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I Find Story Telling More Challenging: Gorky!

Is it true that accounts become easy if you are good at Maths? Is it wrong to assume that every person who has a beautiful handwriting also draws well? Today, we at Rangmunch.TV, bring to you a person who captures faces not just in stills but in moving pictures as well. A person who is known for his sense of humour, intelligence and his ability to turn reality into imagination and vice versa.

Gorky, the Director of Channel V’s High School Drama Humse Hai Liife, is an ace Photographer who has to his credit prestigious projects like MTV Coke Studio, Ishaan on Disney and also the movie Men Will be Men!
We caught up with him during our Rangmunch Set hopping sessions and needless to say, the conversation was worth capturing within the frames of our portal, for all of you to see.

Story telling v/s Photography:
I find story telling more challenging. Photography is more of luck. It all depends on what you capture in that second or micro second. When you are telling a story, it is more of a journe…

Nostalgia: The Pee Loon Moment!

Today Colors Channel aired the Global Indian Music Academy (GIMA)Awards 2011, which felicitates Music Fraternity for all kinds of music, Films as well as Non-Films.
During the award function, Irshad Kamil was announced the Best Lyricist for his song Pee Loon” from the movie Once Upon A Time in Mumbai.
As they played the song, my heart skipped a beat and mind was no longer interested in watching the GIMA awards. Pee Loon is probably just a melodious song for many, but for Maaneet Fans, its more than a song…it’s a MOMENT,” that evokes thousands of emotions that are beyond words. Today I experienced the “MOMENT” all over again.
Infact, I did not like this song for the simple reason that I could never take a liking towards Imran Hashmi and nor did I find the song extraordinary. But then as they always say, Expect the Unexpected.
Friday 10th of September 2010, the Promos of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi that ran repeatedly throughout that week suggested that it was going to be the REVELATION time f…

The Aww and Haww Moments of the Week!!!!

Like last time, Rangmunch is back with some of the awww and Hawww moments we got to witness this week ...

Mera Pati Beimaan-Fir bhi Mahaan !!!

Maryada-Lekin Kab Tak: After Devyani slaps Uttara for being mean and conniving, she is in a totally helpless state. She asks Priya to stay away from her and says, she is ready to go back to her husband and do anything to save her marriage since she cant imagine being without him. While she realizes she has been wronged she doesnt want to lose what she already has. 
This tops the list as Rangmunch leaves it to you viewers to decide if it classifies as a hawww moment or an aww one. 

Bheegi Bheegi raaton main.. aisi barsaaton main...

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge- People who have been craving to watch the hearts come closer this week saw a personal side to doctor Ashutosh at a wedding. While this definitely has drawn Nidhi closer to him, the rain sequence for sure has had everyone entranced. Its only a matter of time before you see them falling irrevocably in l…

International Segment: Recommends Humsafar! Episode # 6 update

“She is actually quite different” ~ Ashar to his mother about Khirad
Discovering the person you have wed, your ‘humsafar’, can be the most exciting journey of your married life. Ashar sets out on this journey with patience, understanding, and hope prompted by overhearing her confession that her self-respect and pride are deeply hurt due to being forced on him. As Ashar starts spending quality time with his mysterious wife, Khirad unwittingly reveals different layers to her personality.

Ashar is pleasantly surprised and even thrilled about the fact that his earlier assumption about Khirad is turning to be far from the truth. He now finds her stunning, simple-minded, honest, and innocent with a mind of her own. To his utter disbelief and wonderment, she is also a graduate majoring in Mathematics wanting to continue her academic pursuits.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”
Beware of the woman who does not get her man. And to lose him to another woman who she believes to be below her s…

Fida's Corner: His Wife, Mrs. Khurana!!! (Chapter 23)

Chapter 23

As the car drew up to Priya’s house, he wondered what kind of woman could love a man who had committed such heinous acts in the past.  He couldn’t help but wonder what was it about Dev that made women fall for him so easily, then grimaced inwardly as he realised that somewhere inside him he still couldn’t handle the fact that Geet had once thought herself in love with Dev.  His fingers tightened around hers as he tried to deal with his jealousy, then when she smiled shyly every angry thought left his head as love flooded through him.
He got out of the car, then walked round to help Geet out, taking her hand to lead her towards the main entrance.  As they approached, the door opened; an elegant sari-clad woman stood there, obviously having been watching for their arrival.
Geet took the lead, stepping forward to take the woman’s hand.
“Priya, aap kaisi hain.  Hum aise aagaye, maaf karna, magar yeh aap se kuch baat karna chahte the” “Priya, how are you?  Forgive us for visiting li…

News Bar: The Week Back and Forth...!

With Diwali celebrations finally ending, Rangmunch.TV brings to you a quick recap of your favourite shows during the week.

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi (Star One): Love can make you win Life’s greatest battles and Geet is one fortunate girl who is blessed with a husband like Maan who not only makes life so blissful but also gives her the strength to face life’s hurdles. However, Maan goes to London for a business deal, leaving behind his Geet with an unsaid promise that he would soon return to be back in her arms. As the new promo suggests the coming of the unknown, we only hope that Maaneet’s love once again withstands this test of time.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai (Sony): Ram unknowingly has started to make way into Priya’s heart with his humble nature and kind gestures. But where there is Ram, Ravan cannot be too far away. So this week we saw a new addition to the Ravan Association, Priya’s ex-boyfriend Ashwin. Whether Siddharth succeeds in using Ashwin to create a rift between Ram and Priya to se…

Watch the hearts unite again: Dill Mill Gayye Back on TV!!

He was what every girl desired, he was what every father dreaded! He came, he saw and he swept all our hearts away ! We are talking of Armaan Mallik played by Karan Singh Grover, the handsome young doctor, who ruled the hearts of women of all ages alike for over a period of three years before StarOne's Dill Mill Gayye bid adieu to its audience last year on 29th of October 2010. Everyone woman wanted to be Riddhima, because she knew no one would love them like Armaan. 
Starting the trend of a huge internet fan base all over the world, Dill Mill Gayye the hospital drama set in Sanjivani, talks of the story of 5 interns, from different walks of life. Dill Mill Gayye primarily went on to become an epic love story with Armaan and Riddhima almost becoming youth icons symbolizing love in the online TV fraternity. This heart touching tale went through a series of ups and downs before the two lovers united since this was the only couple who saw it all, pain, dejection, death as well as sepa…