Balika Vadhu: Fate and its Fatality!!!!

So far, we have seen that inspite of all insecurities, Gouri has finally come to terms with her relationship and marriage with Jagat and they both have started to look forward to their life together. Meanwhile Anandi with the help of her family continues to stand by what she believes is right and creating awareness among the villagers.

Even though Anandi has moved ahead in life, she has not been able to erase the memories of her married life with Jagiya. She still misses Jagiya and a part of her is lonely without him. With Jagiya abandoning her, every dream that she had weaved towards having a future together has shattered.

In the latest episode, we saw that Gouri faints after hearing the truth about Anandi rendering financial help to Jagat. However, the Doctor who comes to check Gouri reveals about her pregnancy.

To Anandi, Jagiya was much more than a husband; he was her childhood friend, her lover, her hope, her pride, her strength, precisely her world revolved around him. Their separation made her incomplete and left her with a hollowness that is not easy to fill in. Nonetheless, her deep rooted desire to save the villagers from exploitation and evil practices in the name of religion and age old rituals, gave her new hope and a reason to live.

Although she has accepted the fact that Jagiya loves Gouri and not her, she has not been able to tear away herself from the 16 years of marital life with him. Anandi loves Jagiya selflessly; she has no expectations from him. It takes a very strong will power and determination to accept such truths in life, and yet maintain the love and respect for that person.

However, destiny seems to be cruel to her repeatedly. It is the irony of life that the disclosure of Gouri’s pregnancy had to happen in Anandi’s presence.

Knowing that the marriage is illegal in the eyes of law; will Gouri still go ahead with her motherhood? Will Jagat’s family eventually accept Gouri as their daughter-in-law? Will Gouri ever understand Anandi and her selfless love for Jagiya? Will Jagiya ever realize the pain he has inflicted on Anandi for the rest of her life?

In order to know how the story unfolds, keep watching Balika Vadhu, Monday to Friday at 8pm only on Colors.

Swati Ghosh


  1. anadi express her pain....really hats off her n hole team off balika vadhu


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