The Aww and Haww Moments of the Week!!!!

Like last time, Rangmunch is back with some of the awww and Hawww moments we got to witness this week ...

Mera Pati Beimaan-Fir bhi Mahaan !!!

Maryada-Lekin Kab Tak: After Devyani slaps Uttara for being mean and conniving, she is in a totally helpless state. She asks Priya to stay away from her and says, she is ready to go back to her husband and do anything to save her marriage since she cant imagine being without him. While she realizes she has been wronged she doesnt want to lose what she already has. 

This tops the list as Rangmunch leaves it to you viewers to decide if it classifies as a hawww moment or an aww one. 

Bheegi Bheegi raaton main.. aisi barsaaton main...

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge- People who have been craving to watch the hearts come closer this week saw a personal side to doctor Ashutosh at a wedding. While this definitely has drawn Nidhi closer to him, the rain sequence for sure has had everyone entranced. Its only a matter of time before you see them falling irrevocably in love with each other.  A perfect scenario of how opposites attract against all odds! 

The rain sequence  makes it to the list of Rangmunch's awww moments of the week!

Mad House Romantic Thriller Comedy?

Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi- So Dev and Lucky Paaji get drunk, and come back home miffed with their wives, only to wake up next morning to find  a girl sleeping next to them! Mamaji as usual only make matters worse...!!


While the mad house comedy continues, Maan and Geet stand tall, in the department they ace at- love, romance and understanding ...


But... But ... But ... we hear, Geet now has a stalker????


Zeherili Goli ka Asli Swaad...

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya- Thank god for small mercies, the cat is finally out of the bag. Jigar doesnt believe Rashi anymore and all her best laid plans for over a year, have not only begun to fail but have started to backfire revealing her true self! Read the Tiger !Tiger! story anyone????

A big Hawww to Rashi !!!

Main Master Chef India Jaungi, only for Ishaan !!!

Sasural Genda Phool- This surely goes to Suhana Kashyap the adorable imperfect wife, who attempts at cooking for her husband and fitting into the bill of the adarsh biwi. While the plans flop miserably, a hug to Suhana for trying and showing she loves and she cares ...!!

An Awww moment indeed!!

Is concoction ko main kya naam doon?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon?- So, Khushi Ji decides to teach Arnav a lesson because she thinks he has been practising black magic on her. She mixes Khus Khus in his juice impairing his speech! His future better half soon realizes it was indeed Anjali who had asked him to tie the lemon and chillies to the tree! Khushi wastes no time in not only drinking the rest of Arnav's Jhoota but also ruins her own throat as an act of repentence! 

Is repentence ko main kya naam doon ??? Awwww....!!!

The new promo aired two days ago on the show has taken the fans by storm and every one has just one things to say ....

Take a guess what ??? ... well... its Awwww!!!!

On that note, we at Rangmunch.TV hope you enjoy your Sunday and let this day peacefully pass off before your favorite shows hit the screen again tomorrow!!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. totally loving the show..iss pya ko kya naam doon..and eagerly waiting for next week!

  2. IPK is just aww aww and more awww these days!!
    well, words fail for the new promo! its pure magic <3

  3. Lovingggg IPKKND!!! The new promo is AMAZINGGG!! A total Awww!!!

  4. GHSP....JUst Love...MAANGEET...........

  5. hey saathiya got a huge jet speed from now on......waited for long time for this to is caught......

  6. iss Pyaar Ko Kya naam doon....the Bestt show on air..
    the newest ProMo OmGee....Juss Awwww!!!..n the song jaaadu he nasha...JUST AWESoME!!

  7. That was definately an aww moment in SGP..
    completely ADORE Suhana's character..

    SGP Rocks !!!

  8. suhana is the epitome of love... she can do anything and everything for her darling husband ishaan... its an awwww moment... sgp really rocks

  9. IPKKND's entire cast and especially Arnav-Khushi simply rock! Love the show, the mind-blowing chemistry between the leads and of course the latest promo has left most of us speechless! This show always surprises us - pleasantly!

  10. very you sushaan........sushaan rockzzzzz

  11. GHSP rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    maneet r totally out standinggggggggggggggggggg

    no other boody couplee can be compared with them..............

    eagerlyy waitingg forr the stalkerrrrrrrrr

  12. ARSHI!!!!
    The one single reason I tune into Star Plus!
    Love Barun Sobti to bits!
    Barun and Sanaya's chemistry is just mind-blowing!
    And the new promo..HOT!!!

  13. suhana is a sweetipie.. she loves her ishaan a's a awwww moment & will even prove that she can cook in the coming episodes! SGP is rocking & will continue to rock!!

  14. SGP is the best show on television...SGP rocksssssssssss

  15. ho i love ishan he is so good..a perfect husband

  16. maryada is best serial ever...... rakesh's acting super, super..........

    And yeah the new promo got everyone goiing "awww" the whole week end ;)
    can't waiit to watch the actual scene !!!!
    And yeah , we already know the Divalii scenes are gonna be great coz great people are working on them!
    Hats off to the whole IPKKND team ! they deserve it !
    Love Barun & Sanaya !! xx

  18. Maryada is the best serial on indian tv.
    And its an Hawww moment. How can Devyani think of going back to that philanderer and act as if everything is Ok. Hawwww!!!!!!

  19. Suhana is the cutest... she just makes us go "awwww" every time she comes on screen!

  20. Hawww ... I missed Maryada on Friday and this happened?! Have to catch the repeat! Maryada is a great show!
    And IPKKND is rocking ... can't wait for the payal scene ... Barun and Sanaya are the most happening jodi of Indian telly!

  21. SGP is the best show. Kudos to the cast, the creatives and the entire team of SGP!

    SGP ROX.

  23. Love Maryada.. Utarra definately deserves that slap!! Well done Devyani!!


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