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Devyani, A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, is one of the main reasons people watch and relate to Maryada-Lekin Kab Tak. Indrani Haldar has been  beautifully portraying the role of Devyani and today we talk to her about her character in Maryada.

Rangmunch.TV: Devyani as a character has many layers. She is an ideal wife, an ideal Bahu, an ideal sister and above all an ideal mother. However in trying to protect Gaurav from any kind of  humiliation and embarrassment, she gets him married to Vidya. What is Devyani’s justification in doing so and ruining Vidya’s life?

Indrani: As you rightly mentioned, Devyani is a protective mother who is always concerned about her children’s well-being and will go to any extent to ensure that. That is exactly why she got Gaurav married to Vidya. She thought if a girl were to come into her son’s life, he would eventually get attracted to her and change his ways. She wanted to see Gaurav act and react like any other normal guy. She also helped and mentored Vidya to be a perfect wife. However all her efforts turned futile as Gaurav refused to accept Vidya as his wife.

At the moment, Devyani is definitely feeling guilty and miserable for ruining Vidya’s life and putting her through so much pain and trauma. Devyani  understands what she has done is wrong and wants to rectify her mistakes and promises Vidya that from here on she will not be forced to do anything against her will. Devyani is trying to heal Vidya’s bruised soul.

Rangmunch.TV: In the current track we are witnessing  Uttara slowly making her way between Devyani and Bharmanand. What plays in Devyani’s mind everytime she sees Uttara and her husband, Brahmanand Jhakar together and how would she like to address this issue?

Indrani: Yes , Uttara is turning into a Souten(the other woman) as a result of which Devyani even passes a remark saying “Souten banne ki koshish mat karo, behen ho, behen ban kar raho.”( don't try to become the other woman in my life, you are my sister, stay that way). But at the same time, Devyani loves Uttara immensely and holds a soft corner for her since Uttara has faced a lot of hardships in her marriage with Rishabh whom she eventually killed to save herself from physical assault.

Devyani cannot show the door to Uttara because in that case she would be out of her sight and Brahmanand will have the liberty to fulfill all his desires and fantasies unhindered. So at the moment Devyani is trying to make Uttara realize  what she is doing is wrong . Devyani also knows what  Brahmanand is capable of and how he has been exploiting her sister, but whats more frustrating is that Uttara can’t see through it and is falling prey to his wrong intentions.

In the recent episodes, Devyani is shown playing mind games with both Uttara and Brahmanand. She has no other choice but to hurt Uttara in order to let her know what she is doing is wrong and that she is falling into this dark dingy tunnel which has no light at the end. However, in doing so Devyani is not happy since she is hurting and humiliating Uttara in the process. But she cannot let her husband ruin the life of her dear sister, so Devyani will go to any extent to protect Uttara even if it means painting herself completely black.

Rangmunch.TV: Devyani believes that silence is not a sign of weakness but it is a sign of strength. As Indrani do you believe in the same theory?

Indrani: Well, I do believe that sometimes one should stay silent .Not all the time, but yes there are times when silence becomes the need of the hour. If I’m hurt over something, I would keep silent. My silence more than often indicates pain.

Rangmunch.TV: How much of Devyani, has Indrani absorbed over the days?

Indrani: Not much!! (says smiling). Unlike Devyani, I’m independent, extremely confident and very ambitious too. I have been working since the age of 14 and this is is my 25th year in acting. I have never taken any help from my parents and the success that I enjoy today is the reward of my sheer hard work. I am also very vocal about the way I feel about things that happen around me and do speak up when there is a dire need to be heard. Also my husband Mr. Bhaskar who works for Air India, is my greatest pillar of strength. He immensely respects me and my work. Without his support and encouragement I could not have continued with my career.

The only similarity that I share with Devyani is the love we share for our family, our urge to be together and to share a closely knitted bond. The way Devyani has amazing tolerance power, same is the case with me. I don’t take decisions in a haste and try to be patient when faced with a problem.

Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh &
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Edited by:
Navyanka Varma


  1. She is a brilliant actress , Proud to say that she is bengali and me too


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