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Rangmunch.TV presents a new weekly segment where in we shall discuss the situation on Television and attach a song to them. 

Maan and Geet(Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi)- people in the online circles love to talk about this couple. Being the biggest online TV forum for discussions and activity, Maan and Geet always become an apt choice for any kind of songs or melody. This week, saw Maan finally accepting Geet as his wife in front of the world, while he is still not sure if he loves her or not. They are once again falling in love and this time around, its Geet's hope that Maan will eventually come around... 

The song for them would be: dil sambhal ja zara, phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu from Murder 2

kuch bhi nahi jab darmiyan
fir kyun hai dil tere hi khwab bunta
chaha ke ye, tujhko bhula
par yeh bhi mumkin ho na saka
kya hai yeh maamla
jaanu na main jaanu na
dil sambhal ja zara
phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu..

Kastur and Mohan(Dharampatni-Imagine TV): So Kastur's wait finally ends as she finally see's her dear Mohan. But the man has changed and how. Will this dampen Kastur's spirits? Will it change her love for him? Is she going to accept him the way he is? Will she think this change hasnt been for the better and is for the worse?

The song Rangmunch pics for them is: Saanso ki maala main simru main from Koyla

Dhanp Liya Palkon Mein Tujhko
Band Kar Liye Nain 
Dhanp Liya Palkon Mein Tujhko
Band Kar Liye Nain
Tu Mujhko Main Tujhko,Dekhoon Gairon Ka Kya Kaam
Sanson Ki Mala Pe
Sanson Ki Mala Pe 
Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam
Prem Ke Path Pe Chalte Chale Ho Gayee Main Badnaam
Sanson Ki Mala Pe Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam
Sanson Ki Mala Pe Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam... 

Arnav and Anjali(Is Pyaar ko kyaa naam doon?-StarPlus): This story about star crossed lovers, though hasn't started with its love story has always been high on emotions when it comes to brother and sister emotions. The episode last night saw the celebration of Rakshabandhan. Arnav ends up offending his sister, and she walks out of the house. Arnav's finally breathes only when he finds his sister in a temple. He apologises to her and brings her back home. It is here that we learn he bows down before no other but his sister and the witness to all this becomes Khushi. If a man can love his sister so much, how much would he love the woman that is yet to enter his life ?

For now the focus is on the brother and sister bond and the song is the famous: Phoolon ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai from Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Jabse Meri Aankhon Se Ho Gayi Tu Door
Tabse Sare Jeevan Ke Sapne Hain Choor
Aankhon Mein Neend Na Dil Mein Chaina Hai
Ek Hazaron Mein meri behna hai
saari umar hume sang rehna hai ...
Navya and Anant(Navya-StarPlus): How can one forget these two love birds when we talk about songs and melody. For now
distance hasn't effected them. They say true love always finds a way and now that Anant will finally attend 
the same wedding as Navya at Kanpur, he cant wait but to meet her and be around her. We cant wait for the 
lovers to unite either. 
Rangmunch.Tv thinks Zindagi aa raha hoon main from Mashaal sounds them just right at the moment.
Kabhi tujhko gila mujhse, kabhi mujhko shikayat hai,
Magar phirbhi tujhe meri, mujhe teri zaroorat hai,
Main ye iqraar karta hoon, main tujhse pyar karta hoon
Liye sapne nigahon me, chala hoon teri rahon me
Zindagi aa raha hoon main...

Ram and Priya(Bade Acche Lagte Hai-Sony TV): As Ram and Priya enter wedlock, this week mostly saw Priya's Bidaai and emotions attached to it. While the story with others moves forward the lead couple looks like will take their own sweet time to fall in love and get to know one another. 

For this week we shall hence focus on Priya and her Bidai we choose baba ki rani hoon for her.

Baba Ki Rani Hoon Aankhon Ka Pani Hoon
Baba Ki Rani Hoon Aankhon Ka Pani Hoon
Beh Jaana Hai Jise Do Pal Kahani Hoon
Amma Ki Bitiya Hoon Aangan Ki Mitiya Hoon
Amma Ki Bitiya Hoon Aangan Ki Mitiya Hoon
Took Took Nihare Jo Pardesi Chithiya Hoon

We hope you enjoyed the complilations for the week. We shall return next week with
new scenarios and new songs on our favorite leads and tell you their story through
songs. In the meanwhile if you think a song would aptly suit a couple or any situation
in a show, please write to us at We will use your choice and 
mention your name in the post!

Happy Weekend! Hope these melodies stay in your head till we come back again with more.

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. gurmeet drashti aka maaneet r d best couple in tv industryy......:))**


  3. Aditya's Joy NMaan's SaliSeptember 2, 2011 at 7:49 PM

    when ots maaneet every single song just sound like they made for our maaneet
    right now its teri meri from bodyguard sound too perfect with current track

  4. maan & geet are best couple forever.........No one cross dem


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