Rangmunch Diaries: Set-hopping Update – Day Four! Our Day Out with 'Humse Hai Life'!


The excitement we felt while entering the sets of ‘Humse Hai Life’ has still not ebbed hours after we have left the place. From the second we stepped onto the sets, there was something or the other that kept us fascinated throughout. The sheer vibrancy of the set with generous splashes of Red, Green, White, and Yellow lifted our spirits few notches higher. We noticed that the room that has the boxing ring also boasts of a well-equipped gym. The thing that caught our eye the most was the Snapshots Begham & Badshah Cards adorning the doors of the Ladies & Gents Toilets on the sets respectively.

Before we continue, we would like to thank the Producers of the show, 4Lions, for inviting us to spend the whole day with them on the sets. It was a pleasure meeting one of the producers, Nissar Parvez, Director of the show, Gorky, and the Creative Head, Persis. A special thanks to the writer of the show, Hitesh Kewalya for coming to the set specially to meet the Rangmunch team.

Spending quality time with all of them gave us a better understanding of the show, its characters, and an insight into the various aspects of making a youth based show. The reason for choosing Channel V to air their show was the channel’s belief in their vision and the creative liberty given by them to execute that vision.

They also stated that Sia, the protagonist of the show, has several intriguing layers to her character that will each be revealed as the story progresses. Though the show is currently catering to the youth, we will soon get to see the storyline progressing to include parents and elders in the viewership fold.

We bumped into Himansh (Raghav) and Abigail (Sia) on the sets. We also had the pleasure of seeing the masters themselves weaving their magic right in front of us – Nissar Parvez was enacting the scene with Maan Singh while Gorky floored us completely by clicking working stills with our camera. We were also treated to a lavish lunch that we thoroughly relished. Overall, it was a memorable experience we wish to repeat in the near future.

Forthcoming Track: We hear that Raghav who has never ever said sorry to anyone in his life so far, finally says it to Sia for the first time. What is it that prompts him to apologize to Sia?

Watch this space for a detailed account of the precious information we gathered on the sets of ‘Humse Hai Life’.



  1. I was eagerly waiting for today's update! What a wonderful journey you took us on rangmunch team!!! I felt as if I was right there experiencing it all with you! It was just that vivid. The pictures did wonders. It's amazing how friendly this team was to you amid the busiest of their schedules. I am sure it must've been exhilarating watching the likes of Nissar Parvez, Gorki, and many other notable names in action!

    Thank you for this absolutely incredible treat on a Sunday! Looking forward to more from you soon!

  2. Great Stuff Rangmunch Bunch ;)))
    U r doing wonderful interviews GO TEAM GO :)))

  3. I luv d show i luuuuv u himansh (raghav) u r soooooooooo cutie pie , handsome,cool , charming, no words 4 u luv u muuuuuhhhhhaaa i am ur bigggggesttt fan [varsha ] i luv u


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