Its a century for Iss Pyaar Ko... Kya Naam Doon !!

Rangmunch.TV, wishes the entire team of Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon  heartiest congratulations on completing 100 EPISODES. On touching their first milestone, we decided it was a good time to wish them and also hear what they have to say on this occasion!! We caught the cast and crew a midst their shoots and busy schedules, but they didn't fail to share their joy and excitement...

Akshay Dogra (Aakash): "We are totally overwhelmed with all the love and adoration fans have showered on us . We at IPPKND  put in a lot of effort daily and its really good to see that it's been appreciated.We are a great bunch of people who have enjoyed every moment being part of this show and  it feels great to have completed 100 episodes. I personally love the scenes between the  brother and sister (Arnav and Anjali).There is great energy on the set when the whole  family shoots. I have great fun shooting with Daljeet and Barun". On  the current Payal-Aakash track , Akshay says "The love story is on a uphill mode where he has to defy his mother time and again. Aakash  does stand up for his love but will see a little tension and problem here and there, but in the end Love will conquer." If Akshay has to sum up himself  in one word"carefree" is the word he uses and for Aakash its "careful" (says laughingly).

Hrishikesh Gandhi (Director of Photography of IPKKND): "We thank all our viewers for giving us such good response and will continue to entertain you all." He further goes on to say that he loved filming thedargah song sequence between Arnav and Khushi and also enjoyed shooting of the first maha episode where Khushi gets stuck in the building.

Sana Khan(Lavanya): "I'm proud of being a part of this show and love every bit of the role I am playing." Sana was quick to say that she loved the pimple scene, which she shot recently. The kids called her the  pimple waali aunty which was fun. She further adds "I enjoy shooting with Mami. Its crazy when we shoot scenes together.All the cast on the show also say that I'm the perfect choice for La. My mom watches the show regularly as I'm in it and she gets totally excited about seeing me on screen. However, I haven't managed to get my friends hooked onto it, as they are are not the TV watching kinds." 

Deepali Pansare (Payal): "I would like to thank our viewers for their love and support. Its the collective effort of IPKKND team and it feels great when people appreciate your work. I hope we cross 2000 episodes with rising TRP's."

Lalit Mohan (Director of IPKKND): "By the grace of God today we are completing 100 episodes of Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon. This is nothing but a result of the hard work , sincerity and dedication the entire cast and crew has shown towards the show. At this point in time, we would like to especially thank our ever loyal and wonderful audience who have made this journey so beautiful. As I look back, I can only smile and say'. Iss Journey ko main kya naam doon?"

Barun Sobti: "Yippie!!!!!! 100 ..!!!!! Thats all I have to say" '. (runs back to give his shot)

Hitesh (Dialogue Writer of IPKKND): "Thanks for the best wishes. My message would be in Mami style..."Top floor waale bhagwaan se pray karat hain ki audiencewa bas aisan hi tik-tiki lagaayi ke watchiyaate rahe...kaahey ki abhi toh only century maare hain...double triple century toh abhi baaki hai...Hallo hi bye bye."

Sanaya Irani (Khushi Kumari Gupta): "I would like to congratulate my entire team right from bottom to top. Like you know this is a result of team work that you get to see what you do on screen. We have successfully completed 100 episodes and things are only getting better, which means all of us have passed (laughs).Obviously there is so much more to come. Touchwood to that. On asking her about her liking for Jalebis in real she laughs and says ' "I like jalebis, but not the ones I have to eat on the sets. However I have now learnt to make proper shaped jalebis.

Fans, thank you to all. I promise there is loads of nice stuff to coming your way. Always remember, you guys will be the ones instrumental in touching the next milestone. So keep watching."

Arshad Khan (Director): "I would like to congratulate the entire team on completing 100 episodes. I remember the first sequence I shot on this show was the rain sequence between Barun and Sanaya, and ever since then I have enjoyed everything I have worked in this show. I wish everyone a happy 100 Episodes and hope there are more to come since this just the beginning.

Aabha Parmar (Buaji): "Jaye ho NandaKisor aaj aap ki daya se 100 kadam chal liye. Dua karo ki in kadmo ka silsila 1000 tak pachunche. Wow Is Pyar ko Kya Naam Doon ke poore pariwar ke taraf se sabhi darshako aur Rangmunch ke pathako ko hardhik dhanyawad, badhayiyan. Umeed hai sabka pyar apni buaji aur unke pariwar par aise hi barista rahega. Thank you so much." (By the grace of God we have completed 100 episodes successfully and hope to complete 1000 someday. From the entire team of IPK, we would like to thank all the readers of Rangmunch and our viewers for loving and supporting us and  hope that you all will continue to shower your love on Buaji and her family at all times).

Abhaas Mehta (Shyam): "On this day we celebrate 100 episodes of our show Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon. On this occasion, on behalf of the entire cast and crew I would like to thank all the viewers in India and across the world in helping us achieve this feat. It is your love and support that has helped us get here. I hope you will continue to do so in order for us to reach many more milestones. Thank you so much and love you all."

Rajesh Chaddha (Producer, Panglosean Entertainment): "I would like to thank all the viewers for all the appreciation they have given this show. It's a great achievement for all of us. Actually since I came on board, it's been the fastest show to become No.2 in 100 episodes. I would like to thank the viewers for accepting the lead pair and their story. The freshness in the story is only because of the brilliant team we have. I really appreciate the hard-work the actors, the writers, the camera men and spot boys have put in. I sincerely thank all."

Utkarsha Naik (Mami-ji): "There is just one thing I want to say. Whenever you want to achieve something in life badly, just think you have already got it. It helps you get it eventually. Is Pyaar is a very different show. I call it Sholay on TV, with so many characters, so much variety. All of us have worked really hard towards this and are glad we are so well accepted and loved. Whenever I hear people say such wonderful things about my character, I feel thrilled. In fact many people from the industry have also been pleasantly surprised at this role I have picked up. I hope we achieve more in the days to come."

We too at Rangmunch feel proud that we are associated with this show and wish it goes on to complete 200 episodes and many more in the days to come!!!

With Best Wishes,

Rangmunch Team


  1. *Congo* to the entire team for giving this entertaining youthful happy family based show to the viewers, we are enjoying each and every character.. love ArHi..

    thanks for the article


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