“60 Seconds ” with the Humse Hai Liife Trio!!

Nissar Parvez

Hitesh Kewalya
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when a word is said to you? Lets try it: Book, Paper, Chocolates, Cell Phone,Dreams!!!!

While, you can try and play this game once we are done with this segment, Rangmunch.TV, brings you a word play session with the Channel V's high school DramaHumse Hai Liife Trio – Nissar Parvez (Producer), Gorky (Director) and Hitesh Kewalya (Writer) who very sportingly not only played this game but also gave us some interesting and prompt responses to the most commonly used words in the TV-Land!

Each of their responses gave us a glimpse of their individual psyche..

Word play:

           Gorky: Passion
           Nissar: Love
           Hitesh:  Fun

   Gorky: Diffuse light                                                     
   Nissar: Togetherness

   Hitesh: Love


Gorky: Getting to know

Nissar: Passion
Hitesh: Pressure

  Gorky: Wonderful
  Nissar: Life
  Hitesh: I am colour blind


Gorky: You can create it
Nissar: Happens or never, it’s that moment-it can either happen or never happen! 
Hitesh: Can be handled when its not there.


    Nissar: Beautiful
    Hitesh: Is to live                          

                 Gorky: 60 ft yacht
                  Nissar: Hardwork
                  Hitesh: Birth right

Gorky: (a big one), Its like the current, a tide.

Nissar: Never thought of it
Hitesh: Still figuring out.

             Gorky: Salt water
             Nissar: Story
             Hitesh: Character

Gorky: Very hard to find!!!

Nissar: Facebook (laughs & says bol dia toh bol dia)      
Hitesh: Far and few but thick

                  Gorky: Fascinating
                  Nissar: Hate it
                  Hitesh: Irritating!!!!! 

Rangmunch.TV hopes you enjoyed this session!!! While you are at it, dont forget to try the game on yourself as well... You might end up surprising yourself as well ...!!!

Interviewed and Edited by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar 


  1. Hehehhe! Sounds like a load of fun! But unreal! So this Diwali let me wish Mr. G, a friend for life :-P to whom he can say "humse hai life" for Mr. N, let me wish for passion ;) and Mr. H, a colorful destiny :D

  2. that last line is incomplete - I should've said, "Mr. H, a colorful destiny :D to sing "Rangeela rey" and Mr. N, passion to fill his life for him to use "passion flowers" as cymbals lol!

  3. Free advise from Dhwani Trivedi to these three lovely people: (LOL)

    Dear Hitesh - use your birth right wisely, it comes in multiple colors!!!

    Dear Gorky - Try not to mix chemicals in an effort to create chemistry in your 60 ft yacht. It could be dangerous!!!

    Dear Nissar - Destiny is making accidental friends on facebook! Density is when you find out they are your most hated next door neighbor and you go - S#!T! Now what?

    No harm intended but LOADS of PUN intended guys ROFL!!

    Happy Diwali!

  4. Gorky darling : Life is lughter?? :O yeh tum keh rahay ho?? :O *faints* laughter ka meaning change ho gaya kia dictionary main??
    Friends are hard to find: abh aisa bhi nahi hai, problem logon main nahi tum main hai, insaan jaisa khud hota hai waise hi log usse miltay hain, nissar bhai ko daikho. dhoondhne walon ko khuda mil jata hai tumhain frndz nahi miltay :/
    Politics, Aww, daikha, issi liye tum itnay achay lagtay ho mujhay, I love politics, hum dono ki passand milti hai <3
    Hitesh: Color Blind? chalo kuch na honay se tou acha hai :P
    Nissar bhai: aap tou aap hain, abh aap ko kia kahun, aap jo kehtay hain theek hi kehtay hain, bas gorky uncle ko bhi samjhaya karein, itna ghussa health k liye acha nahi hota :P

  5. Seems like all 3 of them are full of fun. For Gorky Life is Laughter, Ha Ha not surprised. he is always full of humor and sarcasm .

    Great segment. Sorry Swati and Niharika, reading this extremely late.


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