Kuch Toh Log Kahenge: First Day, First Feel!

Nostalgia. Emotions. Loads of them.That was the very first thing I felt as I watched Kuch Toh Log Kahenge  as it finally aired after a series of promos that depicted the love story of a slightly Dr. Ashutosh and young bubbly Dr. Nidhi Verma. 

Ashutosh is standing outside a Bunglow, reminiscing his childhood and the days spent there. While you know he is holding back alot of emotions, the later part of the episode smoothly shifts to the Verma household where Nidhi, a young medical student all of us can relate to is shown praying to Hanuman ji. Nothing out of the box so far, yet a connect is established. You know their pasts perhaps are inter-locked and you know this will surely have a bearing on their future as well. As Nidhi, hopes she would not pass, as she is unsure of what future holds for her, you relate to her nervousness as well as the dilemma of taking up something that has lesser responsibility. It is a good mix of emotions. You see a strong contrast of what she wants to do and what she ends up doing. You also understand, she is trying to rebel, but eventually gives in. Her rapport with her family and friend who wants to be a designer, makes her more lovable and desirable as the episode progresses. 

In strong contrast there is melancholy when ever Ashutosh appears on screen for whatever little time you get to see him. He has been deprived of a house he has grown up in, and he is driven to possess and own it, since he feels it rightfully belongs to him. He is a doctor by profession and a well established one at that. As his kaka, who has been with him through his ups and downs pleads him to sleep as its way past bed time, Ashutosh responds cynically "Raat Sabke muqaddar main hota hai .... neend sabke muqaddar main nahi ..!!" .... you get a peek into the restless soul inside him that has deprived him of his peace of mind and his nights sleep right then. 

You also learn how Nidhi is living her mother's dream and she would always abide by her. She is a pampered child but she doesn't get to throw tantrums beyond a point. As she gets into the car, to take up her job as an intern, she reflects over what fate has in store for her. She is not just Nidhi an ordinary girl anymore, she is now Dr.Nidhi Verma, and she knows it is a huge responsiblity. Is she prepared to take it? Will she succeed? Slow self-esteem resides in all of us, but the reflection of the same makes the emotion relate able. Thats is what you feel when you watch Nidhi. You want to hug her and tell her, it will be fine, you can see it in her eyes! You know she will make it.

Once she has given into destiny, the mighty power that drives the universe begins to play its game right away. Their very first confrontation happens, in true TV soap style where their cars almost dash against one another. What was interesting to note was that the cars dont bang into one another but they stop just in time. They don't touch.While Nidhi is the spit fire, Ashutosh chooses to resolve it calmly and is apologetic. 

The episode ends on a note that, tomorrow would be the day Nidhi discovers she has taken pungas with her boss! Their story has already begun without either of them realizing it.

The first episode had such a good feel, that time just flew while it was aired. The characters on the show seem to be well defined and distinct whether it is the father, the kaka or even the cook at home, who you know wants to do much more than what he is already doing. Some scenes shake you from within like the moment where Nidhi agrees to be a doctor when her father reminds her how it was her mother's dream. 

For a first episode, there was alot that happened and the Story writer Kamlesh Pandey has made sure he has done justice to all the characters in terms of what they have to portray later in the story. When you watch the show, you get a feeling that you know all the characters already, but you still want to sit and watch it since the smooth execution is visually appealing as well as captivating. Kudos to Director Mandhar Devsthali for making an impact. Though the story carries the pressure and the expectations of a hit show, it still looks promising.

After having made a good start, we only hope the show continues to keep up its tempo in the coming episodes. Needless to say Kritika Kamra sans the nose ring and Monish Behl who has already played a doctor in Sanjeevani and Dill Mill Gaaye fit into their new roles with great ease! We warmly welcome yet another love story into the world of TV and wish them all the very best during its run!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Rangmunch, Nihu, great analysis. My first day of reading gives me an idea of a nondescript yet piercingly convincing start to the story and the characters as nonchalant as can be, each in their own life devolutions, a destiny that carries the 2 powerful characters own-wards. Good starters to watch the serial.
    Cheers. Al.


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