Make a Pitch- Bloomberg UTV's Biggest Business Reality Show!!

Tune in to 'The Pitch' @Bloomberg UTV for India's Biggest Business Reality Show

Hola folks!

Now ye' all who are slumbering, WAKE UP and get your entries in to "THE PITCH" before 11 pm IST,  23rd October 2011 for all your new and existing ideas of business ventures, so that angel investors may find merit with them and make you the offer that you can't refuse for INR 5 Cr. seed/venture or operating capital into your business.

India's best and BIGGEST BUSINESS REALITY SHOW is here up for grabs to those enterprising young men and women who all wanna become the next Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Steve Jobs or closer home our own Vikram Lal, Anand Mahendroo, or some of the YOUNG TURKS of business who are challenging the current business paradigms and are carving out a niche for themselves in the business space. Who knows we might see the next Sunil Mittal or the next Kiran Majumdar Shaw emerge out of the idiot box rather than from any Harvard or some boardroom.

Get on to your computers,laptops, iPads, iPhones, and the Samsung GALAXY Tab and get on to this site yourMONEYsite ( and PITCH in a 360-degree perspective on the key elements of your proposed/existing business.

Help them understand your business proposition completely, clearly and quickly in a well-structured concise form. Your responses should be as de-jargonized as possible to aid them quickly evaluation and minimize the scope for confusion.

A jury comprising of highly renowned professionals will shortlist the participants who will be called to make their elevator pitches in Mumbai. The jury and angel investors will closely evaluate these shortlisted aspirants not only on the merit of their business pitches, but also on their individual brilliance and identify the finalists who will appear on Season 2 of THE PITCH. 

In this quest for excellence, the aspirants face challenges thrown to them by some of India's most prominent business leaders. Each week on a fresh episode, a new business leader will design and assign tasks to the participants. The tasks will challenge the aspirants on the most critical skills required to be a successful entrepreneur and by eliminating the weakest performer, narrow down to the most competent and deserving aspirant who goes on to receive the funding of up to Rs. 5crores from the investors to start their business. 

In its first season, from the thousands of aspirants who sent their business plans, around a 100 entrepreneurs made the cut to present their elevator pitch before the grand jury comprising Vishal Gondal of Indiagames, Alok Kejriwal of Media2win, Manish Saigal from KPMG and the anchor of the show. Only 12 finally made it to the inaugural season of The Pitch. 

These 12 entrepreneurs faced icons like Rahul Bajaj, Kishore Biyani, Naina Lal Kidwai, R Gopalakrishnan, Niranjan Hiranandani, Hari & Shyam Bratia among others, performing the assigned tasks to the best of their ability making their way to the grand finale in Kolkata with YC Deveshwar. Rising to the challenge, Shreyas P Srinivas went on to impress the Chairman of ITC Ltd. with his growth recommendations for the e-choupal initiative, to emerge the victor in Season 1 of The Pitch. 

The scene is set for a comeback of the biggest, toughest, smartest business reality show on Indian Television – THE PITCH. The stakes are higher and the plot tougher than before. If you think entrepreneurship is fueled by hunger - this season you'll meet some of the hungriest young entrepreneurs of India! To have a dream, to create a new reality and if you have the faith to rewrite your future… enter India's Biggest Business Reality Show and seize the opportunity to realize your dreams!

Important Dates - Tentative Schedule

Call for Entry closes                                 23rd October 2011
Elevator Pitch shortlist Announcement 26th October 2011
Elevator Pitch sessions in Mumbai 28th & 29th October 2011
Finalists Annoncement 31st October 2011
Shoot commences 1st November 2011

~ 10 Icons   |  10 Entrepreneurs  |  1 Winner ~

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