Two Shows Battle On TRP Chart

Two primetime  shows  fall prey to the TRP game

Star plus show "Maayke Se Bandhi Dor "                       

Whatever one sees or like, its all about the Television Ratings Points( TRPs) at the end of the day.That is the sole reason why the Star Plus show " Maayke Se Bandhi Dor" is going off air.The show has been under the scanner for quite sometime now.Infact the show garnered  ratings as low as 1.6%.The cast and the technicians were very upset with this news as the show didnt even make a year.They further refused to comment.Meanwhile  Colors" Hamari Saas Leela,which was rumoured to go off air has been given a grace period to gets its rating up and  hence will be seen shifting to the afternoon slot.

This on going battle of shows being on and off air has picked up momentum  rapidly ,which is why now all prime time shows want to retain their positions and are extremely careful in not showing senseless stuff  to the viewers.


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