The Resurrection of HUM: Maaneet !!!

Today’s episode left me with mixed emotions. I was overwhelmed since after a very long time I saw Maaneet for almost 15 minutes and the entire episode was nothing less than a visual treat. However the news of the show coming to an end and the idea of not seeing Maaneet on-screen at some point in time did dampen my spirit for a while. However I could not hold myself back from penning down my thoughts about the episode that left me spell bound. 
“Geet kaalash ko gira kar ek baar phir meri zindagi mein pravesh karo”  Geet’s patience and perseverance paid off today. These words from Maan put an end to Geet’s desolation. She finally won her love, her Maan and for us “HUM” is back.

Apparently for me it was more of Geet’s victory than Maan’s. Earlier whenever Geet came across any difficulty, she always had Maan to fall back on. However, this time around destiny played cruel and not only took away Maan who was her pillar of strength, but brought him back as a challenge in Geet’s life by erasing every memory of hers from his mind.

Such is the irony of life that the Man who once gave her the most beautiful memories around which her world revolved had become completely oblivious to her being and Geet had to patiently and persistently make a way back into his life.

For me, Geet is an epitome of Love, Hope, Strength and Positivity. After Maan lost his memory, it was Geet’s self belief & confidence in her love, which gave the strength to hold on to her relationship, irrespective of Maan’s behaviour towards her.

Besides having conviction in her own self, she never lost faith in her Babaji. Usually when faced with so many trials in life, people tend to lose hope and question the very existence of God. But with every tough situation, Geet’s faith in Babaji ONLY grew stronger which in turn gave her the strength and courage to overcome life’s hurdles.

Even now when Maaneet have finally reunited, we should not forget that it is Geet who has all over again won the love & respect of Maan as he is still unable to recall any of the past memories of their journey together.

With Maan making his way back in Geet’s life is good enough a reason for her to look forward to a new dawn.

“What I need to live has been given to me by earth. Why I need to live has been given to me by YOU” ~ Anon

Swati Ghosh


  1. Swati, simply lovely thoughts ! Yes, our Maneet are finally back , all because of Geet's patience and never ending love, she won her Maan back !

  2. swati ..superb ...the way u put together the thoughts was too good ..yeaaa finally geet won her maan back ...with all her love and sacrifice ..<3

  3. Wonderful Swati! It was a well thought out and executed sequence yesterday. Good to have our maaneet back :)

  4. much more then my thoughts in yesterday's episode totally heaven they touch my direct heart love you maaneet

  5. ya swati u r express u r feelings very well....hat's off 2 u.that's y GEET is different by other shows.we requested cvs plz end this show-GEET HUI SABSE PARAI.what happen next? we dont we enjoyed present track mahi mahi..

  6. Thank you Rangmunch, thank you Swati for the above article.

    Some powerful moments in love...some tender moments of fabulous love. A fabulous re-rendering of the love story and its inevitable moments of love, 'btween Maan and Geet". It was not a story, but my heart walking thru' their life...

    and with the TALCUM GHAR PRAVESH.....

    A great big WOW came from me soon, into the first 15 minutes of the episode.

    Tender, tender moments when M&G held hands and shared their love. I felt and experienced that flush of heat..

  7. awsum epi realy true maaneet luv story is differnt n out of this world gud job swati

  8. wonderfully scripted...i second each n every word of urs swati... geet is de very epitome of love faith n perseverance ..she proved it ...indeed patience is virtue..but tht was as far as geet is concerned...she is de sole reason for me to still stay glued to de ml maan was never der..i dint feel anythin in maan..i mean in amritsar track maan started losin it n in ml track he lost it completely i mean i dnt see any part of de male lead's acting infact he has been monotonous...his expressions..oh god a rock can give better expressions dan him..god knows actually i was oblivious at de thought of geet endin but des days i m glad its endin..very much glad


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