Kuch Meetha,Thodi Yaari.. Dher Saari Khushi.. Iss Diwali...!! Happy Diwali!!

On the occasion of Diwali, Rangmunch.TV chooses to take you down the memory lane! This time, into the world of another form of entertainment, education and innovation!

Most channels and shows, run on TRPS, and we often wonder what these three big words mean! Well, we will not get into explaining that to you for now, but would like to surely tell you, the TRPs of a show, have a direct connection to the ads aired during that show....So this time around don't fail to see what kind of ads air during the course of your favorite show !!!!

Ad-film makers are creators in themselves, as they hold the challenge of telling a story in less than a minute!! Over the years, ad-film makers have outdone themselves especially during the time of Diwali airing thought provoking, emotion-invoking ads. We at Rangmunch decided it was a good time for you to smile as you take a look at them and reflect once more!

Lets go a few years back, and remember the little child who decides to walk away from home since he is upset with his family ... A plate of Dhara oil Jalebi's is all it takes to lure him back ! Years later, he has a competitor in Khushi Kumari Gupta of Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon, who loves gorging on Jalebis the same way !!!

During your years of growing up, your friends form an integral part of your life. Friends sometimes come in and go as you live through the phases of School, College and work .. The memories you make as you go along, are associated with the place and time spent!! This Diwali, Coke aired an ad, that pays tribute to all those things that have been instrumental in making friendships what they are and cementing them !!! A heart touching short tale that is sure to get you moist eyed! Thinking of the TV Land, the only bunch that comes close to being a part of this ad are Anant, Navya and their bunch of College friends !!!

Are we fast moving into a world where we have no time for the very people we love and care for? Does work tie us down so much that and obligate us to take them for granted? Do adopt a casual attitude towards people who are much older and expect them to relate to our mechanical ways? In the days of Facebook and Blackberry Messengers, do we disconnect with our parents and elders because we cant relate to them anymore? 

Cadbury,brings in a heart touching mini tale between a mother and working son! This one surely did get Rangmunch teary eyed and made us go through a guilt trip as well, at the number of times we get annoyed when our mothers don't understand what saving a file means or when our grandfather's innocently, yet enthusiastically want to know what internet is all about ...I miss my grandad alot, for he always taught me as long as he was around.. This ad is for all those dear ones we love, but don't care to give enough time...Our TV Land has always inculcated strong value systems, and we unfortunately cant think of anyone who has dared to misbehave or stray at this point in time ! So kudos to the same !!!

Today film stars, also promote their movies through advertisements, and the king Khan Shahrukh is no different. He picks his nerolac ad, as the best choice to promote his Diwali release RaOne. Whether this will lead to an increase in the sale of paints or draw people to watch the movie in the theaters is something that only time will tell ...


There is a tradition of buying gold and jewellery during the time of Diwali's Dhanteras as a mark of prosperity and luck! As Preity Zinta advertises for D'Damas, a perfect Television Counter Part for the same could be our dear Mami ji from Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon, who loves adorning herself with an entire jewellery store if the need arises!!!

Before we sign off and allow you to celebrate your day with your family and loved ones, we wish you a very happy Diwali, and hope that you have a prosperous year ahead! May there be celebrations, grandeur  lighting and joy not just today but in the entire year to come !!! The LG ad promises just that and more ..The Yeh Rishta Kya Keh Laata hai family is a perfect choice to air this ad since they believe in celebrating life as a whole!!

A very very Happy Diwali from the Entire Rangmunch Team !!!

Edited by,
Niharika Vidya Sagar


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