Does opposites attract apply to Arnav and Khushi?

Arnav and Khushi are stranded in a jungle, and Khushi's clothes have been stolen. Khushi's love for food, has brought them both to a dhaba, where people mistake the two for an eloped couple looking at Khushi's bridal attire.

While Khushi's concern for Arnav is palpable when she says she will not let him go, Arnav moves away on realising someone is showing so much care towards him. He breaks into a slight smile before he turns all stern and tells her she should go back , while he goes his way. The precap suggests Khushi would surely pull one of her mad stunts in stopping him and making everyone believe they are indeed man and wife.

Will the solitude, the circumstances and the current situation be instrumental in bringing them together? Why else would Khushi's plan back fire? Why else would ASR allow her to get away with her goofiness and tolerate her? Has destiny begun to play its games?

Needless to say, the two are so diametrically opposite, one would wonder, could love ever be possible between the two. The slight hit and miss moments between them however speak another story. Though the words they utter say a thing, their hearts speak another language. So is this language love? Do opposites really attract?

What do you think future holds for Arnav and Khushi? Do share your thoughts on the same with Rangmunch.TV!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Thanks for the article! This line is working in this show! lol!

    Looking forward for more ArHi cute scenes!

  2. Heyy ! Niice article , I hadnt noticed the slight smile on asr's face while he's turning away , Will have to watch the epi again :P

    Well , They are DIFINITELY attracted to each other , however , the both wont admit it that easily , they show their care for each other through other little things [ and we get to see cute Rabba Ve scenes :P ] , we audience will also get to know through their change in attitudes towards each other .

    Khushi will be successful in making him stay at the dhaba , this is quite shocking coming from asr as he's THE man who takes decisions for himself , he never listens to anybody !

    Well ... with these cvs , we'll just have to wait and see where this really super interesting track brings us :-)

    However , In spite of being attracted to each other , there will be loads of misunderstandings trying to seperate them , BUT we all know in the end love will win ;)


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