Happy Anniversary to Maryaada!!

In today’s day, Television industry is not only competitive but is also very uncertain. Every month Channels and Production Houses launch new shows and hopes that they will get appreciated by the viewers in the form of TRPs. But there have been instances when shows have gone off air due to low TRPs and both Channel and Production Houses have borne the brunt.

In the given scenario when a show successfully completes an year and continues to grip the audiences with its story and performances, then one definitely needs to commend the entire cast and crew of the show for their dedication and hard work.

Maryada...Lekin Kab Tak on Star Plus is one of the most powerful  shows  to be aired, with strong story line in combination with great acting skills. The show depicts the journey of four strong willed women with their trials, tribulations, lies and deceit who finally go on to restore their faith in one another without crossing the line of honour and respect. The direction is highly intense with strong issues that have been addressed with sensitivity.

On 18th October 2011, Maryada Lekin Kab Tak successfully completed an year and we at Rangmunch.TV would like to congratulate the entire Cast and Crew for their team work and hope to see the show achieve many more milestones in the days to come. 

We have also got in touch with a few members of the cast and crew who  shared their experiences of working in a show like Maryada.

Vishwajeet Pradhan (Brahmanand Jhakhar):Maryada in its present avatar though not as bold as it was initially intended to be, has broken fresh ground, struck a chord with the audiences all over the world, spoken about subjects hitherto considered taboo for the family audience. Its been a roller coaster journey till now. Keep loving Maryada and continue to love to hate Brahmanand Jhakhar.

Indrani Halder (Devyani): Thanks to Star Plus for making such a wonderful show and congrats to all the team members for their hard work. Now we have just completed one year. I hope we will rock more and audience will be more happy with the show...Maryada.
Vindhya Tewari (Vidya): This one year has been so magical aur kaise beet gaya pata hi nahi chala. I feel that ye kal ki hi baat hai but one long year actually passed away. I still remember the journey from the first day of the telecast till today. I am so glad that i am a part of this beauiful project. This show will always be very close to my heart as it has given me an opportunity to play such a beautiful role like Vidya and I have got so much love its unexplainable. I want my fans to bless and love this show more and more. Maryada rocks...cheers!!!

Waseem Sabir (Director): It so happened, one night got a call from Meesha Gautam one of the creatives of the show saying “we makin a show for star and we would like u to do it”. So I was there in the office taking a narration with Deeya (producer) Damini Shetty (writer) and Meesha , the first thing I asked “are you sure its gonna be that BOLD?” They said “yes.” I was like wow, Yes lets do it! I walked down the stairs and thought to myself that I would have not done the show if my mum was alive (bold show hai bhai ) lol. The first we did was made a pilot episode which was like an episode where all the characters were revealed. The first scene was with Kamya Punjabi and Vishwajeet Pradhan. Worked with them for the very first time, but all went well the ice was broken and we shot a fantastic scene which had the maximum amount of layers, then the second happened where I had to shoot with Indrani Halder. For me it was again a benchmark coz I was directing a veteran like her who is a national award winner. The pilot was made and delivered and the verdict was out. I got a call from someone in the channel wont name for obvious reasons saying dude u have rocked it buddy way to go. The show got the final approval and we had to start shooting. The show got me the recognition as a director FINALLY. Rest is history. I can write a never ending blog about Maryaada. Maryada would not have been possible without ....Deeya,Damini,Meesha,Raj,Manjari,Anurag,Baisakhi,Vineet Sapru (the DOP), Hamawand, my entire Direction Dept (Puneet, Anil, Rohit) the associate creative head Pooja, and specially the Actors. Hats off to all to say a yes to such a show and giving their 200% during crises where we had to shoot for like 3 days non stop, the first maha episode. 

Manjari Mukul (Creative Head): Hi to our viewers! First of all thank you so much for your love and support. Without you all Maryaada success would not have been possible. We have completed a successful journey of one year on 18th Oct 2011. The journey was very intresting and full of beautiful memories. The outdoor shoot in Chandigarh was an awesome experience and I am blessed to be a part of such a diffrent and amazing show with beautifull people around. Our team is just like a family,eating together, enjoying, laughing, sharing each others problems etc. Would want to take names of some most important people of my team, Deeya mam,Tony  Sir,Damini mam, Raaj Sir,Hamavand Sir,Rajat Sir,Waseem Sir,Vineet Sapru, Imtiaz Sir, Iqbal Sir. Nilamber Sir,Astha,Tapasya, Dimpi (Star channel people) our whole cast,ufff!!! there are so many names which is not possible to take. I have learnt a lot of new things from them and have got a lot of different experinces while doing Maryaada. At last thanks to my team members, luv u all. Hope we always live up to your expections. Thanks once again.

Kamiya Punjabi (Uttara): Maryada is every women’s story. It is about what every woman goes through in her life. Its about your identity, your self respect, your emotions, your happiness, your tears. Maryada harr ek aurat ke adhikaar ki kahaani hai, and I am happy and proud that we succeeded in showing the mirror to the world through Maryada. Maryada is a fact, face it! Accept it! Fight for it! 
Iqbal Rizvi (Director): Maryaada is a fabulous show that goes beyond the conventional daily soap. It lays a lot of emphasis on nuances and conveys the unspoken. It is a challenging show to direct as shot taking is of a different style.We have tried to keep the show classy and have been successful at that.The ratings have reflected that. The cast and crew have been very instrumental in the success of the show. All have gone beyond themselves to give a good product and that shows. The relationship on the sets is great and there is great harmony, a very important reason why maryaada has worked is the tandem between the people who are executing and the creative team who are writing.We are constantly briefed and are on the same page,I wish the Maryaada team great success and may they continue to rock. 

Vineet Sapru (Director of Photography): Maryada journey was full of drama, action, emotion, laughter and experiences. The most memorable part was the outdoor shoot in Chandigarh. Thanks to our entire team who were very supportive from day one. A special thanks to our viewers. Lots of love n Wshes, Vineet Sapru.

Raaj Shetty (Creative Director): Thank you so much for appreciating and giving us all the the support to make Maryada what it is. This day would not be possible without you all. Thank you once again.            

We hope the team of Maryaada continues to entertain the viewers and win more hearts in the days to come!!

Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Edited by:
Swati Ghosh
Navyanka Varma 


  1. Rangmunch.TV received the below message from Vindhya Tiwari aka Vidya of Maryaada:

    "Such a nice interview n original lines by each one is making it so special...good work keep it up!" ~ Vindhya

  2. Gr8 Compilation......... Super job guys.... Thanks


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