Anjali an anti-thesis of Arnav: will tables turn?

She has been a loving sister, an obedient, dutiful and daughter of the household and most importantly an understanding and caring wife. Everyone who meets Anjali on Iss Pyaar ko kya Naam Doon? falls in love with her sweetness, simplicity and her accommodating nature.  She has been that string that has held the entire Raizada family together. Arnav totally dotes on her and treats her as a mother figure, and someone who is an indispensable part of his life. Anjali also shares a wonderful rapport with Khushi and Payal. 

She has been shown as a religious person, with immense faith in god and things around her. So the question arises, what will happen when the world around her changes, since its most likely to happen in the days to come. Anjali has shown so much faith in husband Shyam and what his says and does, that your heart goes out to her when you think of what he is doing behind her back. Anjali is that one factor that binds almost every character on the show to another, so much so that the other day when Payal was hurt, she actually was strong willed enough to go against her own mami and tell her she was wrong! The subtle yet strong actions from time and again is what makes Anjali a true sister to ASR in every respect! Don't forget she was the very same girl who struck a deal with Khushi, when it came to working in their house!

Having said all this, in my opinion, Anjali is one such character that has the makings of a person that can undergo a total sea change! If we look at the current scenario, she has realized Khushi is that one person who can influence Arnav's life. Anjali may even be smart enough to gauge there is more than what meets the eye! She may encourage it too knowing fully well, this could be a road to her brother's happiness. She will leave no stone unturned to find the key to her brother's heart! 

What will happen however, when she learns this very Khushi has been the reason for her marital turmoil that she has been blissfully unaware of? They say, a known devil is better than an unknown angel. Anjali loves her husband to death, but is totally oblivious to the occurances and the feelings of his heart ! The amount of faith she has in him, could also for a moment lead her to believe he cannot possibly be wrong! Love loves denial and make belief realities and Anjali has every reason to blame Khushi for the same, if Shyam pushes the blame on Khushi to save his face!

However, a thought that has been playing in my head for a while, asks ... What if tables turn? We know Arnav is a cold, brutal cynical man who has no faith, trust or belief in anyone. This however is now perhaps slowly changing with Khushi gradually making her way into his heart. There could be a day, in the near future when he starts to give life a chance again and live it the way it needs to be lead. He may start smiling more, giving more, loving more! At this point in time, what if Anjali learns, her husband has been cheating on her without knowing who the woman is? She may start to hate Khushi anyway, knowingly and unknowingly! One, for having lost her brother's attention and affection to another woman, and two for being that unknown other woman in her husbands life! Would this lead to Anjali turning into another ASR while the sibling dons the role of an Anjali? Sounds too drastic doesn't it? Well, I don't know ! With whatever little I have gathered of Anjali, and how the story primarily focuses on how much she means to Arnav, and how much Shyam means to her, I am only forced to believe, anything changing drastically in their world could change Anjali as a whole! 

We know the worst is on its way, and hope she as a character gets the strength to handle this tsunami and portray consistency in character. After all, no one wants to see people losing faith in humanity, relationships and optimism! You just stop living then right?

These two indeed are perfect brother and sister and their characters have been etched with extreme depth and they have been interwoven with one another to the minutest of detail!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Wow, amazingly written... This is actually very possible, considering how blind Anjali is when it comes to Shyam, and I'd love to see Arnav supporting Khushi, since he's begun to understand Khushi so well... And he knows Khushi would never lie to anyone... So this twist would be interesting, where Arnav decides to stand by Khushi even when Anjali doesn't believe her.

  2. amazing perspecive! done till death!!
    loving this bro-sis and waiting for the day when all the she predicts gets true for him <3

  3. well yet again an amazing write up!! Wid a thought so different yet very possible!

    Anjali is one woman who is caring, loving n protective towrds her dear ones.. bt she can b lik ASR ven she wants her way n da best example is ven she had gone to Khushi's house n askd her to help Lavanya out... bt it wd b amazing to watch hw she reacts when da truth is revealed!! By that time Arnav n Khushi wd hv become more closer... What wd b her final verdict? Will she give in for her brother's happiness, will she punish Shyam or will she go against Khushi?! Her character is a very strong one! But as u said, Change in her character is bound to happen!! :)

  4. amazing..........i love daljeet.. aka anjali.....

  5. waaw..well said.. Anything possible. Anjali blindly loves Shyam. and yeah She will beleive him blindly because "He was the one who married her under some circumstances", which will be revealed later.That reason will make her think that her hubby cannot be wrong. And yes now Arnav is understanding Khushi. So he mite trust her and he will be the one to dig Shyam's true face.

  6. An absolutely intriguing perspective Ms. Niharika VS :D It really got me thinking.

    I got thinking because I wondered, really? Could something like this actually happen? Being a woman like Anjali who is very rational in her own irrational stubborn ways, could she become as drastic as Arnav? Arnav dons a specific personality for a reason. They both went through the same trauma yet emerged different people. The reason being the difference in their inherent personalities and perspectives.

    Arnav decided he will never trust the world again after he saw what he did. Anjali decided to give the world another chance. So will just one other hit in her life turn her bitter? Wouldn't the rational being in her ask, 'what is khushi's fault if Shyam my jerk of a husband decided to fall in love with her? It's not like Khushi lured him!' On top of that Khushi has become the reason to bring to life the only other piller of her life, Arnav, her chote. Why would she hold any grudge against her?

