Flying International, First Class!

Castle, NCIS, Burn Notice, Criminal Minds, Bones, CSI, Law & Order, How I met your mother, recent additions Terra Nova, Necessary Roughness, Melissa & Joey, and many many more – the list of International shows is long, with a variety and depth that promises to appease one and all. These international shows are currently showing on a television near you. Switch it on, any time of the day or night and you will most assuredly be sinking into your couch, clutching your remote and wallowing in one or more of these shows. I will bet my hard-earned money you will be returning for more, religiously, every single day, for a date with your favorite shows. I am also willing to bet that most of you reading this already have your list of favorites. 

I have too. My journey through International shows, like many of you, began quite early. I have been hooked onto international shows for as long as I can remember. I welcomed the advent of television into my home in the late ‘80s and discovered it through shows like 'The Bold and the Beautiful' and 'Santa Barbara' in the early 90’s. Don’t blame me!  Options were almost non-existent then :-) The Australian show, Neighbours caught my attention too and since then there has been no looking back. 

Who can forget the crackling swordplay of romantic tension between the leads in shows like ‘Moonlighting’ and ‘Remington Steele’ or for that matter, the spooky yet mystifying ‘X Files’? While ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, ‘Home Improvement’, ‘My Family’ and ‘Ally McBeal’ tickled our funny bones and acted as stress busters in our otherwise taxing lives, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, and ‘Angel’ kept us glued to the television sets to experience the world of vampires, demons, and angels.

Reality shows like ‘American Idol’ and ‘So you think you can dance’ introduced me to a culture other than my own and opened up a whole new world right there in my living room. ‘Friends’ enthralled me for ten mesmerizing seasons and even today, it’s re-runs on various channels still holds me captive and that is by no means a small feat!

When I look back, the nostalgia associated with all the shows that have been part of my growing up years is extremely overwhelming. I had connected with each of these shows at different levels; they were instrumental in shaping my outlook towards life. I am still growing up by the way and I still get a lot more than a few laughs, sighs, and some tears from the shows I watch now. 

When the world is fitting in to your computer, it does not come as a surprise that there are those deeply in love and impatient for the next dose of their favourite shows who catch it online. Computer screens become their television and the mouse a remote. There is an exhaustive list of international shows that have been and are still running on our television sets. There is also a world of phenomenal shows that unfortunately have not made it to our Indian screens and we at Rangmunch will endeavour to present them to you so you don’t miss out on Quality television viewing experience.

We need more than one article to reminisce about those gone by and rejoice those we are currently watching. 

I will be here to do just that – to rewind, pause, and play, to create a platform never seen before, a rangmunch, where we can exchange our views, discuss current tracks, drool over a Nathan Fillion or a Gabrielle Anwar to our hearts content, even have a healthy fight as to our likes and dislikes about a show. I’m pretty much throwing open the floor for my fellow international show-enthusiasts. 

Here in Rangmunch, what you want is what you get! 

The content above is solely my view and anyone willing to discuss, analyze, criticize, refute, disagree, or even crucify me over this, are more than welcome to do so by leaving a comment below. Lekin zara pyaar se! :-) After all, if you have taken time out to read this, we ARE on the same side – a side that loves watching shows that transcend invisible borders. Therefore, my dear friends drop in a line and set the ball rolling.....

Your new best friend

Neeraja Unni


  1. congrats on this wonderful expention to your blog and best to Lady Neeraja on her new assignment, loooking forward to great worlwide correspondance from you.... btw will this be mainly US based ? well its already lots to cover but was wondering....

  2. Thanks a ton Jay Dee. It will mostly be US based shows to start with since they are the ones airing in India right now. But we will be expanding our horizons as we go along to include popular shows from across the globe. We will be looking to you for some valuable inputs regarding that.

    Looking forward to more such interactions on this blog with you ~ Neeraja

  3. Looking forward to interesting discussions on our favorite shows...
    Great initiative...and all the best...

  4. Lovely article Neeraja and I simply echo your views Castle, Bones, HIMYM and recently A Game of Thrones are the shows I am addicted to - the quality of these shows simply stands out marvelously due to its content - wish Indian shows had half the finesse in the scripting and concepts as these and not just be simply about saas bahu sagas

  5. Rings a bell with me too...will be great if you can introduce us to shows from countries other than the US...

  6. Thank you Rinkie :)

    Vela thanks a ton dear. Looking forward to seeing you here too. Cheers! :-)

    Thanks Neha. Game of thrones is really a thrilling watch. Hope it airs in India soon. Have you read the book?

    ~ Neeraja

  7. Hiya Prasu, will definitely do that. keep watching this space. And any recommendations and suggestions regarding that is always welcome :)

    ~ Neeraja

  8. Double thumbs up on the article....felt warm and fuzzy reading about the good ol' shows. Among the new crop airing now, I have been hearing nice things about Rules of Engagement as well. Yet to catch it though.

