see his dont u teach i guess u r expert in dat..well abt barun acting everybody knws how excellent he is...

  5. thanks hope sham turth is out soon
    waiting for anant to knw tht navya has kept fast for him

  6. after watching ktlk, i watched dhoop kinare on youtube, just loved zoya, uski papa, faasi , oh i forgot i loved everyone in dhoop kinare. have finished watching all the part in youtube. i think dk is much better and it was a treat watching it. currently like bade ache... priya and ram kapoor, too good.

  7. exactly barun can act amazingly well...n past two weeks de guy has evolved as anctor..n as far as de others go.. i knw one idiot of an actor whose graph is goin down n down..n tht guy has just one expression on his face all de time points for guessing..but its one n only mr expressionless gurmeet...he needs actin lessons badly...sum of his fans can finance his actin classes

  8. guys these articles are not made for bashing so please stop bashing the actors/actresses.... i think all actors are doing justice to their characters..

  9. come back soon sara


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