I, Me, Myself! - Harshad Chopra

We are back again this week, with our I, Me, Myself! A segment where your favourite actors look into their psyche and answer some questions that they haven't perhaps asked themselves as well in a while !!! The star we have picked this time is Harshad Chopra, your Mohan Gala from Dharampatni on Imagine TV, who answered the questions spontaneously as he felt that's when he gives in his best ! Over to Harshad... 

  1. Rangmunch.TV: What is that you need to change about yourself?

    Harshad: I think I am very hard on myself. I follow a very strict discipline 
    when it comes to me and myself. May be if there is one thing that I need to 
    change it could be that.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you crib and complain?

    Harshad: No, I don’t complain much.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you take risks?

    Harshad: What seems like a risk to others has fortunately not been a risk in
    my case. Risks have always worked in my favour. So I don’t know, if it 
    counts as taking risks since, when you want to do something badly following 
    the path you want and doing it becomes easier.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you thank people enough?

    Harshad: Yes, I do.

    Rangmunch.TV: What is the craziest thing you want to do?

    Harshad: I can’t tell you what is the craziest thing I want to do, but I can 
    tell you what's the craziest thing I have done so far, (continues after a 
    slight pause and says) I stole something and the person is still unaware.

    Rangmunch.TV: Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

    Harshad: Somewhere at the back of my mind I always knew I wanted to 
    be an actor. And a lot of people have impacted me, but if I can think of one 
    name it would be Salman Khan. I look upto him as my Mentor.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you procrastinate (postpone things for the future)?

    Harshad: Well more than often (laughs). Infact there was a time when due 
    to the work timings, my bill payments use to keep getting delayed, be it my 
    mobile bill, the internet bill but thanks to technology and online bill 
    payments which has made life so much more simpler and easy for people 
    like us. 

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you let other people’s negativity effect you?

    Harshad: No, instead I have heard most people say, that I end up lifting 
    their moods up and turning them into positive souls (laughs).

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you smile more than you frown?

    Harshad: Well as you can see for yourself, I do smile more than I frown.
    (smiles wide)

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you take time out for yourself?

    Harshad: To be honest I am a workaholic and when I am not shooting I like 
    to stay home. I am not a party animal and hence you will not see me 
    attending too many parties. After my pack up, I go back home and spend the 
    remaining hours with myself. I love working out and I owe that time to 

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you forgive yourself easily?

    Harshad: No, I am very hard on myself and self-discipline is most important 
    to me.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you listen to your heart?

    Harshad: Since more than often I am unable to know the difference between 
    what my heart says and what my head does, I don’t know how to answer 
    this question best.

    Rangmunch.TV: Do you read enough?

    Harshad: (laughs and says) I only read my scripts.

    Rangmunch.TV: One thing you are grateful for in life.

    Harshad: Everything!! I am grateful for everything that life has bestowed 
    upon me.

    Do you feel you know Harshad better after this read ? Do let us know what 
    you thought about this particular interview!

    Interviewed and Edited by,

    Niharika Vidya Sagar &
    Swati Ghosh


  1. Lovely Interview! Loved the different questions and the smart answers for those!

    Thanks a ton for this interview!

    Harshad Rocks and Will always be loved by his fans!

  2. Thankkkkkkkkk youuuuuuu sooo Much For HC interview.
    Love Him
    Loved HIs answers
    God bless Him

  3. Thankyou so much for this wonderful interview
    HE is a sweetheart
    Really love and respect him alot
    God Bless him
    b/w can we have his tag free pictures pretty please

  4. Thanks Rangmunch for this interview. Honest answers as usual from harshad. God bless him. He's a sweet heart. Can you get us Anupriya's interview also?

  5. Thank youuuuuuu sooo Much For Harshad Chopda interview.
    Love Him
    Loved HIs answers
    God bless Him
    Lovely u r fans Urooj Khan :-)

  6. Wooooooooooooooooow

  7. nice & thanks rangmuchtv but plzz i request u 2 plzzz ask harshad 1 questn dat is, is he thr on fb or having a/c on fb? plzzzzzzz i request u 2 plzzzzz add dis questn in ur next interview plzzzzzzzzzzz becozz thr r many fake harshad chopra on fb so how 2 find out dat who is real & who is fake so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  8. Thanx for the wonderful interview of our harshad...God bless him... :-)

  9. Such honest and hearty answers!!! Love him ... God bless him

    Thanks a lot for the interview ... Keep them coming :D

  10. Thanks for the interview! Lovely answers!

    All the best and God bless him always

  11. Thank you soo much for such a cute interview :D


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