    If anything, she should fully support Arnav and Khushi's union wholeheartedly despite her blues. And the strong and stubborn woman that she is, she should fight that leech of a person Shyam with full strength and woman power.

    Arnav and Anjali's role reversal somehow doesn't sit well with me. It's not very easy to change someone's personality. Arnav may become ready to give life another chance because love and trust may have opened those doors for him again, but he will always be a cautious human who will test thoroughly before embracing. He will always be practical and careful even in love.

    As such, Anjali may get another big trauma in her life but her inherent rationalism and positivity must remain undeterred. Pain and negativity need NOT go hand in hand.

    The brother-sister duo are similar in many ways but are miles apart in how they handle emotions.

    I love the strong willed, sensible, reasonable, lucid, naughty, and loving Anjali more. She should fight the tsunami bravely, but not bitterly. As you said, all other characters may fall apart if Anjali turns a vamp.

    Just my opinion you see :P

    Tell me what you think :)

  7. Hi Dhwani,

    I agree with your POV too, and only hope Anjali doesn't change!!!
    But sometimes there is that one point up til where you don wanna give up on life and in that one second, you snap !!!
    I would love it if she shows strength in character and doesn't change ...

    However this write up was more of a scenario visualizing a role reversal !! Sunday ka munch from Rangmunch !!

  8. I agree with Dhwani...hoping for a positive story from star plus rather than the regular go negative with no logic approach...the modern & sensible Anjali today is shwon as slightly foolish to not realise that her husband is missing on every occasion that Kushi is around...its slightly ridiculous! Instead her sensible quality should help her catch her husband & make things right, rather than illogically believe anything!
    For keeping the storyline going i guess the meeting of Arnav's & Kushi's hearts will have to be delayed till the very i feel a character like Arnav cannot give in & claim to be im love with Kushi...& Kushi on her part...cannot belv that he will ever love her due to the diff in their social class...thats my take!
    Would like to point out that this is one of the few serials on TV today that entertains & doesnt has very great writing backing it which makes the characters so strong & likeable..hope the same continues & kudos to some fabulous acting by the star cast...its tough to make such complicated characters come alive!

  9. Its a very nice article...n makes u think over what can happen....thou we wudnt want her to u got a point esp in ASR starts living his life hw it is meant to b coz of khushi..while anjali leaves her way of hw she lives it nw sumwer dwn d line coz of khushi..

    it does riase the curiosity level while we wait fr wat is in store fr us....m super excited....n thanx fr dis fab article...keep p the gud wishes...:-)

  10. Hey Niha!
    very well-written!
    I read it and it provoked me to would definitely be an interesting reversal if it happens- even if it doesn't- gives a lot of thought to both arnav's and anjali's characters

    Their relationship with Khushi
    Their respect for Shyam
    Their relationship with each other

    These three sides of their characters- make for a very interesting dynamic!

    And it would be so so awesome if we could ask a couple of questions to the dir- Lalit Mohan..who's doing such a FAB job in portraying these chars..
    Is it possible to get an interview with him?

  11. good1...i really lk d quality of ur articles n dey r different dn usuals...also how u give importance not just to d lead pairs of the shows but to d story n other characters as well...

    just read the comment abv...n i agree wid whom so ever it wud b gr8 if u could visit d sets n interview the director or other CVs who hv bn doing fab job wid the wud b nice to know der different POVs...m sure u n ur team wud do gr8 job wid the interview n articles regarding that...

  12. This is the dumbest show on air sweetheart am sorry but I have to say this random falls eye-locks between two people till their eyes seem as if they will fall out any second and catches dont make you fall in LOWEEEE

    I wonder how does this show manage to get an audience how come a guy who cant act to save his life be branded as the Ultimate hero and all the blahhhh

    I know my comment may be deleted but heck its the truth this show and moreover its writers need to use some brains and get a better male lead PRONTO !!

  13. ufff!! loving barun, such a hottie!! and yet never lets his brilliant looks mask his acting!
    he is bang on as arnav singh raizada and puts in the right amount of detail into scenes..
    man some people need to understand that that is what the character is like and that is how his expressions should be..
    anyway, nothing saying if we can't see beyond what meets the eye..
    p.s. as already asked, possible to get an interview with him??

  14. The writers could turn the tables anyway they want it based on the TRP ratings and how long they want to run this show. However we should not forget that in the navratri pooja scene when Shyam and khushi finish talking outside Rayzada house and khushi leaves (with pooja samgri that Shyam had actually bought for Anjali but lied to Khushi saying it was for her house)...ANJALI HAD SUDDENLY OPENED THE DOOR..... there is a possibility that she knows her husband is cheating on her because she has tried to be mischievous asking him to be present at temple suddenly. Also in an episode after that Khushi had come running into the Rayzada house and Shyam and Anjali were shown hugging and Shyam saying all nicities to his wife and the scene was cut there. LAter there might be a flashback of Khushi having seen all that and knowing the real Shyam all this while and waiting for the right time to let everyone know about Shyam.

  15. hmmmm as much as i would love for this show to be more creative i know for a fact tht the age old method will be followed...where every one will blame one will believe her.....Arnav will marry her for hatred and probably a year later the truth will be revealed...AFTER ALL THEY HAVE TO MAKE SURE THT THEY CAM STRETCH THE SHOW FOR ATLEAST 2 OR 3 YEARS :p

  16. Khushi and ASR should teach that Shyam a lesson. I hope Anjali remains the sweet Anjali 4ever even after Shyam's secret is disclosed.


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