  9. @ Neeraja Oh the show is amazing and it has already aired in India season 1 got over last month in fact which was such a TREAT !!

    have read the first book of the series after watching the show will be starting the next one soon
    In fact GOT Season 2 release date is announced in April 2012 already in the US

  10. Renu Thanks! Rules of Engagement is good. Catch it if you can. If you are looking at comedy Melissa & Joey is also a great one - a real stress buster :)

    Neha, I missed it. My bad! Aired on HBO?! Will have to play catch up before they air the second season. And the books too before then. Have they done justice to the books?

    ~ Neeraja

  11. @ Neeraja yep its an original HBO series so it was aired by the channel itself HBO doesnt sell content to star world or other channels in India and they have simply done a spectacular job with it the show totally lives up to the book !!

    am already waiting for season 2 which wont be here until the series winds up in US :(( wish they aired the content across the globe at the same time dang !!

  12. Neha Star world Torrentz is the only one which telecasts the same season being aired in US. Terra Nova is one such show. Others we get to watch only after the season completes there. I wish we dint have to wait so long to catch up on the next seasons.

    ~ Neeraja

  13. Neeraja i know abt SW torrentz have missed terra nova due to my schedule so dont know much about it but like u said I wish we dint have to wait so long for the shows to air here especially shows like Castle which I am simply in love with

    Nathan and Stana are just magnetic and the show truly is incredible especially since the last season' finale am so so looking forward to things Roy Montgomery being somehow involved with Beckett' mom' murder and then getting shot simply was a stroke of genius on the part of the writers I simply cannot wait to find out what was in the package that he sent before he died and to whom cos that sure will be something which would take the show to another level.

    Other cases help us see the fun and flirty side of Castle & Beckett but the show truly gets gripping whenever they bring about Beckett' mom which is the major arc of the series that simply shows the relationship of these two in ways which leave you astounded and wanting for more

    Lol oops i wrote a lot just realized but cant help it the show practically has swept me off my feet :P

  14. Neha Castle happens to be my weak spot. Totally swept away :-) So i understand how you feel.

    Lots of questions will be answered in the next season (4) but will be spread over the entire season. You will find that the mystery surrounding some vital questions only intensifying with time. Well, that will make for an interesting watch surely.

    And the relationship related issues will only be addressed mid season. So its a long long extra wait for us fans here :-P

    ~ Neeraja

  15. Neeraja am glad to know you feel the same way about Castle like me - thank goodness I was beginning to feel i yapped away too much lol and yeah all the things you mentioned about the revelations and the relationship issues are seriously making this season such a must watch - one thing i can say about this show is that it keeps on getting better and brilliant with each passing season !! not all shows can manage the feat

  16. Neha you are most welcome to yap away here....i would love to read what you think of the shows.

    I agree about Castle getting progressively delightful to watch. I just hope Andrew Marlowe keeps it together considering fans are bound to get impatient if he keeps Caskett apart for too long.

    Which shows do you watch now while you are waiting for Castle to reappear? :)

    Oh btw am a Nathan Fillion fan :-)

    ~ Neeraja

  17. Thanks so much Neeraja for being so sweet first of all :))

    And as of now KTLK has been able to keep my attention honestly I wasn't a fan of Kritika previously but this show is making me discover her as an actress - i suppose with the right character and the director to treat her well and most definitely a show with a PLOT she can be good so far I am loving every bit of the show well except for the part where they kinda overdo the Saiyaan tune putting it across in almost all scenes which though a soothing tune but being overused seems out of place and forced too at times - the show is definitely keeping my attention. Sony has bagged a winner with this one.

    As for English shows sadly none of the shows on air are exciting enough for me somehow and I have missed Terra Nova to even comment about it

  18. Neha, Kritika is a pleasant surprise and yes Sony has a winner in KTLK :)

    You have missed only one episode of Terra Nova. Second episode is airing tonight @ 9pm.

    I have put up a poll asking for favorite shows on my fb profile and interestingly, none of them have taken the name of the show currently being aired. Everyone is waiting for the return of the next seasons.

    To be fair, three shows in prime slots have just started airing - Melissa & Joey, Necessary Roughness, and Terra Nova.

    Neha there is a poll on this site too. Please do take time to vote. Your input is valuable for us to proceed in the right direction.

  19. Hey Neeru Hi :)

    Glad to meet someone who has a similar opinion like me about Kritika and KTLK

    And oh is it? just one epi of Terra Nova has aired cool then I still have a chance to catch up the kind of promotion and hype around it are incredible hope it lives upto them and does Rangmunch have any FB profile wow i never knew will check it out for sure thanks for the info and will vote here as well :)

  20. Neeru the article is Fab!!!! stirred some beautiful memories :) i used to be a fan of Remington Steel and Moonlighting.. not to forget X files.Recently saw an episode of Necessory Roughness and would love to catch up with the show.Great going Neeru !!! I'll watch out for this spot on RangmanchTV.All the best.

  21. Neha hope you are having a great weekend. You can check the article on Terra Nova here -

    Rangmunch fb profile -

    Mou thanks a ton! Those were the days :-) Will check out Necessary Roughness, I hear its good.


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