Rangmunch Diaries: Set-hopping Update – Day Two! Dharampatni!

The second day of our set-hopping adventure proved to be exhausting yet exhilarating.

We went to the sets of the recently launched NDTV Imagine show, Dharampatni, in which Harshad Chopra (Mohan) and Aasia Kazi (Kastur) play the leads. 

We spent some quality time with the director of the show, Waseem Sabir, who is also instrumental in setting it up. He was earlier associated with Maryada. He explained the concept of the show wherein a girl who is taught to perceive things in a certain way by her family (maika) finds it entirely different at her in-laws (sasural) and how she finds a balance between the two becomes the core around which the story of Dharampatni revolves. Right now, the foundation for the story is being laid down with utmost care.

It was great to catch up with Harshad Chopra aka Mohan in between shots. He was all pepped up about his character and proceeded to tell us why he was compelled to take up the big challenge of playing Mohan despite it looking similar to his earlier roles as Prem and Anurag. Lets just say while Prem and Anurag had a basic sense of right, there is more to Mohan than what meets the eye and not all of it is pleasant.

Forthcoming track:

This week the story paused at Mohan telling Kastur right to her face that he will not marry her and to add salt to the wound he proceeded to tell her quite bluntly as to why he considered her a mismatch for him.

The following scenes were being shot today:

Kastur’s parents visit Mohan’s house to fix up the marriage of Kastur and Mohan. Kastur’s parents and Mohan’s grandfather babuji are very excited about the alliance. Mohan’s mother, who was initially against her son’s marriage to Kastur, finally gives in to babuji’s wishes saying Mohan is his grandson and will follow whatever he has in mind for him. When Kastur’s father brings up the topic of all the rituals that are to be conducted during the course of the wedding ceremony, Mohan insists that he would prefer a simple court marriage instead.

In another scene, which was more of a mother-daughter moment being played out by Kastur and her mother, Kastur was blushing from all the playful teasing by her mother on her marriage being fixed with Mohan.

We are a little bit perplexed at what made Mohan change his mind about marrying Kastur. What do you think would have pushed Mohan and his mother to accept Kastur’s hand in marriage? Would the marriage take place?

Allow us to let you in on a little secret – Harshad Chopra confessed to having gobbled up more than twenty 5 star chocolates today. When we asked him if it was alright to have so much sweet in one day, he gave us a disarming smile and quipped, “teeth are all I have”.

On that happy and sweet note, Rangmunch team wishes the cast & crew of Dharampatni a fantastic run on the small screen.

Stay tuned for more updates of our set-hopping!



  1. What an exciting little trip you took us on Rangmunch team! I have not watched this show as this is a recent addition to the TV world, but your article and the details you provide about the insights behind what has gone into laying its foundation, makes me want to start!

    I will now watch the show to see what makes Mohan change his mind about marrying kastur.

    Thank you for the great behind the scenes information you keep bringing us and good luck to rangmunch for much more to come. Can't wait for day 3.

  2. Nice work Rangmunch team ! Thanks for giving us glimpse of various shows from the inside :)


  3. Thank you.. This is fantastic insight..... on the upcoming track... and perfect mystery to Mohan... hopin to get reveled in time..Haha.. Keep the good job.. Goodluck to Rangmuch & entire DP team crew and Cast

  4. Nice work harshad thanks for the sharing :)

  5. ♥♥♥♥ Love You So Much Harshad ♥♥♥♥

  6. Thank you.

    I wonder what how Mohan agreed to marry kastur so fast it defo cant be love...money maybe

  7. wow guess the guy in the jacket n grey shirt is the director of the show is he the same person whose directed Maryaada, he has a great fan following himself....and hes good looking... hehehehe


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