Rangmunch Diaries: Set-hopping Update – Day Five! On the sets of ‘Maryada’

Our day on the sets of ‘Maryada’ today was overwhelming. Everything about it left us with a sense of perfection just as what we see on-screen. From the actors involved in the shot to the technicians canning it, we could feel their dedication and sincerity towards their craft and the show.

We consider ourselves lucky to have met almost all the cast of the show except for Director Iqbaal Rizvi who promised to meet us on a later date. Indrani Haldar, who plays Devyani in the show, is one of the most renowned actors of the Bengali Television and film Industry and has also won the national award for her movie Dahon. We found her to be simple, sweet and extremely down to earth. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to her reminisce about the good old days in the industry. She shares her room with her closest friend on the set Vindya Tiwari( Vidya).

                                                                              Vindya Tiwari talking away

We were fortunate to spend time with veteran actor Arun Bali (dadaji) who very sweetly ordered coffee for us when he got to know that we have been around for a long time interviewing everyone on the sets. We loved meeting Riddhi and Raqesh too who were very sweet and welcoming! They chatted with us as if they had always known us and wished us all the very best with Rangmunch!

Most of you will be surprised to know that Vishwajeet Pradhan, who plays Brahmanand, is actually a very jovial man in real life. Once when we told him that we were running around to get things done, he joked, “aap jogging shoes pehen ke agar aa jaati toh aur jaldi aa jaati”. In another instance, when a technician came asking for the mike he gave him his mobile charger and said, “tum yeh le jao main is mike se apna phone charge kar loonga”. We were pleasantly surprised to see the lighter side of him, which is diametrically opposite to the character he plays on-screen.

We also met up with Daksh who plays the intense Gaurav. He came across as an extremly honest, straight forward and hard working self made man. He took us through his journey in the industry and we got to know some interesting facts about him that we will be sharing with you soon.

Scenes shot for the forthcoming track:

Mr. Niranjan with Cameraman Mr. Anil Bhandari was directing the following scenesThe first scene had the entire family except Brahma seated around the dinner table reminiscing how Brahma brings down the entire house when he falls ill. The family is shown to be preparing to welcome Vidya back from the hospital.

The second scene was that of the entire family trying to cheer vidya. Even Cheenu was in the same house. The upcoming episodes will see Vidya taking a stand on what she wants to do with her life post this fatal accident. That she had tried to kill herself already once is something we all know, but this time, she actually took a bullet for her husband knowing fully well, that his heart belongs elsewhere. Will she stick by the family that loves her like their own child or will she now go out to explore her own life? 

The most important thing that caught our attention was the discipline and the professionalism with which the cast and crew were going about their work. At first, the actors sat and rehearsed together, and after a rehearsal session or two, they all gave their scenes in less than two takes. They were all very involved with their work as long as the shot was on, but once the camera was switched off they all got into their masti mood.

This interesting day wouldn’t have been possible if it were not for Manjari, Pooja and Waseem Sabeer who were instrumental in arranging our set-visit. It felt wonderful to know that all the actors of show still fondly remembered Waseem Sabeer, the director who set up the show, but is currently working on Dharampatni on Imagine TV.

Watch this space for more updates on the cast and crew of ‘Maryada’.



  1. This is a really good show, in terms of acting, direction, screenplay ... everything! And the storyline is fabulous ... kudos to the team for showing such bold themes in a realistic manner and actually putting forth the truth about an important issue so honestly and boldly.

    The actors are just amazing ... from the seniormost to the juniormost. I absolutely love Devyani, Vidya and Gaurav ... their characters have been shown realistically and the actors are fantastic, no unrealistic heroic mahaanta, just real people struggling with ugly truths in their lives.

    Am so glad the channel is supportive and has kept this show on air, and let the team stick to their original story.


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