Hawan: Divine Beginning

The calm smile , the soothing eyes and and  the aura around  him makes Baapji  the Godly saint that he is . He is a person who believes in goodness  in human and somehow  connects  with his devotees through his mind and heart. The story  in Hawan so far has shown Baapji as a supreme power who with his touch can turn bad to good. Baapji  with his subtle sayings has managed to win  the hearts of people and restore the faith in humanity..Presently  he is  on a mission to get his son  Atharva (played by Kunal Verma)  and his devotee Aastha  (played by Shrenu Parikh) to bond in holy matrimony . The beauty with which he did has  left me spell bound. When  Atharva’s pranks  and jokes hurt Aastha , it is Baapji  who with his soothing vaani  tells   Chaturvedi ji  that a beautiful relationship has begun  to blossom. When you think that things cant be improved and have been messed up beyond repair  , it is  then , that  faith plays an important role.
The ease with which Atharva tells Aastha the truth about himself completely left me wanting for more. The scenes further between the leads have been so well enacted that it reminded me of movie  “Vivaah “.The innocent beginning  of  love between Atharva  and Aastha is all similar to Prem and Poonam’s  in Vivah . Atharva  telling Aastha to put mehendi on her palm in case she misses him, and further  giving her a mobile so that can talk to each other  whenever  they want too shows how deeply Atharva  has fallen in love with  Aastha.  Aastha  on the other hand  with her coyness  and innocence  reciprocates  each look, each touch with warmth and love.
The waiting period  between the leads  or rather the courtship as we can safely say  has  now started . One must applaud Rajan Shahi for beautifully weaving in the fresh love  story between Atharva and Aastha with Baapji supporting  them. The way he has intermingled new relationship with divine beauty leaves you craving for more.The enchanting and mesmerizing  background score only makes it better.
Looking forward to a lovely beginning   between Atharva, Aastha and Baapji .



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