Aditi Chopra: I, Me, Myself!

Many times while we do this segment with your favorite actors, we ask them a question. Do you believe in Luck? Today, as we ask ourselves this question, we will give you an answer too. When we started out with Rangmunch, we did our very first interview with Aditti Chopra, aka Pinky of Geet aka Sana of Humse Hai Liife! On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, we decided, to interview her since she has proven lucky for us! Not only is this little girl bubbly and full of life, she is a hard core positivist ! Read on and figure it out for yourself !!

RM: Whats the one thing you are grateful for  in life ? ? 
Aditi: Hmmm.. My cute looks ( laughs shyly)

RM: Whats the one thing missing from your life?
Aditi: My elder sister, who’s no more. Of course , I miss her the most .

RM: What according to you is your greatest asset ?
Aditi: My  eyes.

RM: Beauty or Brains?
Aditi: Brains.

RM: What is that you need to change about yourself?
Aditi: Nothing yaar. I’m really happy with what I am.I really need to grow in life , but nothing as such I wanna change.

RM: Which is the one character you would love to play once in a life time ?
Aditi: Hmm.. Madhuri Dixit's role as Nisha in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. ( laughs)I actually just love Salman. I don’t mind even if he adopts me .( goes on laughing) .

RM: Are you adventurous by nature?
Aditi: Ya, …sort of… well Not exactly.I kinda get scared very soon.

RM: Do you read the news paper ?
Aditi: Of course  I do.I cannot move out of my house without Mumbai Mirror.

RM: Which section do you read first ?
Aditi: YOU .It’s  called You.

RM: Who has made the greatest impact o your life ?
Aditi: My sister and my mom.

RM: Do you forgive yourself easily ?
Aditi: No, if I’m wrong in anyway, I would never ever forgive myself, and for next 2-3 days I go into Tulsi and Parvati mode !

RM: Describe yourself in one sentence?
Aditi: Hmm…I’m an extremist. Only one word .

RM: If you had to change your name for a day , what name would you give yourself ?
Aditi: I would call myself  Khushi, because , I’m always happy, and make people happy.

RM:Tell us one Diwali memory that will always stay fresh in your mind ?
Aditi: There are many. Few good ones , and few bad ones. The bad was when , I was in 10th standard, I purchased a beautiful dress that costed me almost fifteen thousand rupees, it got burnt because of a cousin. I was like , I can never ever forgive you for this ( now smiles at that memory ). I have taken it as a lesson and have stopped buying expensive stuff for Diwali.

Having asked her these brief questions, we also went on to talk about her work ...!! Aditi is still loved and missed on Geet .. and alot of people were left disappointed after, her impending love track with Adi (Praneet Bhatt) never took off !!! Aditti still carries very fond memories of Geet, and this is what she had to say about the show and her co-stars...
"Ya, Its been a while since I have shot for Geet... Infact it was just this morning that I got a call from Drashti, asking me where I am and what I have been upto. Ofcourse I miss my whole unit, Geet, Guru bhai, Praneet of course, Anju ji- Everyone actually."

For those of you that miss seeing Aditi on screen, you can now see her play Sana on Humse hai Liife on Channel V. She plays Raghav's best friend on the show, who is a tom-boy. 
"She hates those anky-panky  talks of those stupid school girls though she is very much a part of the kool kats klub". explains Aditti!

Before we sign off we wish Aditti a very Happy Diwali and she sweetly greets us all in return..."Wishing all my  sweethearts a very happy Diwali, and play safe. Go do lots of shopping and eat lots of chocolates instead of Mithai , also stay away from cousins who burn your clothes!!!"(  says with a naughty smile)

Interviewed and Edited by,
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Navyanka Varma



  2. Wow nice article missing pinky a lot and lot...

  3. really nice article.... but miss pinky....... i really wanted to see pinky-adi track


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