Rangmunch brings you the 10 top shows and their TRP's.

Saathiya Saath Nibhana (Star Plus )

The show has been rapidly climbing up the TRP charts.The slow chemistry building up between Ahem and Gopi is seemingly doing the trick.The new track is definately working in the shows favour.
Television Rating : 6.17%

Balika Vadhu ( Colors)

Anandi is taking great pains in educating her village members, which is the biggest plus point of the show .Literacy has always been important in our country and thus the show is on a rise.
Television Rating:5.19%

Kaun Banega Crorepati ( Star Plus)

Mr. Bachan knows how to woo the audience and keep them in a constantly comfortable zone.KBC has always shown a lot of promise to an ordinary man with giving a kickstart to their  simple dreams.
Television Rating:5.03%

Uttaran (Colors)

The drama continues with Tapasya and Ichcha.The show has always intrigued the viewers and the sole reason for its growing popularity is the equation the characters share amomg themselves.
Television Rating: 4.87%

Mann Ki Awaaz: Pratigya ( Star Plus)

The story has taken a very interesting turn with the entry of Ganga .Sajjan singh and Ganga have managed to spice up the show even if the track may  not be to everyones liking.Does Ganga have a mission?keep watching.
Television Rating : 4.05%

Bade Achche Lagte Hai ( Sony)

The post marriage courtship has started and is making the viewers fall more in love with Ram and Saakshi.The little nitty-gritties of this cute couple  has placed the show in no.6 spot on the ratings chart.
Television Rating: 3.91%

Pavitra Rishta ( Zee Tv )

Archana and Manav yet again manage to hold the viewers with their simplicity in dealing with  the problems of their  life.They as a couple have always stood strong which is the USP of the show.
Television Rating : 3.69%

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata hai ( Star plus )

Dealing with the normal couple issues is what has taken this show to a different level.Every woman can see herself in Akshara and every man can relate to Natik's feelings as a husband.Family values is what binds this show .
Television Rating: 3.66%

Crime Patrol ( Sony )

This show has made its way to the top 10 shows  for the very first time.Showing real life incidents , though gruesome at times , is definately  engaging.Viewers  are getting bolder and  are willing to take steps to prevent injustice.
Television Rating: 3.45%

Sasural Simar Ka ( Colors )


Sasural Simar Ka continues to baffle the iminds of the viewers as to where , when and how the story will evolve.This confusion is what is keeping the show safe in its 10th place
Television Rating :3.29%

Thats all for now folks.Rangmunch will be back next week with your favourite shows and their ratings.



  1. Just can't understand the ratings, the topper in the chart is a torture to watch , so artificial , no depth in characterisation, same facial expressions and dialogue delivery day in and day out and yet on the top , just beyond reasoning, and same goes with almost all the shows with few exceptions.

  2. Only KBC and Bade acche lagte hain deserve to be in the list !!
    the first and the last show in the list are boring like hell...

  3. yes i agree with the 2 anonymous and in this list it must be the name of 2 great shows and i think a lot of persons will agree: first "Geet hui sabse parayi"(on star one)and second "Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?"(on star plus)!!! So please add this 2 dramas in the list

  4. totally agree it does seem that g.h.s.p doesn't even get a mention anymore on any soap ratings yet it is one of the most popular shows along with iss pyar ko kya naam doon these 2 shows have the best scripts and best cast chemistry's yet only the kissa pita rubbish gets rated and reviewed no offence but please give credit where it is due thank you

  5. why is Maryada- Akhir kab tak not on the list ?? Or even Parichay ???? who watches those stupid saas bahu serials anyway ??


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