Gufi Paintal back on Silver Screen!!!

From 10th October 2011, Imagine TV brings to life the original Shakuni Mama - Gufi Paintal back on Silver Screen with their new show, Dwarkadheesh: Bhagwaan Shree KrishnGufi Paintal’s hurtful dialogues and cunning expressions as ‘Shakuni’ in Mahabharata then, had created a sensation and made it one of the most memorable roles in the history of Indian television.  

The show will trace the life of lord Krishna during the iconic era of the Mahabharata, where Pandavas and Kauravas announce war against each other. With both sides as mighty as the other, it is the power of the mind that changes the war game on the Kurukshetra battle field, where Krishna faces his opponent Shakuni an equally intelligent plotter but with a devious plan. 

An elated Gufi Paintal said, “It is my pleasure to play the role of Shakuni Mama once again on television as it was undeniably my best role. I am excited and very fortunate to be the only actor who will be enacting his own role once again, especially a character that the audiences still remembers and praises me for. I am confident that I would be able to recreate the same magic ‘Shakuni’ created back than.”

Imagine TV has also introduced Sachin Verma as YudhisthiraJoy Mathur as Bheema, Amit Pachori as Duryodhana and Gautam Sharma as Arjuna to enact the iconic characters of Mahabharata in Dwarkadheesh Bhagwaan Shree Krishn.

Watch the epic war of Brain versus the Brawn on Dwarkadheesh: Bhagwaan Shree Krishn Monday to Friday at 08.00pm on Imagine TV.

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Swati Ghosh


  1. mahabhaarath ki shakuni....ab b vahi role play kar rahahi....welcome back again....he is very good acter...


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