Must Watch: Prayashchit: Gunaho Ke Zakhm!!

The upcoming episode of "Prayashchit, Gunahon Ke Zakhm" has Shivaji Salunkhe.

A simple small-town man Shivaji Salunkhe from Dhule, Maharashtra, burnt and killed his wife out of suspicion and in a moment of rage. 

In the darkest hour in jail, Shivaji reached a point where he was consumed by suicidal thoughts. He picked up a pen to vent his angst and pain, and poetry was born. His guilt and repentance made him a poet. He started exchanging soulful letters of hope and beauty with his daughter who was growing in an orphanage. His poetry reached other tormented souls, inspired them and gave some peace to Shivaji. His daughter grew into a beautiful person and a capable lawyer. Shivaji got released in 2010. 

Today he conducts a 14 minute anger management workshop with an idea that if one can control ones anger for those 14 minutes, one can avoid a life imprisonment of 14 years of shame and guilt.

So catch Prayashchit: Gunaho ke Zakhm on Friday at 9:00pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Edited by:

Swati Ghosh


  1. I watched today's episode. It was mix of emotions and inspirations(In fact my English is not good to find out proper word to be used here..sorry for that). I was shaken up to root of my heart. One thing I definitely learnt that it's your life .. You are free to live as you like .. but in the end you should feel some proud by the way you lived it .. If you are not able to make yourself content, satisfied and happy..forget that you can do it for others, be it your parents, children ..anyone. .. Jai Hind.

  2. Rangmunch, Swati, fabulous write-up. So transparent your words and well-analyzed, that now there is a reason for me to watch the show.
    Cheers. Al.


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